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A French win and USA's first elite CX medal

Compton silver is USA's best ever

World Cyclo-cross Championships, Hooglede-Gits, Belgium

The United States Cycling Team earned its first-ever elite cyclo-cross world championship medals Sunday as Katie Compton made her World Championship debut. As the former sighted pilot of a Paralympic gold medal-winning tandem team in 2004, the three-time National Champion declined previous invitations to the World Championships. Sunday's race was only the second international competition of her career after competing in last weekend's UCI World Cup.

"Last week I crashed more than once, but I learned a lot from watching the other girls," explained Compton of her final preparation. "I learned when to pass, when to be patient and how not to waste a lot of energy."

Because of her lack of international experience, Compton didn't have the luxury of a front-row start position, but quickly made up ground on the race leaders. "I've been working on my starts," Compton revealed. "I knew that I would get a poor start position here, so at home I've been starting at the back of races to practice moving up fast."

As the race unfolded, the American was situated in the main group tasked with chasing down pre-race favourite Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany. On the third lap, Compton and eventual race winner Maryline Salvetat of France took the initiative to close the gap to Kupfernagel, and after the German suffered a mechanical on the penultimate lap it became a three-woman race between Compton, Salvetat and her French team-mate Laurence Leboucher. With Compton at a numerical disadvantage, the French duo worked together to claim the win as Leboucher, riding second wheel behind her team-mate, allowed enough of a gap to open before the final finishing straight to prevent Compton from passing Salvetat.

At the line, Compton finished just one second off the pace of the winner and was pleased to earn the first elite women's medal in U.S. history.

"I was hoping for a top-10, maybe a top-five, but I had a good race and a great day," said Compton. "It's still a little hard to believe that I am up here but it definitely feels good, and it's great for the U.S.!"

Pre-race favourites, previous World Champion, Hanker Kupfernagel and defending Champion, Marianne Vos both finished in the top ten. Kupfernagel led into the final lap, but suffered a mechanical problem, whilst Vos never really challenged for the 2007 title.


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Position Surname Name Nation



1 SALVETAT Maryline FRA 42.57,8
2 COMPTON Katie USA 42.59,0 0.01,2
3 LEBOUCHER Laurence FRA 43.06,8 0.09,0
4 VAN DEN BRAND Daphny NED 43.29,7 0.31,9
5 KUPFERNAGEL Hanka GER 43.39,6 0.41,8
6 FERRIER-BRUNEAU Christelle FRA 43.41,4 0.43,6
7 VOS Marianne NED 44.10,2 1.12,4
8 HOLLMANN Birgit GER 44.31,4 1.33,6
9 WYMAN Helen GBR 45.24,1 2.26,3
10 VAN RIJEN NED 45.39,9 2.42,1
11 MAZZA Rhonda USA 4547,3 249,5
12 SELS Loes BEL 45.59,6 3.01,8
13 JURANEK Susanne GER 46.15,6 3.17,8
14 HORMES-RAVENSTE Reza NED 46.25,6 3.27,8
15 BARNHOLT Kerry USA 4633,9 336,1
16 TRIQUET-CLAUDE Nadia FRA 46.44,5 3.46,7
17 POHL Stephanie GER 46.53,8 3.56,0
18 CANT Sanne BEL 47.08,8 4.11,0
19 ROSSI Vania ITA 47.12,2 4.14,4
20 GUNNEWIJK Loes NED 47.12,4 4.14,6
21 BRAVO SOBA ESP 47.21,3 4.23,5
22 CAVANI Milena ITA 47.34,7 4.36,9
23 MANI Caroline FRA 47.39,5 4.41,7
24 DAY Gabriella GBR 47.41,4 4.43,6
25 TOYOOKA Ayako JAP 47.58,0 5.00,2
26 INGELS Veerle BEL 48.07,2 5.09,4
27 GRIMBERG Arenda NED 48.20,7 5.22,9
28 SEIDEL Claudia GER 48.27,1 5.29,3
29 ROSS Tara CAN 48.32,2 5.34,4
30 GAMONAL FERRERA Rocio ESP 48.37,3 5.39,5
31 FATATO Alessandra ITA 48.55,5 5.57,7
32 WINFIELD Deidre USA 49.06,2 6.08,4
33 VARDAROS Christine USA 49.13,8 6.16,0
34 CUCCINIELLO Francesca ITA 49.30,2 6.32,4
35 QUINTENS Hilde BEL 49.33,9 6.36,1
36 BRESCIANI Daniela ITA 49.44,6 6.46,8
37 MOLL MARQUES Ruth ESP 49.48,6 6.50,8
38 KAMPETER Nicole GER 49.52,0 6.54,2
39 PAUWELS Katrien BEL 50.11,7 7.13,9
40 OGISHIMA Mika JAP 50.41,7 7.43,9
41 SHIMURA Michiko JAP 51.57,8 9.00,0
42 TAJIKA Ikumi JAP 53.04,5 10.06,7
43 KALIAKINA Tatjana LIT 0.00,0  1 Lap behind
44 STRACHOVIC Kristina LIT 0.00,0  1 Lap behind
DN WARCZYK Dorota POL 0.00,0  DNF


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