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Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals


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WA riders to Tasmania

15 riders to travel with Rick Lee

Western Australian Cycle Coach Rich Lee will again head to the Basslink Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals with a strong contingent of cyclists. Lee has notified organisers that he will be bringing a team of 15 cyclists. The Lee stable has in recent years been very successful at the carnivals, and has included riders such as junior champions Travis and Cameron Myer, both of whom have thrilled local crowds with their riding ability.

The following cyclists will accompany Rick Lee to the Carnivals (women in bold).

Dale Parker -SA

Shamus Liptrott - SA

Thomas Richards - QLD

Stephanie Hansen - VIC

Shannon McCurley - VIC

Jacob Horne - NSW

Jack Bennett- NSW

Julian Bissett - WA

Sarah Kent -WA

Ryla Jakelski - WA

Michael Freiberg - WA

Jordan van der Togt - WA

Lara Freiberg - WA

Michaela Anderson - WA

Jessica Allen WA

The support given by Rick Lee and his cyclists is greatly appreciated by our Association. This is the fourth year his team has been to the carnivals and they never fail to produce winners.


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