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World Track Championships 2007

Palma, Majorca, Spain


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Day 4


Race Writeup

In the second round of the keirin, heat 1 was a battle of champions, Anna Meares (Australia), Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belerus) and Christin Muche (Germany). The young Anna Blyth (Great Britain got the wheel of the derny, while Meares in second wheel allowed a little space between herself and Blyth. Meares attacked just before the bell and took Muche with her. Blyth did not give up however and secured her place in the 1-6 final with a third place.

In heat 2, the power riders of Pendleton (Great Britain), Jennie Reed (USA) and reigning world cup champion Shuang Guo (China) kept their form and secured their place in the 1-6 final. Pendleton attacked on the back straight and by the bell; she had gained a small advantage over Guo and Reed. This is the order they finished.

In the battle for the 7-12 places, Willy Kanis (Netherlands) attacked when the derny pulled away. She could not hold off the pace of Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belerus) who powered round the outside to place 7th. Kanis held on for 8th ahead of Sandie Clair (France). Oksana Grishina battled through to get 10th ahead of the German Glöss. Simona Krupeckaite brought up the rear for 12th.

The 1-6 final was full of excitement. Christin Muche caused the first stoppage of the race; she cut diagonally across the field causing everyone to swerve. By the time the riders had got to the back straight, she had bumped Pendleton right off the track. The commissaries stopped the race and the riders had to ride around for 5 minutes while they waited for the decision. The commissaries decided to disqualify Muche for un-sportive behaviour.

The race was about to restart when it was stopped again. There was some confusion before it was announced that the derny had broken down. Finally, the race got started and Meares took the wheel of the derny, Pendleton was on her wheel followed by Guo, Reed and Blyth. At the bell, Meares attacked, she could not produce the speed that she has displayed all week and was passed by Pendleton and Guo. Pendleton powered her way to a third gold medal of the championships. Guo secured her second silver and Meares her second Bronze.

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Post Race Comments

Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) was in tears and over the moon with her third gold medal. Pendleton was asked if she thought this was possible in the run up to the Championships, she said, “I can’t believe I’ve got three. After the first two miss-starts, I thought this doesn’t look good. I can’t believe I have done it again. My training has been really good in the run up to this event. I have been working hard with Jan van Eijden, the English Institute of sport and British cycling have given me everything I needed to prepare.”

The keirin has not been Pendleton’s favourite event over the last few years; she was asked what was different this year. “The physical nature of the keirin has never been my favourite part and everyone knows that. I prefer to race fair and square, I don’t think that is part of the sport for me. Last year almost getting crashed out by the other competitors was tough and then going out of the competition really hurt and frustrated me. I just wanted to prove that I could do it this year.”   

Pendleton was asked which of the titles means the most to her, she was emphatic in her answer. “Definitely the sprint, that’s what I have worked hard for. It’s the Olympic event and it’s the only event I have.”


Shuang Guo (China) was disappointed with another Silver medal, but happy for Victoria. “I would have liked to win but Vicky is too fast this year she deserved it.


Anna Meares (Australia) had a very successful championship. She achieved a world record, and two bronze medals in the Team Sprint and Keirin. “I am liking the bronze colour so it seems. I am really happy with how this week has gone. I went into the Keirin for a bit of fun and I gave it a good crack. I just didn’t have the legs in the end. I am happy though and can celebrate now.”

 Meares was asked if the two false starts were difficult to handle. She added, “I wasn’t sure what happened in the first one for Muche to be disqualified but the second one was weird, we started and I thought where is it. The gun went and I thought that me, Vicky and Anna [Blyth] were in trouble for going past the derny and there was no way they were going to warm me for that, then we realised there was a problem with the derny. The pace was quick once we got started and I had to ride it from the front. I could have sat there for a little longer but I decided to go. I couldn’t hold it and they came round.”

As a gold medallist, Meares plans to find the nearest rum bar and in a typical Australian fashion do some clothes and hand bag shopping and get a new hair do.

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Position Name Country
Gold Victoria Pendleton GBR
Silver Shuang Guo CHN
Bronze Anna Meares AUS
4 Anna Blyth GBR
5 Jennie Reed USA
DQL Christin Muche GER
* Disqualified for unsporting behaviour
Position 7-12 Final
7 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR
8 Willy Kanis NED
9 Sandie Clair FRA
10 Oksana Grishina RUS
11 Dana Glöss GER
12 Simona Krupeckaite LTU

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CJ1_0288 CJ1_0295 CJ1_0359 CJ2_7658 CJ2_7662
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