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Trust House Womens Cycling Tour of New Zealand 2007


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Stage 3

Gladstone Circuit, 120km 


Race Writeup

There was not too much hard racing on the thirds stage of the Tour of New Zealand. There were some breakaway attempts, but T-Mobile didn't seem to want to let anything go and they were brought back relatively quickly. 

The bunch rode tempo around the 'lumpy' 30 kilometre circuit for most of the stage. Some legs were still trying to recover from the hills on Stage 2 and many were probably thinking about the 12 kilometre mountain-top finish on Stage 4. A finish which requires 12km of climbing to the line.

The bunch sprint was won by Oenone Wood (T-Mobile) - her second in a row. The race lead was retained by Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile). The magenta team has won every stage so far in this tour and held the jersey since the victory by Teutenberg on Stage 1.

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Post-race Comments

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg was realistic about her chances of taking the leader's jersey to the top of Admiral Hill and retaining it. "I don't think I'll have this jersey at the end of tomorrow's stage," she told race commentator, Marty Hewson. "We have some options in the team and there are some other riders going well at the moment too."

When asked if she subscribed to the fears about the finish at Admiral Hill, Oenone Wood said "I think any fears about the climb are justified."

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Surname First Name Team Time/Gap
1 WOOD Oenone TMO 3 h 22'55''
2 KLEINMANN Larissa GER 0'00''
3 MACPHERSON Jenny AIS 0'00''
4 VAN GILDER Laura CHE 0'00''
5 EGYED Nikki AIS 0'00''
6 MARKERINK Los FLE 0'00''
7 CHEATLEY Catherine CHE 0'00''
8 HARE Catherine INF 0'00''
9 KIESANOWSKI Joanne TRH 0'00''
10 BEUTLER Annette FLE 0'00''

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Place Surname First Name Team Time/Gap
1 TEUTENBERG Ina-Yoko TMO 7 h 19'19''
2 KIESANOWSKI Joanne TRH 0'04''
3 VAN GILDER Laura CHE 0'04''
4 BECKER Charlotte GER 0'06''
5 EGYED Nikki AIS 0'10''
6 HOBSON Leigh CHE 0'10''
7 ARNDT Judith TMO 0'10''
8 GUNNEWIJK Los FLE 0'10''
9 LJUNGSKOG Susanne FLE 0'10''
10 CHEATLEY Catherine CHE 0'17''


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CJ1_2170 CJ2_2686 CJ2_2688 CJ2_2705 CJ2_2765
CJ2_2817 CJ2_2896 CJ2_2906 CJ2_2909 CJ2_3004
CJ2_3012 CJ2_3019 CJ2_3026 CJ2_3060 CJ2_3066
CJ2_3067 CJ2_3072 CJ2_3079 CJ2_3093 CJ2_3117
CJ2_3119 CJ2_3131 CJ2_3147  CJ2_3155


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