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Holland Hills Classic 2007

Vos wins ahead of Ljungskog

Gulpen Netherlands, 127.5km



Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) escaped on the last climb of the Gulpenberg, managing to get away from a group of about 20 riders that had broken free at 50km to go. Going with Vos, Andrea Graus (Équipe Nürnberger Versicherung), Suzanne Ljungskog (Team Flexpoint) and Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile) the small group secured a safe lead on the chasers.  

Beltman attacked at the one kilometre point. In her attempt to take the race with a long ‘charge’, she fell foul of her own exuberance; a too-fast exit from a roundabout caused her to mount the grass verge, delaying herself and dropping behind the others. By the time she had managed to get herself back on the road the three chasers passed and she could only try to make up an impossible gap, eventually finishing fourth.

At the finish line, Vos beat Ljungskog, while Andrea Graus came in third place holding the sprint ahead of the chasing Beltman. The overall team classification was won by her team DSB Bank.

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Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) This win in the Gulpen Hills Classic was her fourth of the 5 races in the Dutch Top Competition for women. Before the start Vos was already sure about winning the final overall classification and the young rider’s classification, "I wanted to win the Gulpen Hills Classic, because it is the most prestigious one day race in Holland for all the Dutch riders" said Vos

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Position Name Team Time Gap
1 Marianne Vos DSB Bank Team 03:27:24
2 Susanne Ljungskog Team Flexpoint      "
3 Andrea Graus Équipe Nürnberger Versicherung 03:27:29 00:05
4 Chantal Beltman T-Mobile      "
5 Irene van den Broek AA - Drink Cycling Team      "
6 Sofie Goor Vlaanderen/Caprisonne      "
7 Karen Steurs AA - Drink Cycling Team 03:27:49 00:25
8 Lorian Graham Australie      "
9 Suzanne de Goede T-Mobile 03:27:54 00:30
10 Andrea Bosman DSB Bank Team      "
11 Martine Bras Lotto-Belisol      "
12 Emma Johansson Vlaanderen/Caprisonne      "
13 Anita Valen Vrienden van het Platteland      "
14 Leselot Delcroix Lotto-Belisol      "
15 Regina Bruins Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis      "
16 Oenone Wood T-Mobile      "
17 Liesbeth de Vocht Lotto-Belisol      "
18 Laure Werner Vlaanderen/Caprisonne      "
19 Helen Wyman Global Racing Team      "
20 Sharon van Essen DSB Bank Team      "
21 Eva Lutz Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung      "
22 Tatiana Guderzo AA - Drink Cycling Team      "
23 Loes Gunnewijk Team Flexpoint      "
24 Mirjam Melchers Team Flexpoint      "
25 Kim Anderson T-Mobile      "
26 An Van Rie AA - Drink Cycling Team      "
27 Inge van den Broek AA-Drink      "
28 Carla Ryan Australie      "
29 Linn Eije Hege HWV De Tubanters      "
30 Annemiek van Vleuten Team Regio Oost 03:28:27 01:03
31 Marieke van Wanroij DSB Bank Team      "
32 Esther Olthuis HWV De Tubanters      "
33 Marlijn Binnendijk AA - Drink Cycling Team      "
34 Magdalena Zamolska Pol-Aqua      "
35 Leda Cox RSC de Zuidwesthoek      "
36 Malgorzata Jasinska Pol-Aqua      "
37 Anke Wichmann T-Mobile 03:28:56 01:32
38 Jaccolien Wallaard Vrienden van het Platteland      "
39 Suzanne van Veen Team Flexpoint      "
40 Adrie Visser DSB Bank Team      "
41 Kirsten Wild AA - Drink Cycling Team      "
42 Sanne van Paassen DSB Bank Team      "
43 Alexis Rhodes T-Mobile      "
44 Claudia Stumpf Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung      "
45 Serena Danesi Top Girls Fasso Bortolo 03:29:12 01:48
46 Arenda Grimberg Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis 03:29:47 02:23
47 Trine Schmidt Team Flexpoint 03:31:58 04:34
48 Reza Hormes Barrhopoort MovingLadies 03:37:19 09:55
49 Linda Ringlever Global Racing Team      "
50 Mascha Pijnenborg TWC Het Snell Wiel      "
51 Corrina Thumm Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung      "
52 Janne Brok Vrienden van het Platteland      "
53 Liesbeth Bakker Vrienden van het Platteland      "
54 Anna Farina Top Girls Fasso Bortolo      "
55 Emilia Fahlin T-Mobile      "
56 Marie Lindberg Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung      "
57 Elisabeth Braam Therme Skin Care      "
58 Noortje Tabak DSB Bank Team      "
59 Helen Kelly Australie      "
60 Sissy van Alebeek Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis      "
61 Denise Zuckermandel Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 03:41:29 14:05
62 Nicoline van de Vaart Restore Cycling Team 03:41:36 14:12
63 Marije Profijt Therme Skin Care      "
64 Inge Klep Restore Cycling Team      "
65 Kate Cullen Barrhopoort MovingLadies      "
66 Arien Torsius Lotto-Belisol      "
67 Malgorzata Wysocka Pol-Aqua      "
68 Emma Silversides Global Racing Team      "
69 Laura Pisaneschi Top Girls Fasso Bortolo      "
70 Elise de Poorter Lotto-Belisol      "
71 Judith Helmink Therme Skin Care      "
72 Ellis Hulshorst Merida Ladies-WV Eemland 03:41:44 14:20
73 Francesca Tognali Top Girls Fasso Bortolo 03:41:46 14:22
74 Jessica Glasbergen Merida Ladies-WV Eemland 03:41:52 14:28


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All photos supplied by Dick Soepenberg, all rights retained


20070812-gulpen-ds_054-CJ 20070812-gulpen-ds_139 20070812-gulpen-ds_173 20070812-gulpen-ds_212 20070812-gulpen-ds_223
20070812-gulpen-ds_227 20070812-gulpen-ds_357-cj 20070812-gulpen-ds_431 20070812-gulpen-ds_464 20070812-gulpen-ds_497
20070812-gulpen-ds_517 20070812-gulpen-ds_518 20070812-gulpen-ds_5181 20070812-gulpen-ds_530 IMG_3356-davy
IMG_3382-davy   IMG_3383-davy    

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