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Il Trofeo Costa Etrusca (Trophy Estruscan Coast)

2 day race - 11th edition 2007    

Day 1 - 24 March        Riparbella - Montescudaio

24 - 25 March 2007

Martina Corazza won the first race of the two-day Trofeo Costa Etrusca in Italy on 24th March. She sprinted in ahead of Monia Baccaille (Saccarelli Emu) and Susane Ljungskog (Team Flexpoint). 150 starters, from 19 teams faced wet and windy conditions in the 112km race. 

Raleigh Lifeforce Creation's Sara Duester tried an early breakaway, then a small group went away containing Julia Martissova (Team FRW Gaus Rdz), Andrea Thürig (Team Bigla), Regina Schleicher (Équipe Nürnberger) and Loës Gunnewijk (Team Flexpoint). This meant that the Bigla, Flexpoint and Nürnberger teams were in control of the race on the last passage of the Guardistallo, less than 20 kilometres from the finish.

With 4km to go, Andrea Grauss (Nürnberger) attacked on the climb of Montescudaio. When she was caught, Team FRW sent Martina Corazza up the road, which resulted in a group of 20 riders who would contest the final sprint. Corazza started her sprint with 500m to go and managed to stay ahead to the line.



Martine Corazza        (Team FRW Gauss Rdz)  112km  in 3h05’55”  36,145 km/h

Monia Baccaille        (Team Saccarelli Emu Sea) s.t.

Susanne Ljungskog   (Team Flexpoint) s.t.

Noemi Cantele          (Team Bigla) s.t.

Nicole Cooke            (Raleigh Lifeforce) s.t.

Fabiana Luperini        (Menikini Gysco) s.t.

Andrea Graus            (Équipe Nürnberger) s.t.

Annette Beutler         (Team Flexpoint) s.t.

Emma Johansson      (Vlaanderen Caprisonne T Interim) s.t.

Julia Martissova         (Team FRW Gauss Rdz)


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Martina Corazza on the podium

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