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Buninyong, near Ballarat, Victoria 

Time Trial - Thursday, January 11, 13:30hrs 28km

Road Race - Saturday, January 13, 13:30hrs, 102km



The National Championships return to Buninyong in Victoria after 2 years in the Adelaide South Australia region. With the time trial taking place on Thursday and the road race on Saturday, there is enough recovery time that several riders are doubling up and riding both events. 

The only starter from the 2006 time trial podium is defending Champion, Kathy Watt, who is also on the road race start list. Her nearest competition in the time trial comes from Amanda Spratt (NSWIS), Candice Sullivan (QLD) and Toireasa Gallagher, who achieved top ten placings in 2006. Sara Carrigan and Natalie Bates, who were second and third respectively last year are opting to only ride the road race this year.

The time trial takes place over a 28km circuit.

The circuit for the road race is considered so tough that the men's event has been cut from 18 laps 183.6km to 16 laps 163.2km after consultation by the organisers with Cycling Australia, National Head Coach, Shane Bannon and ex-Champion, Robbie McEwen. “You will still get the same result,” McEwen said. “This Buninyong course is so hard you won’t miss a couple of laps.”

The road race is missing last year's Champion, Kate Bates and also bronze medallist and previous Champion, Oenone Wood. The pair are away from Australia on team duties at their T-Mobile team's training camp in Majorca. Silver medallist from 2006, Sara Carrigan, the reigning Olympic road race Champion and Amanda Spratt, who was in the winning break until a few kilometres before the finish will start on Saturday. So too will Katie Mactier 4th in 2006, as long as her injuries sustained in Race 1 at the Jayco Bay Series have calmed down in time (click here for Bay Series coverage.) Other riders possibly in contention are Emma Rickards, Natalie Bates and Olivia Gollan, whilst Jenny Macpherson has been sprinting well recently, but may struggle on the climb. Kate Nichols will open her 2007 campaign in Buninyong, so too will Lorian Graham.

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Start List TT

Start Time Number Name Surname State
13:30 252 Rachel Rayner VIC
13:31 263 Louise Nicholson VIC
13:32 262 Nina Buxton NSW
13:33 261 Joanne Bennett WA
13:34 248 Freya Scollay NSW
13:35 245 Nicole Whitburn VIC
13:36 207 Kerry Knowler ACT
13:37 260 Clare Vlahopoulos VIC
13:38 243 Simone Spykers VIC
13:39 227 Amy Schramm QLD
13:40 240 Bridie O'Donnell VIC
13:41 259 Sarah Roy NSW
13:42 238 Lorraine Meinke VIC
13:43 258 Marilyn Macdonald VIC
13:44 257 Suzanne Alway VIC
13:45 256 Dana Faletic TAS
13:46 231 Tiffany Cromwell SA
13:47 230 Liz Young QLD
13:48 255 Rachel Rademaker VIC
13:49 226 Carla Ryan QLD
13:50 239 Peta Mullens VIC
13:51 223 Louise Kerr QLD
13:52 222 Helen Griffiths QLD
13:53 224 Kate Mercer QLD
13:54 216 Kate Nichols NSW
13:55 254 Judith May ACT
13:56 213 Toireasa Gallagher NSW
13:57 208 Vicki Whitelaw ACT
13:58 228 Candice Sullivan QLD
13:59 219 Amanda Spratt NSW
14:00 205 Kathryn Watt VIC

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Start List RR

Number Name Surname State Number Name Surname State
200 Katie Mactier VIC 227 Amy Schramm QLD
201 Natalie Bates NSW 228 Candice Sullivan QLD
202 Sara Carrigan QLD 229 Linda White QLD
203 Bridget Evans QLD 230 Liz Young QLD
204 Jocelyn Loane QLD 231 Tiffany Cromwell SA
205 Kathryn Watt VIC 232 Stephanie Frawley SA
206 Jenny Macpherson VIC 233 Naomi Williams TAS
207 Kerry Knowler ACT 234 Emma Colson VIC
208 Vicki Whitelaw ACT 235 Jessica Berry VIC
209 Jenni King VIC 236 Deborah Fagg VIC
210 Erin Chamberlen NSW 237 Emma Gaul VIC
211 Sallyanne Cowman NSW 238 Lorraine Meinke VIC
212 Kate Finegan NSW 239 Peta Mullens VIC
213 Toireasa Gallagher NSW 240 Bridie O'Donnell VIC
214 Olivia Gollan NSW 241 Emma Rickards VIC
215 Vanessa McDonald NSW 242 Maryam Rogers VIC
216 Kate Nichols NSW 243 Simone Spykers VIC
217 Jemma O'Brien NSW 244 Tory Thomas VIC
218 Joanna Somerville NSW 245 Nicole Whitburn VIC
219 Amanda Spratt NSW 246 Lorian Graham QLD
220 Sarah White NSW 247 Briana James VIC
221 Nikki Egyed QLD 248 Freya Scollay NSW
222 Helen Griffiths QLD 249 Claire Stevens QLD
223 Louise Kerr QLD 250 Kate Warren TAS
224 Kate Mercer QLD 251 Amber Jenkins NSW
225 Patricia Palmer QLD 252 Rachel Rayner VIC
226 Carla Ryan QLD 253 Emma Mackie QLD

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Previous Winners

TimeTrial Road Race
Year Name Surname State  


Year Name Surname State
2006 Kate Bates NSW 2006 Kathy Watt Vic
2005 Oenone Wood ACT 2005 Lorian Graham Qld
2004 Oenone Wood ACT 2004 Oenone Wood ACT
2003 Sara Carrigan Qld 2003 Olivia Gollan NSW
2002 Sara Carrigan Qld 2002 Margaret Hemsley NSW
2001 Anna Millward Vic 2001 Katie Mactier Vic
2000 Tracey Gaudry ACT 2000 Anna Wilson Vic

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