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Australian Open Road Championships 2007



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Time Trial

Buninyong, 28km


Race Writeup

Carla Ryan took the Australian Time Trial Championship in style. The 21 year old was not only awarded a gold medal for the under 23 competition, she also went faster than anyone else in the field, thereby taking the coveted Australian Champion's jersey and the senior gold medal too.

Ryan, riding in Queensland colours, but originally from Victoria, beat 2006 Champion, Kathy Watt by 10 seconds to take the title. She admitted that the pressure was on, she was riding the same bike as Sara Carrigan had taken to time trial silver in 2006 and which her team-mate, Hayden Josefski had taken the under 23 men's silver medal this morning. 

An emotional Ryan dedicated her win to Scott Peoples, who was tragically killed whilst training in mid-December. Both riders were originally from Shepparton in Victoria's north-east. "I looked up to him, as much as he was younger than me, but he was starting to do really well in the sport."

Carla Ryan has only been cycling competitively for a couple of years, her background is in long-distance running. She had hoped to finish in the top ten and was clearly overcome with her achievement “This is totally unexpected, but it feels awesome, I’m not sure whether its sunk in or not yet.”

2006 Champion, Kathy Watt was second in an impressive ride just ten seconds slower than Ryan. Bronze medallist, Toireasa Gallagher was the only other rider under 44 minutes on the 28km course. 

It was a hot and blustery day on a course with a long drag of a climb within the first kilometre.


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Position Name State Time
1 Carla Ryan QLD 43:12.6
2 Kathryn Watt VIC 43:22.4
3 Toireasa Gallagher NSW 43:48.8
4 Vicki Whitelaw ACT 44:17.5
5 Amanda Spratt NSW 44:17.5
6 Bridie O'Donnell VIC 44:56.7
7 Kate Mercer QLD 46:06.2
8 Stephanie Frawley SA 46:11.4
9 Louise Kerr QLD 46:16.9
10 Nicole Whitburn VIC 46:21.5
11 Dana Faletic TAS 46:23.4
12 Helen Griffiths QLD 46:30.0
13 Marilyn Macdonald VIC 46:32.3
14 Kerry Knowler ACT 46:36.8
15 Joanne Bennett WA 47:00.5
16 Suzanne Alway VIC 47:08.8
17 Kate Nichols NSW 47:16.1
18 Tiffany Cromwell SA 47:21.5
19 Liz Young QLD 47:24.5
20 Freya Scollay NSW 47:30.6
21 Rachel Rademaker VIC 47:58.8
22 Sarah Roy NSW 48:40.9
23 Clare Vlahopoulos VIC 49:09.8
24 Judith May ACT 49:33.1
25 Rachel Rayner VIC 50:11.0
26 Peta Mullens VIC 50:21.2
27 Amy Schramm QLD 50:50.0
28 Simone Spykers VIC 50:53.1
29 Nina Buxton NSW 51:03.8
30 Lorraine Meinke VIC 52:49.3
31 Louise Nicholson VIC 53:04.8
Candice Sullivan QLD DNS


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IMG_1583 IMG_1590 IMG_1598 IMG_1602 IMG_1603
IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1617 IMG_1621 IMG_1624
IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1628 IMG_1668 IMG_1704
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