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Thüringen Rundfarht 2007



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Stage 5

Schmölln, Time Trial 18.6km


Race Writeup

Amber Neben (Team Flexpoint) sprinted into the yellow jersey during the 18.6km time trial, 10 seconds ahead of Judith Arndt (T-Mobile). Noemi Cantele (Bigla Cycling) drops to third 2 minutes behind.  

The time trial from Schmölln was relatively flat, there was just the climb out of the town half way but was this didn’t trouble any of the riders. The fastest time didn’t come until towards the top 20 on general classification. Sara Carrigan (Australian National Team (AIS)) complete the course in a time of 28 minutes 41.523 seconds and held 1st place for 29 seconds before the Raleigh Lifeforce Creation team’s fastest time trailers finished. Christiane Soeder, Karin Thürig and Priska Doppmann all  finished faster with Amber Neben the only rider to upset the 1,2 3.

There was a dramatic incident in the time trial. Edita Puckinskaite (Équipe Nürnberger Versicherung) seemed to stall as she rolled off  the starting ramp, falling off half way down and landed hard, her bike frame split in two and she landed hard. Medics were on the scene quickly, but Puckinskaite was taken to hospital for checks on head, face and possible dental injuries. WomensCycling.net wishes Puckinskaite a speedy recovery.

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Results - Top 10 

Position Name Team Time Gap km/hr
1 Christiane Soeder, Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team .28'12.171 39,57km/h
2 Karin Thürig, Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team .28'24.417 12" 39,286km/h
3 Amber Neben, Team Flexpoint .28'30.930 18" 39,136km/h
4 Priska Doppmann, Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team .28'35.897 23" 39,023km/h
5 Sara Carrigan, Australian National Team (AIS) .28'41.523 29" 38,895km/h
6 Susanne Ljungskog, Team Flexpoint .28'57.852 45" 38,53km/h
7 Charlotte Becker, Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung .29'06.897 54" 38,33km/h
8 Judith Arndt, T-Mobile .29'11.532 59" 38,229km/h
9 Trixi Worrack, Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung .29'12.232 1'00" 38,214km/h
10 Rie, Van An .29'24.617 1'12" 37,945km/h


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General Classification Top 10 

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 Amber Neben Team Flexpoint 11.19'23"
2 Judith Arndt T-Mobile 11.19'33" 10"
3 Noemi Cantele Bigla Cycling Team 11.21'23" 2'00"
4 Emma Pooley Team Specialised for Women 11.23'15" 3'52"
5 Susanne Ljungskog Team Flexpoint 11.26'14" 6'51"
6 Trixi Worrack Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 11.26'26" 7'03"
7 Nicole Brändli Bigla Cycling Team 11.26'41" 7'18"
8 Andrea Graus Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 11.27'17" 7'54"
9 Edwige Pitel Team Uniqa 11.27'29" 8'06"
10 Oenone Wood T-Mobile 11.27'58" 8'35"


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CJ1_0877 CJ1_1192 CJ2_0520 CJ2_0522 CJ2_0527
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