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Race 2

Portarlington, 45 minutes


Race Writeup

The second race in the Bay Series was met with an increase in termperature, which was only kept at bay by the sea breeze in Portarlington. Katie Mactier chose not to start, still suffering from her falls during Race 1 and erring on the side of caution, with the World Track Championships almost within sight (in March). She is intending to start Race 3 in Geelong on Friday, so her Series is not over, alhtough her Series defence was left on the road in Williamstown.  

The race started at a frantic pace and within the first couple of laps there had been two crashes as the riders jossled for position. The race restarted after jsut 6 minutes as all riders came back together after their laps out. Immediately, the teams of Rapido Cysles and New Zealand set the pace. Nikki Egyed (Rapido) attacked but it was covered by Belinda Goss (Volvo) and the team of Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners). By lap 7, Rushlee Buchanan (NZ) stretched out the bunch again and although the attack was covered by the Pitcher's team, particulalry Natalie Bates, who ensured that Joseph did not get too far away. 

As they crossed the line for lap 12, Rachel Rademaker (Portfolio Partners) attacked but Nicole Whitburn (Hitachi Construction Machinery/HIT Racing) and Alexis Rhodes (Pitcher Partners) closed her down.

At the first spint lap there was a move at the back end of the lap which enabled three riders to get away. Maryam Rogers tried to bridge the gap but could not quite get there. It was Rushlee Buchanan (NZ Team) who jumped away to claim the first sprint, closely followed by Hitachi Construction Machinery/HIT Racing's rider Nicole Whitburn who outsprinted Sara Carrigan (Rapido) for the minor places. The bunch did not hesitate to bring back Buchanan and she was finally brought back into line by Rhodes who lifted her pace as the ‘catch’ came. This led the way for a counter-attack by Rhodes’ team-mate, Natalie Bates. Bates was joined by Jo Kiesanowski (Portfolio Partners) and Kate Mercer (Hitachi), and then on subsequent laps by Lisa Friend (Rapido) and Rachel Rademaker (Portfolio).

Belinda Goss saw the danger and bridged to the lead group as they passed the eight laps to go, but Kate Bates was not allowing Goss out of her sight and stayed on her wheel, forcing an end to the break. 

At the second sprint it was New Zealander, Rosara Joseph, who managed to get away to take maximum points with a solo break. Kate Mercer and Natalie Bates took the remaining points. Joseph kept her effort going, and managed to build a lead of thirteen seconds with three to go. It was the team of Pitcher Partners that closed the gap again as Natalie Bates pulled her back with the finish looming. 

A small break of 6 riders formed as they approached the bell including, Goss, both Bates sisters, Joesph, Carrigan and Egyed the following lap. In the long, uphill sprint for the line, Goss managed to get ahead Kate Bates and Egyed.

Last year a dead heat on the line between Oenone Wood and Katie Mactier made the headlines, this year, the dead heat on points for the Series lead between Kate Bates and Belinda Goss cuased a headache for the officials. Kate Bates retains yellow, depsite both riders having a first and second place each (providing equal ‘countback’ on positions too), thanks to the Series ruling that another rider would have to win it from her. With ‘just’ equal points, Goss has clearly not done that (yet?).


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Post Race Comments

Winner of the second race, Belinda Goss, reacted to her win in an exciting sprint finish in Portarlington. “That was great I am so happy.” Making a huge effort to attack with 4 laps to go the group of 6 held the pace to the line Belinda added “There were a few attacks during the race we were lucky this one stayed away.” Asked if she was pleased with the start of season she added “Definately, this is the best start I think I have ever had. The Portfolio Partners have a great team this year and they made it really hard to dominate today. My team Volvo were great and worked hard all day. Talking through the last 200m did you feel you obviously had the legs to beat the current series leader Kate Bates. “ My legs were hurting she (Bates) was able to come back at me but I managed to hold her off.”

Today’s result reversed the finish places from day one, did you expect this? “I wasn’t sure going into the race today, I knew it was going to hurt.

Do you think it will be you and Kate through to Melbourne? “Possibly.”  


Nikki Egyed has emerged onto the cycling scene having represented the AIS in Triathalon. Egyed decided to change sports in late 2005, yearning for the support and comradeship gained from racing in the women’s peleton. Her partner and his professional team managed to secure some support in Europe and eventually a place on the French team Futurescope. Asked about her performance over the last two days Egyed said “I have been training with the boys for the last 8 weeks they push me hard.”


Egyed has been in the top placing for the last two days and gives a huge amount of credit to her team mates. What are your thoughts about your racing so far? “No one really knows me that well as it’s my first real season in Australia. A few of the support staff and a few riders knew me but not many others. I only really started to ride well when I got to France so for many of the riders it seems like I have come from no where, when I have actually been doing this for nearly 12 months. Credit has to go to my team mates for the last two days though, Sara [Carrigan] covered many of the moves and yesterday she let the wheel go that let me get away. Lisa [Friend] pulled a massive turn today, without their support it would not be possible, you can’t do it yourself. Its really exciting for me to be part of a team.”


(Next season Egyed will ride in AIS colours.)


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Results - Top 10

Position Name Team Points
1 Belinda Goss Volvo 12
2 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 10
3 Nikki Egyed Rapido Cycles 8
4 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 7
5 Rosara Joseph NZ Team 6
6 Natalie Bates Pitcher Partners 5
7 Jo Kiesonowski Portfolio Partners 4
8 Emma Colson Rapido Cycles 3
9 Catherine Cell Portfolio Partners 2
10 Michelle Hyland NZ Team 1

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Sprint Competition Overall

Position Name Team Points
1 Katie Mactier Portfolio Partners 5
2 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 4
3 Rosara Joseph NZ Team 3
3 Rushlee Buchanan NZ Team 3
4 Nicole Whitburn Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 2
4 Kate Mercer Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 2
4 Amanda Spratt Pitcher Partners 2
5 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 1
5 Nikki Egyed Rapido Cycles 1
5 Natalie Bates Pitcher Partners 1


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Overall Classification Top 10 

Position Name Team Points
1 Kate Bates Pitcher Partners 22
2 Belinda Goss Volvo 22
3 Nikki Egyed Rapido Cycles 16
4 Sara Carrigan Rapido Cycles 12
5 Jo Kiesonowski Portfolio Partners 7
6 Sky-Lee Armstrong NSW IS 6
5 Rosara Joseph NZ Team 6
6 Natalie Bates Pitcher Partners 5
8 Jo Kiesonowski Portfolio Partners 4
8 Toni Bradshaw NZ Team 4
9 Emma Colson Rapido Cycles 3
9 Michelle Hyland NZ Team 3
9 Catherine Sell Portfolio Partners 2
10 Emma Rickards Jayco VIS 2
11 Emma Mackie Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia 1
11 Michelle Hyland NZ Team 1


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