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T-Mobile team for 2007 announced 

Changes to riders and management, building on 2006 successes

Core riders retained, exciting new riders added

Oenone Wood leads Australian influx

T-Mobile Team Website

Fresh off a hugely successful first full season of international competition the T-Mobile women’s team is aiming even higher in 2007 with a world-class roster of eleven riders from six nations. Leading riders Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Judith Arndt and Kim Anderson stay with the team, and they will be joined by eight new athletes, including two-time World Cup Series winner Oenone Wood (Australia), in a squad that blends youth and experience. 

"In their first full international season, the women’s team impressed everybody with their enthusiasm and dedication, while winning many races along the way; they are ideal brand ambassadors for T-Mobile," says René Obermann, Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile International. "Going forward, the women’s program will remain fundamental to our overall cycling sponsorship and I am delighted that we now have an expanded roster to represent T-Mobile around the world.

A new management regime has also been appointed, with Kristy Scrymgeour (Australia) taking over as team manager and Anna Wilson (Australia) as directeur sportif. Since their appointment, the duo have moved
quickly to build on the success of last season, bringing Petra Rossner (Germany) on board as team coach and assembling a diverse roster capable of competing and winning across the entire season.

T-Mobile 2007

Photo: T-Mobile Team 2006©

Our goal is to follow up and expand on the success of the first season and we will target all the season’s major races, especially the one day races on the World Cup calendar,” says ex-pro rider Scrymgeour at the team’s first get-together in Lugano, Switzerland (October 11-13). “We have strength-in-depth and plenty of experience in the roster, so different athletes will be able to concentrate on their peaks to target specific races, where they can count on the support of a strong and motivated team.” 

Teutenberg is looking forward to the new season. “I think the goals of the team remain pretty similar to this year: Winning as many bike races as possible. And I believe with the amount on talent we have on the team now, we will be able to play a role in every race.” 

The magenta team finished the 2006 season in second place on the World Cup points rankings, while Teutenberg finished second and Arndt fourth in the individual standings. Along the way, Teutenberg sprinted her way to 15 season wins, including two World Cup wins, the first in Australia in February and the win in Rotterdam in September. Judith Arndt has also contributed hugely with seven season wins, including a fine World Cup win in Montreal. 

Since the start of the 2006 season, the team – like the men’s equivalent – has been based in Bonn, Germany, and plays an important role in T-Mobile International’s extensive cycling program.

Photo: T-Mobile Team 2006©

T-Mobile 2007 - the women line-up around a 2007 Giant - the team bike

L-R : Suzanne de Goede, Oenone Wood, Kimberley Anderson, Alex Rhodes, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, 

Judith Arndt (with bike), Linda Villumsen, Chantel Beltman, Kate Bates, Emilia Fahlin, Anke Wichmann

Going forward we hope to lead by example and try to promote women’s cycling as a whole,” adds Scrymgeour. “T-Mobile has given us a very unique opportunity in that we have a top women’s team run in conjunction with a very high profile men’s team. This is a fantastic thing for women’s cycling and I believe it is a step in the right direction for the sport.

The team will be presented to the public during the course of the official T-Mobile Team presentation in January 

T-Mobile Team roster 2007:

Kim Anderson (USA)

Judith Arndt (Germany) 

Kate Bates (Australia) 

Chantal Beltman (Netherlands) 

Suzanne de Goede (Netherlands) 

Emilia Fahlin (Sweden) 

Alex Rhodes (Australalia)

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Germany) 

Linda Melanie Villumsen (Denmark)

Anke Wichmann (Germany) 

Oenone Wood (Australia)



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