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Bay Series 2008


Geelong Area, Jan 2-6


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Race 2

Portarlington, 40 minutes plus 3 laps


Race Writeup

Seventeen-year-old Port Macquarie rider Lauren Kitchen riding for the NSWIS/Degani Café team has surprised her more experienced rivals to take the Portarlington leg of the women’s division of the 2008 Jayco Bay Cycling Classic today.


I’ve got photos of all these girls on my wall. It’s an amazing feeling to come through over the top of these girls – it is something I have been dreaming about,” a clearly delighted young rider told the large and enthusiastic crowd that had gathered along the testing 1.2km circuit.


It was really tough today with the wind and the climbs but I put my head down, had some belief in myself and it all came though for me.


It was a day for the teenagers, with junior track star Josephine Tomic (Pitcher Partners) and yesterday’s surprise packet Megan Dunn both part of a six women breakaway that cleared out half way through the 40 minute and three lap race, and was never threatened thereafter.


Triple world junior champion Tomic took third, whilst Dunn’s fourth spot, lifted her to second place in the overall classification behind another Pitcher Partners’ rider Alexis Rhodes whose solo efforts to catch the tearaways over the last few laps netted her the four points she needed to retain the lead going into the third stage at Ritchie Boulevard in Geelong.

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Results - Top 10

1. Lauren Kitchen – NSWIS Degani Café 12 points

2. Oenone Wood – Geelong Mazda         10

3. Josephine Tomic – Pitcher Partners     8

4. Megan Dunn – CBD/NSWIS                7

5. Emma Rickard – Jayco VIS                6

6. Dellys Starr – Unattached                   5

7. Alexis Rhodes – Pitcher Partners        4

8. Kate Bates – Pitcher Partners             3

9. Belinda Goss – Volvo                        2

10. Chloe Hosking – Geelong Mazda      1

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General Classification Top 10 

1. Alexis Rhodes – Pitcher Partners        16 points

2. Megan Dunn – CBD/NSWIS                15

3. Lauren Kitchen – NSWIS Degani Café  12

4. Belinda Goss – Volvo                         12

5. Oenone Wood – Geelong Mazda         11

6. Kate Bates – Pitcher Partners              10

7. Josephine Tomic – Pitcher Partners     8

8. Emma Rickard – Jayco VIS                 6

9. Jenny Macpherson- Rapido Cycles      6


1. Lauren Kitchen – NSWIS Degani Café 5 points

2. Olivia Gollan –  NSWIS/Degani Café    5

3. Sara Carrigan – Rapido Cycles        4  

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WMB_2652 WMB_2665 WMB_2673 WMB_2675 WMB_2682
WMB_2684 WMB_2691 WMB_2695 WMB_2704 WMB_2707
WMB_2739 WMB_2741 WMB_2746 WMB_2959 WMC_7454
WMC_7463 WMC_7466 WMC_7467 WMC_7468 WMC_7474
WMC_7482 WMC_7484 WMC_7490 WMC_7493 WMC_7496
WMC_7498 WMC_7500 WMC_7502 WMC_7514 WMC_7519
WMC_7522 WMC_7526 WMC_7554 WMC_7576 WMC_7582
WMC_7584 WMC_7777   WMC_7782  

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