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Bay Series 2008


Geelong Area, Jan 2-6


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Race 4

Eastern Beach, 45 minutes plus 1 lap


Race Writeup

Day 4 of the Jayco Bay Classic was held at the new East Park circuit which is a rolling 2.4km course with a small decent after the start area and a short climb at the back of the circuit before the run up to the finish. The temperatures were again up in the 30 degree mark but the sea breeze helped to cool the temperatures a little for the riders.  

The bunch rolled round at speed of 45km for the first part of the race until the first sprint point opportunity. Coming into the race wearing the leaders’ jersey Lauren kitchen moved to the front to secure the top points and had done enough to ensure that she could not be beaten in the sprint competition. Immediately Amanda Spratt (Pitcher Partners) attacked, Oenone Wood and Emma Rickards went with her and the three managed to gain an 11 second gap but not for long. The Degani Café team moved to the front and managed to close the gap on the climb. Almost immediately however another attack went including Tiffany Cromwell (Richmond Cycles/Promains), Kate Cullen (Skilled), Jenny Macpherson (Rapido Cycles) and Kat O’Shea (Jayco VIS). They managed to gain a small advantage but the peloton worked hard to draw them back in as they crossed the start/finish area. On the decent an unfortunate crash involving a number of riders forced the bunch to split. Jessica Berry (Jayco/VIS) hit the deck the hardest but did not seem to be too badly injured. Cromwell and another eight or so riders managed to go with her including, Kate Cullen (Skilled), the yellow jersey Dunn and Sara Carrigan (Rapido).  

The Pitcher Partners team moved to the front to close down the gap and caught them on the line. Immediately Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners) counter attacked and strung the peloton out. They were however slowed by the ambulance on the course from the crash on the previous lap and remained together for the rest of the lap. Maryam Rogers moved to the front with Sara Carrigan, Dunn and Olivia Gollan (Degani Café) to pick up the pace on the decent.  

At the second of the intermediate sprints Lauren Kitchen moved out of the slip stream of Gollan and secured top place in the sprint competition. Again there was another counter attack, this time it was Alexis Rhodes, she could not shake the yellow jersey Dunn who was on her wheel having to cover the moves.  

Cromwell tried to get away again but Bates closed down the gap. At the back of the course Wood attacked, this time it was Canadian Gina Grain (Volvo), Dunn and Leonie Burford (Degani Café) who went with her. Again the strong Pitcher Partners team closed the gap and at the bell Wood led them through at high pace with Cliff-Ryan on her wheel. Belinda Goss (Volvo) and Gollan were close behind.

The speed of Wood ensured the finish would be a sprint and the bunch did not disappoint. Kate Bates jumped at 50m to go and managed to hold just clear of Emma Rickards (Jayco/VIS) and Goss.

Lauren Kitchen ensured she would hold the sprint jersey by winning both sprints.

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Post Race Comments

Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners) dominated the sprint for the finish and had to sit down to be interviewed after the huge effort she had put in to get her there. “Every year Bay Criterium is the scariest race you ever do because you never know what form you will be in and you can never judge the weather. The heat has made this event really tough as it’s been hot day after day” said Bates reflecting on the heat and pace of race. “This year it is pretty cool because we have so much depth in our team it’s not soft racing and it’s hard but I love the sport so much it’s so good to see” added Bates. Bates reflected on the team tactics today and said “Yesterday we tried to do something different and we ended up a little disappointed. Today we just went for the stage win, I had one or two attacks but I tried to be conservative and I am the team sprinter so I wanted to make sure I could have a crack at that.” Bates reflected on the final days racing and added “The overall GC is definitely open after today so we will see what we can do to win the stage and the overall. Anything is possible but it was certainly good to come past the finish and see the Pitcher Partner support tent cheering for me that is what this racing is about. They put money into cycling and all the girls want to give something back.”  

Megan Dunn (CBD Cycles) managed to hold onto the overall lead and was not going to reveal tactics for the final day due to the close points tally, there are only 2 points separating Dunn and Goss. “It is going to be a great race and I am looking forward to it” said Dunn.    


