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Tour de l'Aude 2007



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Gruissan, Individual TT , 3.9km


Race Writeup

The wind which has blown in the Aude region since at least Monday, when many teams arrived fresh from the Tour de Berne, was still forceful for hte prologue. One positive factor, though, was that hte sun came out and hte day was warm. Previous days during the week had been cold. Friday in Gruissan was definitely warm - the temperature reached the mid 20's'C.

Christiane Soeder started last in the time trial and finished (in) first (place). She was fastest by five seconds, over Hanka Kupfernagel and Dutch young (under 23) rider, Ellen van Dijk.

Defending champion, Amber Neben, snuck into the top ten, twelve seconds down on Soeder. World road race Champion, Marianne Vos finished seventh, 10 seconds behind the winner.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname / Name Team Time Gap
1 SOEDER Christiane RLT 4:43:55
2 KUPFERNAGEL Hanka GER 4:49:30 00:05
3 VAN DIJK Ellen NED 4:49:31 00:05
4 ZABIROVA Zoulfia BCT 4:52:19 00:08
5 ARNDT Judith TMP 4:52:22 00:09
6 SONTHEIMER Alexandra GER 4:52:25 00:09
7 VOS Marianne DSB 4:53:22 00:10
8 THURIG Andrea BCT 4:53:38 00:10
9 VILLUMSEN Linda TMP 4:54:04 00:10
10 NEBEN Amber FLX 4:56:13 00:12

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CJ1_3135 CJ1_3456 CJ1_3489 CJ1_3499 CJ1_3557
CJ1_3563 CJ1_3590 CJ1_3616 CJ1_3622 CJ1_3674
CJ1_3692 CJ1_3705 CJ1_3721 CJ1_3723 CJ1_3743
CJ1_3774 CJ1_3819 CJ1_3849 CJ1_3866 CJ1_9907
CJ2_9824   CJ2_9831    

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