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New Year Resolution Ride

Open to all over the age of 7

The Burnie Athletic Club will host a New Years Resolution Ride which will take place on New Years Day at 10am before the Carnival starts at 12 noon.  The ride will allow the recreational cyclist the opportunity to get out and ride with some of the best cyclists in the world, with Ben Kersten and Jame Carney set to join in.  It will also be a great way to start 2007 and allow some people to follow through on their New Years Resolution promises.

The ride is proudly sponsored by The Advocate and the Burnie City Council, it will depart from West Park at 10am, heading east along the highway, turning at Chasm Creek and returning to West Park.  The ride is 14km in length and open to all who are 7 years of age and above.

Mike McKenna, President of the Burnie Athletic Club believes that the ride should appeal to a wide audience and will give families a chance to get out on the bike together.  “It’s really about highlighting road safety for cyclists, getting some exercise and having some fun along the way.  To encourage families to join the ride we are providing free entry to the New Years Day Carnival for all who participate in the ride”.  The ride is also fully supported by Tasmanian Police, who will have a presence on the day.

Grant Atkins President of SCAT has commented that it is great to see clubs trying new things.  “The Burnie Athletic Club need to be congratulated on adding a new dimension to their day, I am sure that the ride will be well supported”.

Entry forms are available from the Advocate and the Burnie Athletic Club


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