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Tour of Montreal - 2007



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Stage 1

Châteauguay, 107km


Race Writeup

On a course which provided its own challenges, the rain which fell during the stage only added to the excitement for the riders. The Châteauguay course was covered 8 times, 14km per lap, and was extremely technical - with corners every few hundred metres.

Although many riders tried to break away throughout the stage, none managed to gain more than a few metres on the main bunch. Gina Grain (ExpressCopy.com) was notable by her attempt in the early laps and then again at the end of the race, but her efforts came to naught. Helen Kelly (Webcor) was also visible at the front on a couple of laps.

As many predicted, the race came down to a bunch sprint. As the riders came around the final corner, Trixi Worrack was leading out Regina Schleicher (Équipe Nürnberger). Worrack pulled over, job done, and Schleicher accelerated. T-Mobile's Oenone Wood tried her best to close on Schleicher, but suffered from having quite the right position out of the corner. Wood was second, whilst Giorgia Bronzini (Safi) was third.

The overall race lead goes to Regina Schleicher, as do the points and sprints competition leads. She will start Stage 2 in yellow.

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