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Redlands Cycle Classic 2007



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Stage 3

Sunset circuit - 115km


Race Writeup

Amber Neben (STAHL / SC Velo) protected her yellow jersey against attacks from Webcor and stage-winning tactics from T-Mobile in the final stage in Redlands. The Californian rode at the front of the race to secure a consecutive win in this event. An early attack which included T-Mobile's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg set the pace for the day and split the race apart behind. The break stayed away for several laps, but was swallowed up by the first chasing group (ahead of what was left of the main bunch) with two laps to go of the Sunset Avenue circuit.

All of the competition leaders were in the first group as they raced the final lap of the circuit and a group of four - Kim Anderson (T-Mobile), Amber Neben, Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton) and Mara Abbott (Webcor) worked together on the run-in. Seehafer was at the front and looking for stage glory with just a few corners to go when she lost traction and fell heavily. The other three continued to the finish where Anderson took the sprint from Abbott. Neben was happy to leave it to the pair - she was celebrating her victory as she coasted across the line third. Seehafer came in fourth, ahead of the bunch sprint, but clearly in pain, she had a suspected broken collarbone.


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Results - Top 3

1  Kim Anderson -  T-Mobile

2  Mara Abbott  - Webcor

3  Amber Neben  - STAHL / SC Velo


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General Classification Top 3

1  Amber Neben  - STAHL / SC Velo

2  Mara Abbott  - Webcor

3   Katheryn Curi  - Webcor


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CJ1_7278 CJ1_7281 CJ1_7301 CJ1_7310 CJ1_7315
CJ1_7335 CJ1_7342 CJ1_7349 CJ1_7350 CJ1_7352
CJ1_7358 CJ1_7362 CJ1_7375 CJ1_7380 CJ1_7391
CJ1_7396 CJ1_7397 CJ1_7418 CJ1_7463 CJ1_7485
CJ1_7510 CJ2_6332 CJ2_6362 CJ2_6399 CJ2_6453


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