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Holland Ladies Tour 2007   (10th Edition)



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Stage 4

Leek - Roden, 112.2km


Race Writeup

Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) took back the race lead from Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) on Stage 4. The young Dutchwoman won the bunch sprint to take the stage. 

It wasn't until the last 30 kilometres that the race opened up, but when it did, a group of 19 riders went away. The break included 4 T-Mobile riders : Teutenberg, Villumsen, de Goede and Beltman (but not race leader, Judith Arndt), two DSB Bank riders : Vos and Bekkering and two Team Flexpoint riders : Markerink and Gunnewijk. Also there were Valen (Platteland) and Bruins (van Bemmelen), amoungst others.

The bunch came back together before the finish, having lost some momentum when Teutenberg and Beltman dropped back to the bunch. With everything back together coming into Roden, Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) popped out of the front of the sprinters and managed to stay ahead to the line. 

Vos' bonus, plus the fact that the race leader, Arndt finished in a group 24 seconds behind puts the Dutchwoman back into the orange leader's jersey, which she wore after the first stage.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Surname Time Gap Bonus
1    Marianne Vos 2.44'06"      10"  
2    Kirsten Wild 2.44'06"      6"  
3    Glorgia Bronzini 2.44'06"      4"  
4    Emma Johansson 2.44'06"      1"  
5    Anita Valen 2.44'06"        
6    Charlotte Becker 2.44'06"        
7    Suzanne Goede de 2.44'06"      4"  
8    Sarah Düster 2.44'06"        
9    Marta Bastianelli 2.44'06"        
10    Bettina Kuhn 2.44'06"        

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Surname Time Gap
1    Marianne Vos 10.23'56"     
2    Judith Arndt 10.24'14"   18"  
3    Marta Bastianelli 10.24'18"   22"  
4    Glorgia Bronzini 10.24'19"   23"  
5    Suzanne Goede de 10.24'21"   25"  
6    Emma Johansson 10.24'22"   26"  
7    Mirjam Melchers 10.24'24"   28"  
8    Anita Valen 10.24'25"   29"  
9    Trixi Worrack 10.24'30"   34"  
10    Sarah Düster 10.24'32"   36"  

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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

DS_IMG_025 DS_IMG_035 DS_IMG_043 DS_IMG_073 DS_IMG_080
DS_IMG_111 DS_IMG_145 DS_IMG_152 DS_IMG_162 DS_IMG_201
DS_IMG_211 DS_IMG_217 DS_IMG_318 DS_IMG_328 DS_IMG_354
DS_IMG_419 DS_IMG_428 DS_IMG_434 DS_IMG_440 DS_IMG_474


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