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Holland Ladies Tour 2007   (10th Edition)



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Stage 6B

Nordhorn - Denekamp, 19.9km Individual Time Trial


Race Writeup

World Time Trial Champion, Kristin Armstrong (USA) stole the overall title in the Holland Ladies Tour by virtue of her stage winning performance from Nordhorn to Denkamp.

The American started the time trial in seventeenth place overall, 43 seconds down on leader, Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) and 39 seconds down on second placed Judith Arndt (T-Mobile). 

Despite spirited rides by the non-TT specialists, Armstrong won the stage and snatched the overall victory. Race leader, Vos slipped back to seventh overall, whilst second-placed Arndt was agonisingly just 5 seconds down overall with a performance just 44 seconds slower than the American's on the time trial stage. 

Armstrong also took the mountains title, whilst Vos was the best young rider and also the points competition winner.. Andrea Bosman (DSB Bank) won the sprints competition, whilst team-mate Ludevine Henrion won the race-long best fighting spirit award. Arndt was part of the T-Mobile team which won the team competition. 

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Surname Time Gap Speed
1    Kristin Armstrong .26'28" 100      45,11km/h  
2    Christiane Soeder .26'46" 560   18"   44,592km/h  
3    Linda Villumsen .27'00" 410   32"   44,211km/h  
4    Trixi Worrack .27'09" 120   41"   43,974km/h  
5    Judith Arndt .27'12" 220   44"   43,891km/h  
6    Priska Doppmann .27'25" 070   57"   43,548km/h  
7    Regina Bruins .27'39" 860   1'11"   43,16km/h  
8    Ellen van Dijk .27'41" 560   1'13"   43,116km/h  
9    Loes Gunnewijk .27'45" 280   1'17"   43,019km/h  
10    Trine Schmidt .27'45" 360   1'17"   43,017km/h  

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

1    Kristin Armstrong US Cycling 15.28'34"     
2    Judith Arndt T- Mobile Women 15.28'39"   5"  
3    Linda Villumsen T- Mobile Women 15.29'02"   28"  
4    Trixi Worrack Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix 15.29'08"   34"  
5    Christiane Soeder Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team 15.29'21"   47"  
6    Charlotte Becker Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung/Mix 15.29'27"   53"  
7    Marianne Vos Team DSB Bank 15.29'29"   55"  
8    Regina Bruins Regioteam Ton van Bemmelen/ Odysis 15.29'37"   1'03"  
9    Emma Johansson Vlaanderen Caprisonne 15.29'45"   1'11"  
10    Priska Doppmann Raleigh Lifeforce Creation HP Pro Cycling Team 15.29'58"   1'24"  


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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

DS_IMG_032 DS_IMG_046 DS_IMG_054 DS_IMG_058 DS_IMG_064
DS_IMG_079 DS_IMG_082a DS_IMG_087 DS_IMG_090 DS_IMG_091
DS_IMG_101 DS_IMG_108 DS_IMG_123 DS_IMG_127 DS_IMG_132
DS_IMG_204 DS_IMG_247 DS_IMG_259 DS_IMG_268 DS_IMG_272
DS_IMG_276 DS_IMG_280 DS_IMG_283 DS_IMG_303 DS_IMG_323
DS_IMG_376    DS_IMG_464  


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