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Ronde van Drenthe



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Race 1 - Drenste 8 - Dinwgeloo

136km, Dwingeloo


Race Writeup

Regina Schleicher (Nürnberger) took a tight, sprint win from Rochelle Gilmore (Menikini) and Giorgia Bronzini (Italy).

In contrast to the 2006 cold and very wet conditions for the 3 days of racing, the start to the (revised) programme took place in warm spring sunshine. With the inclusion of Saturday's race on the World Cup calendar, the Ronde van Drenthe is now three separate races which take place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The first, the Drentse 8 van Dwingeloo, is a (long) circuit race, which takes in 6 laps of a circuit which looks like a figure-of-eight; hence the name.

The race was flat and fast. After about one-third distance, two riders managed to break away. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) and Zoulfia Zabirova (Team Bigla) built up a lead which exceeded three minutes at its maximum. The chase was led by Équipe Nürnberger with Trixi Worrack and Charlotte Becker, with Chantele Beltman with Judith Arndt and Kate Bates working to control the bunch's efforts to bring back the breakaway pair.

With two laps of the 22km circuit to go, the breakaway of Teutenberg and Zabirova was caught by a group of several riders. The bunch reformed as a whole in the closing kilometres, but with Nürnberger working hard to set up the win, a small group broke off the front as the sprint wound up. 

Regina Schleicher took the victory ahead of Rochelle Gilmore (Menikini Gysko) and Giorgia Bronzini (Italy). Raleigh's Jo Kiesanowski was fourth and Suzanne De Goede (T-Mobile) fifth.

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Results - Top 10       Full results - click here

1  Regina Schleicher, NUR    3.12'19" 

2  Rochelle Gilmore, MSG

3  Giorgia Bronzini, ITA

4  Joanne Kiesanowski, RLT

5  Suzanne de Goede, TMP

6  Monia Baccaille, SEM       

7  Monica Holler, BCT             2"

8  Brooke Miller, USA             2"

9  Trixi Worrack, NUR            2"

10 Emma Johansson, VLL      2"


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CJ1_0860 CJ1_0889 CJ1_0921 CJ1_0927 CJ1_0934
CJ1_1102 CJ1_1105 CJ1_1154 CJ2_8227 CJ2_8268
CJ2_8287 CJ2_8291 CJ2_8296 CJ2_8302 CJ2_8308
CJ2_8367 CJ2_8378 CJ2_8383 CJ2_8388 CJ2_8396
CJ2_8442 CJ2_8482 CJ2_8493  CJ2_8499


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