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Nobili Rubinetterie becomes Menikini Gysko

Italian team changes sponsor, riders & staff remain constant

Few changes to 2006 squad

The team which has had success has Nobili Rubinetterie has transformed into Menikini Gysko for 2007. Whilst Menikini were co-sponsors in previous years, they become the main name of the team from now on. The name on the jerseys (and the design) may be different, but the squad list retains many of the 2006 team members. Out went Edita Puckinskaite (to Equipe Nurnberger) and in come Rochelle Gilmore and Fabiana Luperini and Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria Mazag. Ten-times Japanese Champion, Miho Oki remains, as do Elodie Toufett and Silvia Valsecchi, Olivia Gollan and Sigrid Corneo. Another addition to the team is Dane, Dorte Lohse Rasmussen.


Team management remains as in previous years, Walter Zini is directeur sportif, whilst Walter Ricci is team manager / President.


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Squad List: 

Karin Aune             (Sweden)
Sigrid Corneo          (Italy)
Rochelle Gilmore     (Australia)
Olivia Gollan            (Australia)
Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria Mazag  (Spain)
Fabiana Luperini      (Italy)
Carmela Massaro    (Italy)
Miho Oki                 (Japan)
Milena Pirola           (Italy)
Dorte Lohse Rasmussen  (Denmark)
Marina Romoli         (Italy)
Elodie Touffet          (France)
Silvia Valsecchi       (Italy)


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