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Tour de l'Aude 2007



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Stage 1

Port La Nouvelle - Port La Nouvelle, 115km


Race Writeup

There were several attempts to get away on the rolling, tough first stage of the Tour de l'Aude. The ExpressCopy.com team was particularly aggressive. Nothing was allowed too much space, though and the only notable break was a group of 6 which managed to get about 8 seconds ahead of the bunch. This escape was brought quickly brought back, lasting less than 5 kilometres on the road.

The race stayed together for a bunch sprint, which was headed by Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile). Vos was the woman with the legs on Stage1, though and celebrated another win in 2007. Teutenberg was quick to congratulate the Dutchwoman, with a pat on the back just after they crossed the line.

Angela Brodtka (Germany) won the sprint for third, a couple of lengths back, from Tanja Hennes (Bigla) and Priska Doppmann (Raleigh). Doppmann's team-mate, Joe Kiesanowski was fifth.

Race leader, Christiane Soeder (Raleigh) finished in the bunch in 65th position. But with 10 seconds bonus for the stage win, Vos was able to take the yellow jersey. She had started only 10 seconds down and race etiquette placed the yellow jersey on her young shoulders.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname / Name Team Time Bonus / Gap
1 VOS Marianne DSB 03:00:54 10
2 TEUTENBERG Ina-Yoko TMP 03:00:54 6
3 BRODTKA Angéla GER 03:00:54 4
4 HENNES Tanja BCT 03:00:54 1
5 DOPPMAN Priska RLT 03:00:54
6 KIESANOWSKI Joanne RLT 03:00:54
7 MARTISSOVA Julia FRW 03:00:54 2
8 BECKER Charlotte NUR 03:00:54
9 KOZONCHUK Oxana FEN 03:00:54
10 SLYUSAREVA Olga FEN 03:00:54

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Number Surname / Name Team Time / Gap
1 78 VOS Marianne DSB 3 5 37
2 22 SOEDER Christiane RLT 0
4 55 VAN DIJK Ellen NED 5
5 72 ZABIROVA Zoulfia BCT 8
6 8 ARNDT Judith TMP 9
7 66 SONTHEIMER Alexandra GER 9
8 71 THURIG Andrea BCT 10
9 11 VILLUMSEN Linda TMP 10
10 10 TEUTENBERG Ina-Yoko TMP 11

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CJ1_9939 CJ1_9943 CJ1_9997 CJ2_0030 CJ2_0044
CJ2_0058 CJ2_0084 CJ2_0108 CJ2_0112 CJ2_0150
CJ2_0154 CJ2_9847 CJ2_9862 CJ2_9967 CJ2_9995


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