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Tour de l'Aude 2007



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Stage 4

Castelnaudary 107km


Race Writeup

T-Mobile protected Judith Arndt's race leader's jersey with a spirited display of work in the peloton on Stage 4. Often a lead-out rider for sprinter, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Arndt saw the favour returned today with Teutenberg at the front of the bunch and the break, forcing the pace. The powerful German was also instrumental in driving chases of the significant breaks made by firstly Trixi Worrack and then her team-mate, Andrea Graus (Équipe Nürnberger).

Worrack managed to gain an advantage of over 40 seconds before being reeled back in by the chasing T-mobile squad. She had broken away at around the 35km point and built a solid lead before a long climb and narrow descent on the course. She created enough reaction in the bunch that it split. As Worrack's advantage increased, it became clear the selection for the stage had been made. 

Once Worrack had been caught, the breakaway stayed together, although the T-Mobile team maintained the pace at the front. Teutenberg, the sprinter, slipped backwards on the final two climbs of the day, including out of the back of the breakaway group on the climb to Fanjoux. Such is her strength, that a few kilometres later, she was at the front of the group again, chasing the solo attempt by Adnrea Graus. 

Graus was caught in the closing kilometres by the group. This set up a mass sprint for the win in the wide finishing straight in Castelnaudary. The sprint was fast, with many top sprinters involved. Judith Arndt seemed to be slightly ahead with 200m to go, but then the green points jersey of the World Champion, Marianne Vos began to overtake the race leader. In the final 50m, Vos came past and had time to celebrate her third stage win in the 2007 Tour de l'Aude. The young Dutchwoman gave a three-fingered (3 stage wins) wave to the photographers and the crowd and then punched the air. 

Judith Arndt was second and protected her race lead. She gained some bonus seconds for finishing second, which helped to open the gap slightly on the new second-placed rider : Susanne Ljungskog (Team Flexpoint), who slipped to 18 seconds behind. Jo Kiesanowski (Raleigh) was third and moved from 8th to 6th overall.

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Post Race Comments

When asked whether she was confident in retaining her yellow jersey through the race, Judith Arndt replied "The high mountain stage is tomorrow. When that is complete, we will know more."

Marianne Vos : "Another stage win may not be possible - my wheel is marked. But, I have three stage wins already!

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Name Team Time Gap
1 VOS Marianne DSB 03:00:52
2 ARNDT Judith TMP 03:00:52
3 KIESANOWSKI Joanne RLT 03:00:52
4 MARTISSOVA Julia FRW 03:00:52
5 HENNES Tanja BCT 03:00:52
6 CORNEO Sigrid MSG 03:00:52
7 SLYUSAREVA Olga FEN 03:00:52
8 LJUNGSKOG Susanne FLX 03:00:52
9 RASMUSSEN Dorte Lohse MSG 03:00:52
10 TUSLAITE Daiva LTU 03:00:52

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Name Time Gap
1 ARNDT Judith TMP 10:16:13
2 LJUNGSKOG Susanne FLX 10:16:31 00:18
3 ANDERSON Kim TMP 10:16:40 00:27
4 GUNNEWILJK Loes FLX 10:16:43 00:30
5 WORRACK Trixi NUR 10:16:56 00:43
6 KIESANOWSKI Joanne RLT 10:17:02 00:49
7 DOPPMMAN Priska RLT 10:17:07 00:54
8 DÜSTER Sarah RLT 10:17:08 00:55
9 VOS Marianne DSB 10:17:08 00:55
10 THURIG Andrea BCT 10:17:17 01:04

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CJ1_0708 CJ1_0712 CJ1_0714 CJ1_0716 CJ1_0717
CJ1_0723 CJ1_0729 CJ1_0741 CJ1_0756 CJ1_0766
CJ1_0776 CJ1_0791 CJ1_0806 CJ1_0816 CJ1_0838
CJ1_0859 CJ1_0908 CJ1_0949 CJ1_0955 CJ1_0983
CJ1_0995 CJ1_1025 CJ1_1039 CJ1_1053 CJ1_1057
CJ1_1063 CJ1_1073 CJ1_1093 CJ1_1115 CJ2_0850
CJ2_0862 CJ2_0864 CJ2_0868 CJ2_0877 CJ2_0891
CJ2_0893 CJ2_0896 CJ2_0900 CJ2_0922 CJ2_0936
CJ2_0944 CJ2_0976 CJ2_0983 CJ2_0994 CJ2_1042


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