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Thüringen Rundfarht 2007



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Stage 3

Greiz - Greiz, 130km


Race Writeup

Emma Pooley (Team Specialised for Women) attacked at 52.6 km of 130km on stage 3 to generate a lone victory into Greiz.  

The British rider attacked at each of the mountain competition points in the hope that she could maintain the grey climber’s jersey. At Doertendorfer,  a14% gradient, she was one minute ahead. By the time she reached the climb before Walterdorf village and another 15% climb she had gained four minutes 30 seconds. There was no reaction from the yellow jersey team of Raleigh Lifeforce Creation. They seemed to choose not to chase, seemingly happy to let the jersey go. The main peloton lost further time as they were brought to a complete stop at a railway crossing causing just over an extra minute’s delay. 

Two riders did chase Pooley, Natalie Bates (Team Getränke Hoffmann) and Tanja Hennes (Bigla Cycling Team) managed to get a couple of minutes ahead of the peloton, but still almost two minutes from Pooley. They seemed to be working well together on the climb to Teichwolframsdorf, however Hennes dropped back into the chasing bunch on the descent back to Greiz.  

The peloton had split and the final group containing approximately 20 riders were left to chase and did not react until the last 30km. The chase was led in the main by Équipe Nürnberger Versicherung’s Edita Puckinskaite and Trixi Worrack, followed by T-Mobile’s Oenone Wood and her team-mates. As Pooley crossed the start finish line to start the final 10km loop, she held a gap of just over 6 minutes to Bates and a further 3 minutes to the peloton. The power of T-Mobile and Équipe Nürnberger Versicherung worked hard to close the gap. They swallowed up Bates on the final climb but could not catch Pooley in time.  

At the finish, Pooley had a 4 minute 22 second advantage going into stage 4 ahead of T-Mobile’s Oenone Wood, who lies second. Time will tell whether this will prove too much advantage to take back over the next 3 days. 

Pooley had spent three hours alone at the head of the race which meant she secured not only the yellow jersey, but the mountains, sprint and the most aggressive jerseys too.

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Post Race Comments

Emma Pooley (Team Specialised for Women) was over the moon, if not a little surprised by her win. "I wasn’t hanging around to get caught. It was quite windy and very hard but I wasn’t going that fast. Although I would have never thought that they would [the peloton] have let me out there so long today, I think they left it a little too late to chase", said Pooley. The British rider is not that well known, she was the Duathlon World Champion in 2004 and rode professionally last season in the FBUK team before joining Team Specialized for Women this year. “It may be difficult to hold the jersey” Pooley added, “we have a time trial and three more stages to go. My team is a baby team here so we will try to hold it”.


Oenone Wood (T-Mobile) sprinted clear to take second on the stage. Asked what had happened today she said, “It was a strange day, there were a couple of teams whose priority it was to chase today and they didn’t which was a bit strange. It was left to Nürnberger and T-Mobile to chase. We didn’t want to give up the tour on day 3 so we had a couple of our riders at the front to try to bring the break back into a more reasonable time. We have the time trial which will create gaps of minutes rather than second between the top riders and then we have three more stages so anything can happen.”


Rochelle Gilmore (Menikini Selle Italia Gysko) rode strongly at the finish to secure third place on the stage. Asked about the race today given the frustrations from some of the teams about the lack of chase, she said, “I rode well on the hills and finished strongly. There was a bit of a lull though in the race, the pace didn’t seem to be that hard. It wasn’t until the last 30km that people started to attack and the race got going. I found something in my legs and was in the front group over the last climb. Oenone [Wood] attacked with about 1km and managed to put a gap on the bunch. I was able to go for the sprint and it paid off.”


Emma Rickards (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB) looked very tired at the end of the race, losing the yellow jersey to Emma Pooley. “It was a tough day, it was a long stage and there was a lot of wind. The final big sprint was too much and I could not hold on”.  She commented on the rest of the peloton reactions to the lack of chasing by Raleigh and other teams. ”We didn’t want to hold onto the jersey all week and we left it up to other teams to see if they would have a go. I guess they were looking to us to defend the jersey but we told them that we had no intention of keeping the yellow jersey”.  Asked if the rest of the week will be hard for the team given the gap gained by Emma Pooley, Rickards added. “She is a good time trial rider but she doesn’t have a strong team around her. She has been doing a lot on her own so it will be interesting to see what happens”.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 Emma Pooley, Team Specialised for Women 3.50'22" 16"
2 Oenone Wood T-Mobile 3.55'08" 4'46"
3 Rochelle Gilmore Menikini Selle Italia Gysko 3.55'10" 4'48"
4 Angela Brodtka Team Getränke Hoffmann 3.55'10" 4'48"
5 Anita Valen Vrienden van het Platteland 3.55'10" 4'48"
6 Noemi Cantele Bigla Cycling Team 3.55'10" 4'48"
7 Christiane Soeder Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 3.55'10" 4'48"
8 Joanne Kiesanowski Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 3.55'10" 4'48"
9 Judith Arndt T-Mobile 3.55'10" 4'48"
10 An Van Rie AA - Drink Cycling Team 3.55'10" 4'48"

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 Emma Pooley Team Specialised for Women 7.13'28"
2 Oenone Wood T-Mobile 7.17'50" 4'22"
3 Joanne Kiesanowski Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 7.17'55" 4'27"
4 Priska Doppmann Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 7.17'56" 4'28"
5 Christiane Soeder Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 7.17'56" 4'28"
6 Karin Thürig Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HB Cycling Team 7.17'56" 4'28"
7 Nicole Brändli Bigla Cycling Team 7.17'59" 4'31"
8 Judith Arndt T-Mobile 7.18'02" 4'34"
9 Edita Pucinskaite Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 7.18'02" 4'34"
10 Andrea Graus Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 7.18'05" 4'37"

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CJ1_9975 CJ2_9736 CJ2_9752 CJ2_9761 CJ2_9764
CJ2_9785 CJ2_9803 CJ2_9812 CJ2_9853 CJ2_9865
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