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Forno d'Asolo Tre Colli Rougj Idea Quick

Italian team announced

From Alberto Rigamonti in Italy

The new season is almost here for the Italian team, Forno D'Asoslo Tre Colli Rougj Idea Quick. The president Fabio Gallina and the team manager Franco Chirio have presented their sixteen riders with an interesting programme. 

Team leader will be Tatiana Stiajkina, with in her past two victories in European Championship and in 2006 one first place in Limone Piemonte (Italy). With Stiajkina, Forno d’Asolo will have the champion of Argentina, Valeria Pintos and the American, Liza Rachetto. From the headquarters in Montechiaro d’Asti (Italy), the directeur sportif, Antonio Fanelli (who is looking forward to another season with the team), will direct Alyona Andruk and Irina Chuzhynova  (Ukraine), the French riders,Marielle Aunave and Sivia Borile, Silvia Dondero, Uenia Fernandes and Daniely’s Garcia from Venezuela. Also in the team are Caroline Kloiber, Karelia Machado, Samatha Profumo (an Italian journalist with a passion for cycling), Veranka Sharametsyeva (Belarus), Hanna Talkanitsa (Ukraine) and Italian Ombretta Ugolini.

We will race in the Tour of Italy and in all other Italian races," declared Antonio Fanelli "But we hope to win again in France, a country we had success in during the 2006 season. We will have in Tatiana Stiajkina as our leader and we hope she will be the guest star in the bunch and in the finale of races”. Franco Chirio, team manager of Forno d’Asolo Tre Colli Rougj Idea Quick said; “Cycling is a passion and emotion for me and I think have a very good team for races in one day, especially with Tatiana Stiajkina, absolutely our leader. I’m still seeing our victory in Limone Piemonte with Staiajkina. It was wonderful!”.

The team will race with Turbo bikes, from Brazil.


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