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Race 2

World Cup, Round 3  138km


Race Writeup

The third round of the womens’ World Cup lived up to expectations for a hard, fast race. Based around Hoogeveen, in the flatlands of Drenthe, on a warm, spring day, the course included cobbled sections and three climbs of the “Vam Berg”, a short, sharp climb of about 700m, which included a 400m section of about 23% when heading towards Hoogeveen, 19% from Hoogeveen.

The first climb of the Vam Berg came after just 9 kilometres and although a tough climb, did nothing to split the peloton. The first selection of the race came at the first cobbled section, where the bunch lined-out and some slower riders were dropped. The cobbled sections, although short and spaced out, sorted the bunch in the first half of the race. Racing through Westerbork at around mid-distance, there were three main groups, separated by between 30 seconds and a minute.

A significant break was made by Linda Villumsen just after Westerbork. She managed to create a 25 second advantage before going back into the bunch after being away for about 10 minutes alone.  The main bunch stayed together towards the climb of Vam Berg which was 47 kilometres from the finish. The bunch was led up the climb by Adrie Visser (DSB Bank), who was marked closely by riders including Brooke Miller (USA National), Priska Doppmann (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation), Trixi Worrack (Équipe Nürnberger) Zoulfia Zabirova and Tanja Hennes (Team Bigla) at the front of the group.

There was a small advantage for a number of riders as they climbed the berg for the third and final time, 14.8 kilometres from the finish. World Champion, Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) was chased over the summit by World Cup Leader, Nicole Cooke (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation). Adrie Visser (DSB Bank) was third over and Suzanne de Goede (T-Mobile) bridged across just after the descent. Also managing to get across the gap was Loës Markerink (Team Flexpoint) on the fast run in to Hoogeveen. Their advantage had climbed to 40 seconds, until the bunch chase began to claw back the seconds and the neutral service car was moved out of the gap between the leaders and the bunch with under 10 kilometres remaining.

The chase to the finish saw the bunch catch the leaders with 3 kilometres to go, but Adrie Visser and Elodie Touffet (Menikini Gysko) were already planning their finish. The pair managed to stay away to sprint for the victory. Visser was at the front coming in to the finishing straight and with a glance over her shoulder in the closing 200 metres, she took the sprint from a disappointed Touffet, celebrating with a two-handed victory salute.

The bunch sprint for third, seventeen seconds later was taken by Marianne Vos (DSB Bank), who celebrated her team-mate’s win with a punch in the air as she crossed the line. Ina-
Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) took fourth place and the World Cup leader, Nicole Cooke (Raleigh Lifeforce Creation) finished in the front part of the bunch in seventh place. Picking up 21 points and now with 171 points, Cooke retains the lead by over 100 points from Marianne Vos (now on 70) and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile), who is lying third with 60 points.

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Post Race Comments

Adrie Visser It is wonderful – a great victory for me and the team. For me it shows that I have transferred to the road from the track well too.”  Commented a delighted Adrie Visser after the race. (Visser won a bronze medal in the Scratch Race in Palma just a couple of weeks ago).

It is a great day for the team. The whole team is very happy. It is the first very important victory for Adrie Visser and that’s great.” smiled the DSB Bank team Director Sportif, Thijs Rondhuis

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Results - Top 10 

  1. Adrie Visser              DSB Bank          3.33’47

  2. Elodie Touffet               Menikini Gysko

  3. Marianne Vos                  DSB Bank             17’”

  4. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg       T-Mobile

  5. Suzanne de Geode       T-Mobile

  6. Rochelle Gilmore       Menikini Gysko

  7. Nicole Cooke               Raleigh Lifeforce Creation

  8. Giorgia Bronzini            Team Safi

  9. Monia Baccaille           Team Saccarelli Emu

  10. Mie Bekker Lacota      Team Flexpoint


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Current World Cup Standings 

  1. Nicole Cooke               Raleigh Lifeforce        171

  2. Marianne Vos                  DSB Bank                  70

  3. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg      T-Mobile                60 

  4. Elodie Touffet               Menikini Gysko               50


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CJ1_1408 CJ1_1413 CJ1_1473 CJ1_1512 CJ1_1570
CJ1_1634 CJ1_1658 CJ1_1662 CJ1_1682 CJ1_1735
CJ1_1760 CJ1_1802 CJ1_1808 CJ1_1815 CJ1_1835
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