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Ronde van Gelderland 2007

Vos takes 'scenic route' to victory

Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 140km

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Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) recovered from a wrong turn which saw her and fellow race leader, Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile) go off course to win a mass sprint at the end of the 140km Ronde van Gelderland. The win maintained a 100% Dutch record in the fifth women's tour of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

The race was basically flat until the final third of the race, when there were several climbs to be negotiated by the large bunch. The key break was made on the first climb, where Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) led up the climb and took a group which grew to eleven with her. The main teams were represented : DSB Bank, T-Mobile, Team Flexpoint, AA Drink, TEAm Lipton, Ton van Bemmelen, Lotto Belisol. The group quickly gained a 30 seconds gap, which grew in just a few minutes to over two minutes.

It was at this advantage, that Vos and Beltman were in the lead and at a roundabout, turned in the wrong direction, left not right. Their lead turned into a battle to regain the race through the convoy. Once they'd realised their mistake and turned, they were left with no choice but to chase back into the race. Vos was quickly back in the bunch, but Beltman suffered further bad luck, crashing out and retired. 

The pair's teams, DSB Bank and T-Mobile still had options even with the pair behind the break. 2005 winner, Suzanne De Goede was in the break for T-Mobile and Andrea Bosman for DSB Bank. In addition, with Vos and Teutenberg in the bunch, catching the break would allow the sprinters to do their work......

With about 25km to go, the bunch brought back the remaining nine leaders. The race was set for a mass sprint. The wide open and slightly downhill Loolaan provided a great finishing straight. As the riders turned into the avenue, they were already accelerating hard. Spread across the road, several riders were in contention as they passed 100m to go. Vos and Teutenberg were relatively close together and battling for the win, whilst Markerink was on the right hand side of the road and sprinting hard. 

With about 30m to go, Vos seemed to kick again, edging her wheel ahead. She maintained her advantage over the line, not celebrating until she was well over and the win was definitely safe.

Vos also won the under 23 competition and now leads a Dutch race series which includes four races throughout the season.

