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Stage 5

Osseja - Osseja, 107km


Race Writeup

The highest stage of the 2007 edition of the Tour de l'Aude was run off in early cold and wet conditions, which dried and warmed slightly later on.

The race was split on the first climb, by Natalya Boyarskaya, who was followed by Beatrice Thomas; the pair led for the first ascent and then the race split apart, with chasers causing a front group to come together, from which the stage would be won.

Fabiana Luperini (Menikini Gysko) went for a solo break towards the end of the stage. Despite attacks on the descent into Osseja, she could not be caught and crossed the line, safely alone. 

Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) finished fourth to protect her race lead and Claudia Hausler (Nürnberger) rode strongly throughout to protect her hold on the mountains competition lead.


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CJ1_1120 CJ1_1126 CJ1_1135 CJ1_1149 CJ1_1171
CJ1_1190 CJ1_1203 CJ1_1208 CJ1_1212 CJ1_1214
CJ1_1235 CJ1_1254 CJ1_1267 CJ1_1278 CJ1_1298
CJ2_1092 CJ2_1105 CJ2_1127 CJ2_1147 CJ2_1174
CJ2_1181 CJ2_1183 CJ2_1193 CJ2_1201 CJ2_1224
CJ2_1273 CJ2_1308 CJ2_1315 CJ2_1325 CJ2_1372
CJ2_1385 CJ2_1399 CJ2_1425 CJ2_1446 CJ2_1449
CJ2_1462 CJ2_1468 CJ2_1473 CJ2_1487 CJ2_1532
CJ2_1541 CJ2_1558  CJ2_1594  


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