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Team FRW to present the Freewheeling company's new bike

Bronzini and Vzesniauskaite - "the Godmothers from Milan"

Condorino - a look back to the 1960's, with modern restyling

The leaders of Team FRW, Giorgia Bronzini and Modesta Vzesniauskaite are to launch the new offering from their sponsors, bicycle manufacturer, Freewheeling. 

The team's press release lightheartedly refers to the pair as "the Godmothers from Milan"  and goes on to remember the Condorino from the 1960's - classic race geometry and components such as a Brooks leather saddle. It was, the press release claims "a symbol of the romanticism of the age". Thanks to the Freewheeling company and other importers, the new Condorino will be rejuvenated. Equipped with Shimano components, the bike will be presented on 13th February in Milan. 


        Giorgia Bronzini                           Modesta Vzesniauskaite

Photos courtesy : Team FRW 2006


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