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Position Surname / Name Team Time / Gap
1 Vos, Marianne Team DSB-Bank 03:33:21
2 Teutenberg, Ina-Yoko T-Mobile Team z.t.
3 Markerink, Loes Team Flexpoint z.t.
4 Bras, Martine Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
5 Wild, Kirsten AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
6 Miller, Brooke USA Cycl National Team z.t.
7 De Vocht, Liesbeth Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
8 Janeliunaite, Editha Lithuanian National Team z.t.
9 Mos, Christine Team DSB-Bank z.t.
10 Gunnewijk, Loes Team Flexpoint z.t.
11 Johansson, Emma Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
12 Witteveen, Claudia Merida Ladies-WV Eemland z.t.
13 Bruins, Regina Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis z.t.
14 Bosman, Andrea Team DSB-Bank z.t.
15 Miggels, Kristy Therme Skin Care z.t.
16 Rotmensen, Moniek Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
17 van Dijk, Ellen Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
18 Werner, Laure Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
19 Armitstead, Elisabeth Global Racing Team z.t.
20 Hennes, Tanja MovingLadies Mix Team z.t.
21 Sterckx, Kathleen AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
22 Henrion, Ludivine Team DSB-Bank z.t.
23 Hare, Catherine Team Rapha - Condor z.t.
24 Lyons, Brenda Team Lipton z.t.
25 Verbeke, Grace Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
26 Mashimo, Masami Global Racing Team z.t.
27 Steurs, Karen AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
28 van Alebeek, Sissy Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis z.t.
29 van den Brand, Daphny Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis z.t.
30 Profijt, Marije Therme Skin Care z.t.
31 Wyman, Helen Global Racing Team z.t.
32 Fahlin, Emillia T-Mobile Team z.t.
33 Decroix, Lieselot Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
34 Lasasso, Kristen Team Lipton z.t.
35 Slappendel, Iris Team Flexpoint z.t.
36 v.d. Broek, Irene AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
37 Tabak, Noortje Team DSB-Bank z.t.
38 Wood, Oenone T-Mobile Team z.t.
39 de Goede, Suzanne T-Mobile Team z.t.
40 van Veen, Suzanne Team Flexpoint z.t.
41 Melchers, Mirjam Team Flexpoint z.t.
42 Miller, Meredith Team Lipton z.t.
43 van Paassen, Sanne Team DSB-Bank z.t.
44 Eie, Hege Linn HWV De Tubanters z.t.
45 Armstrong, Kristin Team Lipton z.t.
46 Guderzo, Tatiana AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
47 Rhodes, Alex T-Mobile Team 3:33:30     0:09
48 Powers, Alison USA Cycl National Team z.t.
49 Larson, Rebecca USA Cycl National Team 3:33:33     0:12
50 Wallaard, Jaccolien Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
51 O'Hagan, Julie Team Rapha - Condor 3:33:48     0:27
52 Delfosse, Catherine Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
53 Unguryte, Edita Lithuanian National Team z.t.
54 Huisman, Marit Natinal Team Netherlands z.t.
55 Juodvalkyte, Urte Lithuanian National Team z.t.
56 Grimberg, Arenda Ton van Bemmelen/Odysis z.t.
57 van Veghel, Sandra Merida Ladies-WV Eemland z.t.
58 Stenerhag, Jennie Therme Skin Care z.t.
59 Binnendijk, Marlijn AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
60 Blaak, Chantal Natinal Team Netherlands z.t.
61 Brown, Katie Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
62 Kanis, Jacobien Natinal Team Netherlands z.t.
63 Mackie, Emma Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
64 Bakker, Liesbeth Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
65 Van Damme, Evy Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
66 van Essen, Sharon Team DSB-Bank z.t.
67 Moonen, DaniŽlla Restore Cycling Team z.t.
68 Curi, Katheryn USA Cycl National Team z.t.
69 Van Den Broek, Inge AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
70 Neben, Amber Team Flexpoint z.t.
71 Spijkerman, Bertine Therme Skin Care z.t.
72 Schmidt, Trine Team Flexpoint z.t.
73 Goor, Sofie Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
74 Sels, Loes Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
75 Janse, Dorien TWC Het Snelle Wiel 3:34:13     0:52
76 Koelemeijer, Alma RSC De Zuidwesthoek z.t.
77 Pijnenborg, Mascha TWC Het Snelle Wiel z.t.
78 Fay, Jenny Team Rapha - Condor z.t.
79 Meijer, Rixt Therme Skin Care z.t.
80 Paus, Berdienke HWV De Tubanters z.t.
81 Papko, Aksana Team Belarusian z.t.
82 Hulshorst, Ellis Merida Ladies-WV Eemland z.t.
83 Miliskeviciute, Agne Lithuanian National Team z.t.
84 Skujaite, Lina Lithuanian National Team z.t.
85 Glasbergen, Jessica Merida Ladies-WV Eemland z.t.
86 Hormes, Reza Natinal Team Netherlands z.t.
87 Amialyusik, Alena Team Belarusian z.t.
88 van Vliet, Linda MovingLadies Mix Team z.t.
89 Duivelshof, Veronique TWC Het Snelle Wiel z.t.
90 Verkerk, Christy RSC De Zuidwesthoek z.t.
91 Verstraten, Monique Vrienden vh Platteland z.t.
92 Hatteland, Tone Carpet InnovationCtr-NWH z.t.
93 Carrigan, Sara Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam z.t.
94 Ringlever, Linda Global Racing Team z.t.
95 Siversides, Emma Global Racing Team z.t.
96 Knetemann, Roxane AA-Drink Cycling Team z.t.
97 Mansveld, Debby Vlaanderen Caprisonne z.t.
98 Visser, Adrie Team DSB-Bank z.t.
99 Eversdijk, Anne Natinal Team Netherlands z.t.
100 van den Berg, Debby Global Racing Team z.t.
101 Olthuis, Esther HWV De Tubanters 3:34:47     1:26
102 Bates, Kate T-Mobile Team 3:36:21     3:00
103 van Slochteren, Hilde Therme Skin Care 3:36:40     3:19
104 Hartogs, Imke Merida Ladies-WV Eemland 3:36:52     3:31

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