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Redlands Cycle Classic 2007



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Stage 1

Perris - Oak Glen  115km


Race Writeup

Amber Neben and her STAHL / SC Velo team successfully defended her leader's jersey on the first stage of the Redlands Classic in Southern California.

The day was warm in the valley, but noticeably cooler at the stage finish at 4819 feet above sea level. (That's 1468 metres!!!).

The STAHL / SC Velo team kept an eye on the race for Neben throughout the flatter parts of the stage and when the final climb began, Neben made sure that she was alert to the break and at the front of the chasing bunch. 

There were a couple of early attacks, which kept the pace high on the stage. These breaks were marked by the teams with an eye on the overall. Although, Colavita Sutter found themselves chasing from the other end of the bunch after about 50km covered, when Dotsie Bausch (third GC overnight) punctured as the pace rose at the front. All of the team dropped back to form a chasing line to get back onto the bunch as quickly as possible.

The race was allowed onto the freeway, which was closed to other traffic for the passage, and this climb split the bunch with riders dropping off the pace and into the team car convoy as the road climbed steadily for several kilometres. Most were able to regain the back of the bunch on the descent. 

The second mountains competition climb saw a handful of riders maintain their advantage over the bunch up the climb and down the other side. A reasonably long section of gravel / sand where the road was under construction over the top caused few problems for the riders; with no punctures or crashes noted.

The transition road from the descent to the foot of the next climb provided a recovery section before the final climb, which was a stubborn climb with differing gradients and a final average of over 15% gradient. With 4km to go, Mara Abbott (Webcor) had already opened a gap on her fellow breakaways, an advantage which she protected with a spirited conclusion to the climb. Amber Neben, as race leader, saw the danger of the rider who had started the day in fourth place and rode strongly to come in second behind Abbott and maintain her overall lead. Stuck closely to Neben all day was Christine Thorburn, third on GC at the start of the day and wearing the mountains competition jersey (since Neben already had the yellow leader's jersey). She finished behind Neben, but the Webcor team had done their job.

Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) took over the mountains competition from Neben / Thorburn with a fighting finish to compliment her activity on the other 2 competition climbs of the day. Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton) became the first rider in the 2007 Redlands Classic to wear the green sprinter's jersey. There were two sprint points on the stage. Hobson will get a free day in red on stage 2, the Redlands town criterium; whilst Seehafer will be busy defending her green jersey from the other sprinters in the peloton.


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Post Race Comments

Amber Neben -  “I knew it would be tough today. This race is hard. It gets raced hard by all the teams. The climb at the end is difficult and makes life difficult, but it’s great.” She paid tribute to the efforts of her team-mates. “My team-mates used their horsepower efficiently and helped me. They kept it to where I could ride hard on Oak Glen. At the end of the race it was like four against one.” 

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Surname Nation Team Time
1 Mara Abbott USA Webcor Cycling Team  3:30:41
2 Amber Neben USA STAHL/SC Velo  0:18
3 Christine Thorburn USA Webcor Cycling Team  0:43
4 Katheryn Curi USA Webcor Cycling Team  0:49
5 Leigh Hobson CAN Team Cheerwine  1:30
6 Felicia Gomez USA Aaron's Corp Furnishings same
7 Dotsie Bausch USA Colavita/Sutter Home  1:50
8 Chantal Beltman NED T-Mobile  2:19
9 Anne Samplonius CAN Expresscopy.com  2:25
10 Marisa Asplund USA Team TIBCO  2:31

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General Classification - Top 10

Position Name Surname Nation Team Time
1 Amber Neben USA STAHL/SC Velo  3:41:45
2 Mara Abbott USA Webcor Cycling Team  0:32
3 Christine Thorburn USA Webcor Cycling Team  1:00
4 Katheryn Curi USA Webcor Cycling Team  1:38
5 Dotsie Bausch USA Colavita/Sutter Home  2:20
6 Felicia Gomez USA Aaron's Corp Furnishings  2:25
7 Leigh Hobson CAN Team Cheerwine  2:31
8 Anne Samplonius CAN Expresscopy.com  3:23
9 Chantal Beltman NED T-Mobile  3:36
10 Brooke Ourada USA Team Cheerwine  3:57


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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

CJ1_6509 CJ1_6511 CJ1_6518 CJ1_6521 CJ1_6523
CJ1_6528 CJ1_6560 CJ1_6563 CJ1_6572 CJ1_6648
CJ1_6658 CJ1_6678 CJ1_6699 CJ1_6723 CJ1_6725
CJ1_6728 CJ1_6742 CJ1_6756 CJ1_6834 CJ1_6849
CJ1_6851 CJ1_6869 CJ1_6948 CJ1_6973 CJ1_6978
CJ2_5963 CJ2_5965 CJ2_5968 CJ2_5983 CJ2_6008
CJ2_6019 CJ2_6022 CJ2_6035 CJ2_6046 CJ2_6052
CJ2_6063 CJ2_6122  CJ2_6225  


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