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Stage 7

Misinto/Lazzate (MI) – Ceriano Laghetto/Cogliate (MI)


Race Writeup

The longest break of the stage was by Ombretta Ugolini (Chirio Forno D'Alsolo), who went away immediately the race started and eventually gained an advantage of almost 1 minute 30 seconds. Ugolini lasted in the heat for over 25 kilometres before being reeled back in by the bunch. A major protagonist in the final chase was Alison Powers (Colavita Sutter).

Next breakaway was by Andrea Bosman (DSB Bank). The team-mate to Marianne Vos (who is leading the points competition) was allowed to stay out in front for only a handful of kilometres. Young rider competition leader, Linda Villumsen (T-Mobile), was also in a break around 80km covered, but was not allowed to stay away, given her GC position after Stage 6 (seventh at just over 2 minutes) in relation to race leader, Edita Puckinskaite (Nόrnberger).

The next significant break included Diane Zilute (SAFI) and Mirjam Melchers van Poppel (Team Flexpoint). There was danger in allowing these riders too much space, though and they were caught again after 22km on their own. The T-Mobile team was aggressive in chasing-down these riders, with Judith Arndt leading the whole team at the front of the bunch as the race passed through the finish area with a lap (18km) to go.

The bunch came back together with a handful of kilometres to go. The sprint finish featured riders who have been competitive throughout this Giro. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) took her second stage win, ahead of Rochelle Gilmore (Menikini Gysko), who took second (again) and Marianne Vos (DSB Bank).

Edita Puckinskaite (Nόrnberger) finished in the bunch to retain the overall race lead.

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Results - Top 10   124,6zx00 Km in 2h 58’ 23”        41,909 Km/h

1. Teutenberg Ina – T Mobile Women

2. Gilmore Rochelle – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – s.t

3. Vos Marianne – Team Dsb Bank – s.t.

4. Bronzini Giorgia – Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan – s.t.

5. Corazza Martina – Team Frw Gauss Rdz – s.t.

6. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – s.t.

7. Wild Kirsten – AA Drink Cycling Team – s.t

8. Baccaille Monia – Saccarelli Emu Sea – s.t.

9. Brandli Nicole – Team Bigla – s.t.

10. Kiesanowski Joanne – Raleigh Lifeforce Creation Hb – s.t.


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General Classification Top 10

1. Pucinskaite Edita – Nurnberger Versicherung - 19h 57’ 28”

2. Brandli Nicole – Bigla Cycling Team – a 18”

3. Moreno Allue Maribel – Selection Nationale Espanola – a 36”

4. Luperini Fabiana – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – a 52”

5. Ljungskog Susanne – Team Flexpoint – a 05”

6. Arndt Judith – T Mobile Women – a 18”

7. Villumsen Serup Linda – T Mobile Women – a 04”

8. Guderzo Tatiana – AA Drink Cycling Team – a 23”

9. Vos Marianne – Team DSB Bank – a 45”

10. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – a 06”


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CJ1_8739 CJ1_8741 CJ1_8774 CJ1_8776 CJ1_8793
CJ1_8812 CJ1_8856 CJ1_8888 CJ1_8912 CJ2_7402
CJ2_7442 CJ2_7447 CJ2_7508 CJ2_7600 CJ2_7631
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