Belinda Goss (Volvo) managed to follow the wheel of Grain into the sprint and secured third place and second overall just 2 points behind Dunn. Reflecting on the race Goss said “It was hot out there again today; the heat made it so difficult and the road was really quite testing in places. There were quite a few pot holes and rough edges so you had to be alert out there all day.” Goss was asked about the team strategy for the race today and going into the final day. “We had a team meeting and tried to come out with some strategies. Gina [Grain] certainly rode really strongly today, she closed breaks down and doing everything I could ask of her to keep me up there. We will have a look at GC and think about what wee need to do to ensure that if a break goes we have someone up there to close it down.”

Gina Grain (Volvo) was in a break and led out Goss for the final sprint. WCN asked how she was coping with the heat considering she would normally be training in a cold velodrome at minus 2 at this time of year. “I am drinking lots of Powerade and lots of water” said Grain. “You have to be a little diverse when you are a bike races and suck it up and deal with the extra pain when the conditions are like this. It is really wearing on you and makes you a little lethargic on the bike but you still have to be sharp and watch for the breaks and all of the bumps in the road.” Grain is nearing the end of her summer training and reflected on how beneficial it has been. “Absolutely it has been great and my form is finally come around. Working for Belinda has been great because I am a sprinter and working for another sprinter has been great for my top end form. I am going into next World Cup in LA with some good work under my belt” added Grain.

Emma Rickards (Jayco VIS) managed to secure second in the sprint and was very happy with her performance. “I am very happy as I had a strong day today. It was very tough out there and it is a really fast circuit. The roads weren’t all that good in places, there was a crash at one point so it was a bit dangerous at times. It was such as fast course and even with the climb at the back of the course it didn’t slow the pace. You could really sprint over it and everyone was having a go over it today and fighting for position. This women’s racing series is phenomenal at the moment” said Rickards.

Rickards like many of the riders is using this event as last minute preparation for the Australian National Championships taking place in a week. “Last year I was not really ready for this series but I have not put that much more time to prepare this year than last. I am in a great frame of mind and what is pleasing that on these harder courses I am able to be up there at the finish. It isn’t like the Nationals course but I am happy with the preparation” added Rickards.

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Results - Top 10 

Position Name Team Points
1 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 12
2 Emma Rickards Jayco/VIS 10
3 Belinda Goss Volvo 8
4 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Geelong Mazda 7
5 Peta Mullens Jayco/VIS 6
6 Megan Dunn CBD/NSWIS 5
7 Leonie Burford NSWIS/Degani Café 4
8 Jenny Macpherson Rapido Cycles 3
9 Louise Moriarty Skilled 2
10 Gina Grain Volvo 1

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General Classification Top 10

Position Name Team Points
1 Megan Dunn CBD/NSWIS 32
2 Belinda Goss Volvo 30
3 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 26
4 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 22
5 Emma Rickards Jayco/VIS 16
6 Theresa Cliff-Ryan Geelong Mazda 15
7 Lauren Kitchen NSWIS/Degani Café 12
8 Oenone Wood Geelong Mazda 11
9 Leonie Burford NSWIS/Degani Café 11
10 Peta Mullins Jayco/VIS 10
11 Jenny Macpherson Rapido Cycles 9
12 Josephine Tomic Pitcher Partners 8
13 Gina Grain Volvo 7
14 Dellys Starr 5
15 Jessie McLean Geelong Mazda 5
16 Emma Mackie Swanston Hotel 5
17 Olivia Gollan NSWIS/Degani Café 2
18 Tiffany Cromwell Richmond Cyclery/Promains 2
19 Louise Moriarty Skilled 2
20 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 1



Position Name Team Points
1 Lauren Kitchen NSWIS/Degani Café 17
2 Olivia Gollan NSWIS/Degani Café 6
3 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 6
4 Peta Mullens Jayco/VIS 6
5 Oenone Wood Geelong Mazda 2
6 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 2
7 Amanda Spratt Pitcher Partners 1
8 Maryam Rogers 1


Position Team Points
1 Pitcher Partners 56
2 Volvo 39
4 Geelong Mazda 32
5 NSWIS/Degani Café 25
6 Jayco/VIS 26
7 Rapido Cycles 10
8 Swanston Hotel 5
9 Richmond Cyclery/Promains 2
10 Skilled 2

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