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Stage 2

Correggio - Correggio


Race Writeup

Edita Puckinskaite (Nürnberger) relinquished her hold on the lead of the Giro Donne on Stage 2. Arriving in the bunch was not good enough to be presented with the maglia rosa again in Correggio; Diane Zilute (SAFI) was second overall and with the time bonus awarded for the placing, took the overall lead.

Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) won the stage in a bunch sprint from Zilute and Oenone Wood (T-Mobile). It was a close thing, though. Penultimate lap breakaway, Julia Martissova (AS Team FRW) was not caught until the final kilometre, following a chase initiated by Zilute's SAFI team-mates.

Martissova provided the excitement for the stage, when it seemed that she might stay away for a solo victory. There were other notable breaks during the hot stage, though. Adrie Visser (DS Bank) livened things up early when she stayed away for a lap of the 13km course. Then, Maya Adamson Watt (Team Dilà Guerciotti Cogeas) tried her luck. Perhaps the longest attack of the day was by Elodie Touffet (Menikini Gysko), who survived for almost two laps on her own, before Naomi Cantele (Team Bigla) led the final 'catch', followed by the bunch, in a long line, at full speed.

The overall classification is still tight - with the top ten only separated by 10 seconds. The 10km uphill time trial (8% average) for Stage 3 should see some considerably larger gaps open up.

The race's official media release noted that 57 riders were tested under antidoping protocol this morning. All riders passed the testing procedures, with no anomalies.

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Results - Top 10 

125,700 Km average, 40,635 Km/h

1. Vos Marianne  Team DSB Bank  3 h 05m 36s
2. Ziliute Diana  Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan  s.t.
3. Wood Oenone  T Mobile   s.t.
4. Schleicher Regina  Nurnberger Versicherung  s.t.
5. Beltman Chantal  T Mobile Women  s.t.
6. Treier Grete  Sc Michela Fanini Record Rox  s.t.
7. Holler Monica  Team Bigla  s.t.
8. Villumsen Serup Linda  T Mobile  at 5s
9. Corazza Martina  Team Frw Gauss Rdz  s.t.
10. Belvederesi Tania  Team Frw Gauss Rdz  s.t.

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General Classification Top 10 

1. Ziliute Diana  Safi Pasta Zara Manhattan  7h 22m 59s
2. Beltman Chantal  T Mobile Women  at 6s
3. Wood Oenone  T Mobile Women  at 7s
4. Holler Monica  Team Bigla  at 8s
5. Treier Grete  Sc Michela Fanini Record Rox  at 8s
6. Pucinskaite Edita  Nurnberger Versicherung  at 9s
7. Thurig Karin  Raleigh Lifeforce Creation  at 10s
8. Kiesanowski Joanne - Raleigh Lifeforce Creation  at 10s
9. Schleicher Regina - Nurnberger Versicherung  at 10s
10. Ljungskog Susanne  Team Flexpoint  at 11s

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CJ1_7428 CJ1_7434 CJ1_7441 CJ1_7442 CJ1_7463
CJ1_7486 CJ1_7498 CJ1_7502 CJ1_7523 CJ1_7528
CJ1_7560 CJ1_7561 CJ1_7564 CJ1_7571 CJ1_7583
CJ1_7589 CJ1_7611 CJ1_7625 CJ2_6345 CJ2_6373
CJ2_6395 CJ2_6401  CJ2_6410  


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