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Stage 6

Rieux-Minervois, 107km


Race Writeup

The race was neutralised for extra kilometres on Stage 6, due to a motor accident, not related to the race, on the course. However, predictions were that the race would be sedate after the efforts of Stage 5 anyway.

The race was split by an early breakaway by Eva Lutz (Nürnberger), Linda Villumsen (T-Mobile), Loës Gunnewijk (Flexpoint) and Andrea Thürig (Bigla). They led over a small climb in the course, then were caught after gaining just under 20 seconds on the bunch. 

A solo attempt by Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) was then allowed to stay away for a short distance, before she too went back into the bunch.

The break which created the race winner started as an attack by "birthday-girl", Jo Kiesanowski (Raleigh), Linda Villumsen (T-Mobile) and Loës Gunnewijk (Flexpoint). The three stayed away until about thirty kilometres to go, when a counter attack caught them. the leaders became Kiesanowski, Villumsen, Gunnewijk, Bubnenkova (Fenixs), Martissova (AS Team FRW) and Marlen Johrend (Germany). This group worked through to the finish and then with acceleration after acceleration, Kiesanowski and Villumsen found themselves off the front, ready to sprint for the stage win. 

As they came into sight, Kiesanowski and Villumsen were neck-and-neck, but in the final few metres, Villumsen pulled ahead. She crossed the line with a one-handed victory salute and a cheer. Kiesanowski was visibly disappointed. 

Loës Gunnewijk came in alone to take third place and then Svetlana Bubnenkova won the sprint for fourth.

The race lead didn't change, Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) didn't change her lead over Susanne Ljungskog (Flexpoint), this remained at 18 seconds. Trixi Worrack (Nürnberger) also stayed at 43 seconds in third place

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Results - Top 10 

Position Surname / Name Team Time / Gap
1 ARNDT Judith TMP

16 19 19

2 LJUNGSKOG Susanne FLX 18
3 WORRACK Trixi NUR 43
4 DOPPMMAN Priska RLT 1 07
5 BRANDLI Nicole BCT 1 08
6 VOS Marianne DSB 1 11
7 BOSMAN Andrea DSB 1 59
8 NEBEN Amber FLX 2 30
10 KIESANOWSKI Joanne RLT 2 52

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname / Name Team Time / Gap
1 VILLUMSEN Linda TMP 2 42 50
4 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 29
6 JOHREND Marlen GER 29
8 VOS Marianne DSB 2 33
9 WORRACK Trixi NUR 2 33
10 DÜSTER Sarah RLT 2 33

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CJ1_1313 CJ1_1319 CJ1_1333 CJ1_1385 CJ1_1388
CJ1_1409 CJ1_1466 CJ1_1470 CJ1_1508 CJ1_1523
CJ1_1531 CJ1_1534 CJ1_1545 CJ1_1566 CJ1_1609
CJ1_1621 CJ1_1631 CJ1_1649 CJ1_1735 CJ1_1745
CJ1_1758 CJ1_1761 CJ1_1765 CJ1_1796 CJ1_1810
CJ1_1813 CJ1_1843 CJ1_1846 CJ1_1848 CJ1_1854
CJ1_1893 CJ1_1903 CJ1_1914 CJ1_1923 CJ1_1932
CJ1_1942 CJ1_1947 CJ1_1949 CJ2_1616 CJ2_1676
CJ2_1701    CJ2_1786  


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