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Stage 6

Cornaredo - Cornaredo,  132.3 km


Race Writeup

Although sunny again, there was slightly less heat for the riders to contend with during their 9 laps of a 14.3km circuit. The stage, which took place just outside of Milan, was flat, but contained some tight twists and turns on the circuit which included town and country roads. The day had started early for 62 of the riders, with anti-doping tests carried out again on the Giro Donne. All riders were deemed fit to start.

An early break containing riders from Menikini Gysko, T-Mobile and SAFI lasted for a couple of laps, but was never expected to stay away. A more dangerous attack went at around mid-stage, it contained Adrie Visser (DSB Bank), Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile), Bettina Kuhn (Team Bigla) and Luisa Tamanini (SAFI). Aggressive chases from Menikini Gysko and Raleigh Lifeforce Creation were finally successful in bringing back the break in the closing kilometres. 

A crash with 2km to go brought down Alessandra D’Ettorre (Saccarelli Emu and Jamaican Champion, Iona Winter (Colavita Sutter), as well as DSB Bank's Belgian Champion, Ludivine Henrion.

Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) outsprinted Giorgia Bronzini (SAFI), Rochelle Gilmore (Menikini Gysko) and Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) to win the stage. Edita Puckinskaite (Nόrnberger) finished safely in the bunch to retain the race lead. In fact, none of the competition leads changed : Linda Villumsen stayed in the young rider's competition white jersey, Marianne Vos retained the points lead. Svetlana Bubnenkova keeps the mountains competition lead. 


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Results - Top 10     132,300 Km in 3h 10’ 00”  average 41,778 Km/h

1. Arndt Judith – T Mobile

2. Bronzini Giorgia - Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan – s.t.

3. Gilmore Rochelle – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – s.t.

4. Vos Marianne – Team DSB Bank – s.t.

5. Ljungskog Susanne – Team Flexpoint – s.t

6. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – s.t.

7. Martisova Julia – Team Frw Gauss Rdz – s.t.

8. Wood Oenone – T Mobile Women – s.t.

9. Wild Kirsten – AA Drink Cycling Team – s.t.

10. Baccaille Monia – Saccarelli Emu – s.t.

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General Classification Top 10

1. Pucinskaite Edita – Nurnberger Versicherung - 16h 59’ 05”

2. Brandli Nicole – Bigla Cycling Team – a 18”

3. Moreno Allue Maribel – Selection Nationale Espanola – a 28”

4. Luperini Fabiana – Menikini Selle Italia Gysko – a 52”

5. Ljungskog Susanne – Team Flexpoint – a 1’ 05”

6. Arndt Judith – T Mobile Women – a 1’ 18”

7. Villumsen Serup Linda – T Mobile Women – a 2’ 04”

8. Guderzo Tatiana – AA Drink Cycling Team – a 2’ 23”

9. Vos Marianne – Team DSB Bank – a 2’ 45”

10. Treier Grete – Michela Fanini Record Rox – a 3’ 06”

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CJ1_8480 CJ1_8498 CJ1_8554 CJ1_8624 CJ1_8644
CJ1_8668 CJ2_7060 CJ2_7097 CJ2_7108 CJ2_7128
CJ2_7148 CJ2_7156 CJ2_7189 CJ2_7199 CJ2_7206
CJ2_7285 CJ2_7304 CJ2_7347 CJ2_7394  


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