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World Track Championships 2007

Palma, Majorca, Spain


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Day 2

Sprint qualifying and rounds


Race Writeup

The first 24 out of 25 riders progressed through the first round of the sprit qualifying, with the Chinese rider Shuang Guo posting the fasted time of 11.149, averaging 64.579 over the 200m. The next two fasted were Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) in a time of 11.191 and Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) the current World Cup champion who was close in a time of 11.194.

In the following qualification rounds, the top riders showed their form. Anna Meares (Australia) secured her place in the final 8 with a strong ride off against the German Glss. Kristine Bayley (Australia) was bundled out after a low qualifying place put her against the 2006 silver medallist, Victoria Pendleton (GBR) in the first round who qualified for the final 8. Other notable final 8 qualifiers were, Shuang Guo (China), Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania), Natalia Tsylinskaya (Belarus), Clara Sanchez (France), and through from the repechage round Christin Muche (Germany) and Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba).

The semi-finals ran to form with most of the favourites going through to the final 4. The exceptions were Tsylinskaya and Krupeckaite. They were knocked out by Pendleton and Guerra Rodriguez respectively in very tight run races. 

In the placings for 5-8, Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) led from the front and could not be beaten.


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Post Race Comments

Anna Meares (AUS), won through to a semi final match up with fastest qualifier Shuang Guo after an action packed quarter final against Frenchwoman Clara Sanchez. Sanchez got the jump on Meares in the first of their best of three rounds. But Meares turned the tables in the second round powering around Sanchez to beat her on the line.

"There was only eight thousandths (of a second) between us in qualifying and I knew I had to give it everything in the second round and it worked to my advantage," said Meares who evened the score to set up a thrilling decider that saw Sanchez crash heavily.

"I think my heart's going more now than when I started," said Meares ten minutes after winning the deciding round with a daring dive into the sprinter's lane catching Sanchez unawares. "She left the door open with three quarters of a lap to go and I just went for it and I was pretty certain I got in the sprinter's lane first.

"But she kept crowding me right down the back straight and I just thought 'there's nowhere I can go except into you' so I moved down a little bit to see if she would move out of the sprint lane and I think by me moving down caused her to lean on me and fall away," explained Meares. "She fell heavy and I really hope she's okay because you never wish anything like that on anyone."

Sanchez was taken to hospital but did not sustain major injuries. Meantime Meares' focus now shifts to China's Guo who defeated the Australian two heats to one in the semi-final at last month's Manchester World Cup.

"It's going to be a tough semi final but I'll take it one race at a time," said Meares. "It's never good to think too far ahead and even if I'm not going to win it I'm going to make it bloody hard for her."


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Quarter Finals

Name Country Time Time Time
Shuang Guo CHN 12.136 12.162
Christin Muche GER
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB 11.707 11.822
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Victoria Pendleton GBR 11.974 11.678
Natallia Tslinskaya BLR
Clara Sanchez FRA 11.815 DNF
Anna Meares AUS 11.857 14.008


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5-8 Place










Christin Muche GER
7 Natallia Tslinskaya BLR
DNS Clara Sanchez FRA

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Qualifying Rounds

1/8 Finals

Name Country Time Km/Hr
Shuang Guo CHN 11.755 61.25
Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN
11.774 61.151
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Christin Muche GER 11.775 61.146
Victoria Pendleton GBR 12.003 59.985
Anna Blyth GBR
Clara Sanchez FRA 11.908
Swetlana Grankowskaja RUS 59.995
Anna Meares AUS
Dana Glss GER
Natallia Tslinskaya BLR
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB

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1/8 Final Repechage

Name Country Time Km/Hr
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB 12.179 59.118
Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN
Swetlana Grankowskaja RUS
Christin Muche GER 12.034 59.83
Anna Blyth GBR
Dana Glss GER

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1/16 Finals

Name Country Time Km/Hr
Shuang Guo CHN 12.359 58.257
Helena Casas Roige ESP
Simona Krupeckaite LTU 12.223 58.905
Renata Dabrowska POL
Victoria Pendleton GBR 12.555 57.347
Kristine Bayley AUS
Clara Sanchez FRA 12.129 59.361
Oksana Grishina RUS
Anna Meares AUS 12.022 59.89
Miriam Welte GER
Natallia Tslinskaya BLR 11.901 60.499
Diana Maria Garcia Orrego COL
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB 11.805 60.991
Jane Gerisch GER
Willy Kanis NED
Dana Glss GER 11.888 60.565
Swetlana Grankowskaja RUS 12.273 58.665
Lulu Zheng CHN
Anna Blyth GBR 12.219 58.924
Jennie Reed USA
Yvonne Hijgenaar NED REL
Christin Muche GER 11.983 60.085
Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN 12.257 58.741
Jinjie Gong CHN

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200m Qualifying TT

Name Country Time Km/Hr
Shuang Guo CHN 11.149 64.579
Simona Krupeckaite LTU 11.191 63.337
Victoria Pendleton GBR 11.194 64.320
Clara Sanchez FRA 11.270 63.886
Anna Meares AUS 11.278 63.841
Natallia Tslinskaya BLR 11.346 63.458
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB 11.365 63.352
Willy Kanis NED 11.408 63.113
Swetlana Grankowskaja RUS 11.444 62.915
Anna Blyth GBR 11.467 62.625
Yvonne Hijgenaar NED 11.503 62.592
Daniela Grelui Larreal VEN 11.541 62.386
Jinjie Gong CHN 11.563 62.267
Christin Muche GER 11.610 62.015
Jennie Reed USA 11.617 61.978
Lulu Zheng CHN 11.656 61.770
Dana Glss GER 11.667 61.712
Jane Gerisch GER 11.679 61.649
Diana Maria Garcia Orrego COL 11.682 61.633
Miriam Welte GER 11.743 61.313
Oksana Grishina RUS 11.809 60.970
Kristine Bayley AUS 11.957 60.215
Renata Dabrowska POL 11.972 60.140
Helena Casas Roige ESP 12.596 57.161
Tamilia Abassova RUS 14.561 49.447

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