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Central Valley Classic 


Colavita Sutter's race



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Stage 3

Fresno, California

Pic takes final stage

Colavita Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light Rider Tina Pic and her teammates are making the people at The City of Hope smile. For every race win Tina gets this year on her custom pink coloured Blue competition bicycle, Sutter Home for Hope will donate $1000 to the City of Hope Breast Cancer awareness fund. In this, the final race of the Central Valley Classic Tina won a hotly contested sprint over T-Mobile’s Susan De Goede. 

The general classification for the race was set yesterday with Webcor's Christine Thorburn holding a 23 second lead over Colavita/Sutter Home’s Dotsie Bausch after the time trial. With only 20 second total in time bonuses on the line today, it was unlikely that there would be any change in the GC in today’s race. The Aaron’s team was very aggressive trying to get one of its riders off of the front but with the combined efforts of Webcor and Colavita Sutter Home nothing was able to get away. The Colavita Sutter Home team went to the front of the race with 2 laps to go and competed with the trains of Lipton and T-Mobile. 

Rounding the last corner of the bike race was De Goede first followed by Pic. Tina was able to sneak out of the T-Mobile riders draft and just nip her at the line. Kori Seehafer of Lipton was third with Colavita/ Sutter Home’s Mackenzie Dickey finishing 5th on the stage. The final GC saw Thorburn retain her 1st place status followed by Colavita/ Sutter Homes Bausch in 2nd and Alison powers in 4th and Pic in 7th.


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