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Giro Femminile 2007 - 18th edition


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Stage 8

Soregno - Soregno 104.4km


Race Writeup

The final stage of the 2007 Giro was characterised by escapes which were chased at the front of the bunch by Ιquipe Nόrnberger. Starting in the overall race lead, Nόrnberger rider, Edita Puckinskaite, was not going to let the race get away from her, having worn the 'maglia rosa' since the prologue 9 days ago, except on Stage 3, where she briefly 'lent' it to Diane Ziulute (SAFI) to wear in the mountain time trial before taking it back after the uphill test.

The first break of the day contained 9 riders including : ), Adrie Visser (DSB Bank), Noemi Cantele (Team Bigla), Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile), Luisa Tamanini (SAFI), Nikki Egyed (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation) and Sigrid Corneo (Menikini Gysko). A counter-attack by a small group which contained several Dutch riders (Irene Van Den Broeck (AA Drink), Loλs Gunnewijk (Team Flexpoint) and Sharon Van Essen (DSB Bank)) tried to cross the gap at around half distance, but could not make contact. 

The original 9 stayed away until the last climb of the day, when four riders were lost out of the back. There were various chases and regroupings, the constant was that Svetlana Bubnenkova (Fenixs) and Luisa Tamanini (SAFI) remained in the lead group. The pair became joint leaders on the mountains competition during the climbs of Brianza and Lissolo, but Bubnenkova had a plan to win the stage.... However, after the climb, the break was caught by the bunch.

With less than 6km to go, Bubnenkova attacked the bunch and took a small group with her: Tatiana Guderzo (AA Drink), Marta Bastianelli (SAFI), Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile), Grete Treier (Michela Fanini Record Rox) and Noemi Cantele (Team Bigla). An attempt at an early sprint was countered by Bubnenkova, who then powerfully sprinted  in the final 250m to take the stage victory ahead of Marta Bastianelli and Grete Treier. 

With the Russian winning the stage, she confirmed her mountains competition win. Bubnenkova then dedicated the stage win to the memory of team-mate Liane Bahler, who was killed in a car accident on the way to start the 2007 Giro.

Edita Puckinskaite (Nόrnberger) arrived safely in the bunch and, with a single-handed punch into the air, celebrated her retention of the Giro after her overall win in 2006. (Click here for 2006 race coverage). Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) won the points competition, Tatiana Guderzo (AA Drink) wrestled the Young Rider competition from Linda Villumsen on the final stage and, as confirmed above, Svetlana Bubnenkova (Fenixs) won the mountains competition.


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Results - Top 10 

104,400 Km in 2h 38’ 00”     Average : 39,645 Km/h

1. Bubnenkova Svetlana – Fenixs Hpb Edilsavino

2. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – s.t.

3. Bastianelli Marta - Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan – s.t.

4. Guderzo Tatiana - AA Drink Cycling Team -  s.t.

5. Beltman Chantal – T Mobile Women – s.t.

6. Cantele Noemi – Bigla Cycling Team – a 7’’

7. Luperini Fabiana – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – a 1’ 20”

8. Egyed Nikki – Raleigh Lifeforce Creati – a 1’ 21’’

9. Tamanini Luisa - Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan – s.t.

10. Pucinskaite Edita – Nurnberger Versicherung – s.t.

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General Classification Top 10 

895,300 Km – Average 39,591 Km/h

1. Pucinskaite Edita – Nurnberger Versicherung - 22h 36’ 49”

2. Brandli Nicole – Bigla Cycling Team – a 18”

3. Moreno Allue Maribel – Selection Nationale Espanola – a 36”

4. Luperini Fabiana – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – a 51”

5. Guderzo Tatiana – AA Drink Cycling Team – a 1’ 02”

6. Ljungskog Susanne – Team Flexpoint – a 1’ 05”

7. Arndt Judith – T Mobile Women – a 1’ 18”

8. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – a 1’ 39”

9. Bubnenkova Svetlana – Fenixs Hpb Edilsavino – a 1’ 49’’

10. Villumsen Serup Linda – T Mobile Women – a 2’ 11”

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CJ1_9029 CJ1_9040 CJ2_7771 CJ2_7802 CJ2_7857
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