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Race 5

Docklands, 45 minutes

Race Writeup

On the final day of the Jayco Bay Classic Series, it was the overall leader Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners) who won on the circuit in Docklands to wrap up the title, one which she had not held since 2003. Taking second on this final day and second overall was Belinda Goss (Volvo) who tried everything during the race to bridge the 3 point margin she was adrift at the beginning of the day. Third was Nikki Egyed (Rapido Cycles) who tried again to get away during the race as she had over the last 4 days. Pitcher Partners were not going to lose the yellow jersey for Bates today.

At the start of the race Bates needed only to mark the young Tasmanian, Goss, and she was able to capitalise on the hard work from her team mates to take Pitcher Partners fourth win of the five race series. The team also secured the team competition win for their very happy sponsors.

Despite the rain that fell in Docklands and warnings from the Commissaire that he may need to stop the race early if it got dangerous, the women did not hold back. Right from the start, Natalie Bates (Pitcher Partners) led the bunch out, marked closely by the NZ team rider Tamara Boyd. If there was an award for effort with no big reward, then it would have to go to the NZ Team in this series. They chased down breaks, attacked and participated in the sprints but in the end it was only Rosara Joseph who managed a top three place in the sprint competition.

The NZ team were fielding their development squad during this series; those hoping to go the Beijing Olympics in 2008. They were constantly in the mix but did not have enough to achieve the wins due to the strong Australian teams. 

The young team-mate of Bates, Amanda Spratt, showed some of the most aggression today. She attacked a number of times, as has been her habit at Docklands in previous years, forcing Goss’ team mate Bianca Rogers and Goss to chase her back. Goss could not afford a break to go if she had any chance of securing the Series win.

It was the New Zealander’ Joseph who took the first of the intermediate sprints to secure her second place overall in the Volvo Sprint competition followed by Nicole Whitburn (Hitachi) and Tess Downing (Portfolio Partners), who is stepping up this year from the junior ranks.

Immediately, Kate Bates attacked and it was Bianca Rogers who marked the move again. The Pitcher Partners team were very tactical in the final race. Attack after attack was sent up the road, with all riders: Olivia Gollan, Rhodes, Natalie Bates and Amanda Spratt having ‘a go’. With 10 laps to go, it was Amanda Spratt who attacked again. Emma Rickards (Jayco VIS) marked this move and on her tail was the New Zealander Jo Kiesanowski (Portfolio Partners). The three riders held the lead to the second sprint before being caught by the bunch.

With 6 laps to go, Sally Cowman (NSW IS) tried to get away, Rogers again covered the move to protect her team mate, Goss, who was on her wheel - marked still by Kate Bates. Naomi Williams (NSWIS) tried to attack again but this was covered by the NZ and Pitcher Partner teams.

Olivia Gollan moved to the front to push the pace towards the final laps, the peleton, driven by Kate Mercer (Hitachi), attacked as soon as Gollan was caught but she could not sustain the pace. At the bell it was Naomi Williams that led them across the line marked by Rhodes and Goss. Unfortunately there was a minor crash on the final corner and Rhodes and Williams went down. Kate Bates showed her class as they wound up the sprint and took a comfortable win ahead of Goss and Egyed.


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Post Race Comments

Kate Bates was both elated and disappointed with her win today. Elated with the win and her team performance but disappointed that she had raced quite negatively today having to be the one that had to sit on Belinda’s wheel all day. “I just had to sit and wait until the end but that could not have been possible without my team mates. It was a bit dicey out there with the rain, everyone was being a bit cautious, including Belinda Goss and this played into my hands.” Talking about her win, “It does give me a lot of confidence going into the road season. Five days of racing this competitive and so early in the season has to be good. We have a whole year ahead and plenty more races.”

Asked how she felt after the win and the end of five days of racing Kate added. “When I started so well I thought that I might pay for it at the end of the week but I am just starting to feel better and better which gives me a lot of confidence for the coming months.”

The team performance has been key to Kate’s win, “How good are they? The Pitcher Partner sponsors have been here the last couple of days and they are ‘stoked’ not only because we are winning but because the representation out there is just amazing. Everyone really put their hand up in the race to make it difficult for the other teams.

Kate has changed her training strategy this year and focused on base fitness and endurance, although she obviously still has some speed in her legs too. The stamina is particularly important, as she heads out to Europe to join T-Mobile for a training camp and planning sessions for the long season. She will be looking at the one day World Cups, including the early season classic which starts the European World Cups, the Tour of Flanders.

Naomi Williams tried hard today to get away but was unfortunate to crash on the last bend. Having ridden strongly over the last 5 days, Williams was asked what her strategy was coming into this series. “I have been off the bike for while, well not off the bike totally, I was racing overseas in 2003 with the AIS, but I had a back injury and I ended up coming home. I have not been back since, that put me out for a couple of years and since coming back I have been racing for Felt Mountain Bike team.”

“I thought I would try the Bay Criteriums this year as I am heading back overseas to race to see if I have still got it. The Bay ‘Crits’ have been more of a training thing to see how I was going, particularly with this caliber of field. I did not know how I would go. I am preparing for both the road and mountain bike nationals over the coming weeks, so I will see how I perform there. I would like to thank my sponsors Felt Bikes and Hutchinson tyres for their support for both disciplines.

Sara Carrigan talking to WCN before the race was “relaxed” about the fact that she had the sprint jersey wrapped up before the race started. “It’s been a hard week, particularly with the weather yesterday in Geelong [on Saturday]  but I am pleased with the win” Carrigan said.


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Results - Top 10 

Position Name Team Points
1 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 12
2 Belinda Goss Volvo 10
3 Nikki Egyed Rapido Cycles 8
4 Emma Rickards Jayco VIS 7
5 Jennie Macpherson Jayco VIS 6
6 Sky-Lee Armstrong NSW IS 4.5
7 Emma Mackie Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 4.5
8 Jo Kiesanowski Portfolio Partners 3
9 Lisa Friend Rapido Cycles 2
10 Rushlee Buchanan NZ Team 1


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Sprints Competition

Position Name Team Points
1 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 12
2 Rosara Joseph NZ Team 7
3 Amanda Spratt Pitcher Partners 5
4 Katie Mactier Portfolio Partners 5
5 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 4
6 Michelle Hyland NZ Team 3
7 Rushlee Buchanan NZ Team 3
8 Nicole Whitburn Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 2
9 Kate Mercer Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 2
10 Emma Rickards Jayco VIS 2


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Overall Classification Top 10 

Position Name Team Points
1 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 52
2 Belinda Goss Volvo 47
3 Nikki Egyed Rapido Cycles 32
4 Jo Kiesanowski Portfolio Partners 25
5 Alexis Rhodes Pitcher Partners 24
6 Jennie Macpherson Jayco VIS 23
7 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 16
8 Sky-Lee Armstrong NSW IS 10.5
9 Emma Rickards Jayco VIS 10
10 Emma Mackie Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 7.5


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