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'Testers' required for Australian National Team

Bid to bolster TT chances for Beijing launched with call for applications

Time trialling at such a level that specialism in training and approach required for success

AIS National Talent Identification and 

Development Program statement

The National Talent Identification and Development Program (NTID) of the Australian Sports Commission in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Women’s Road Cycling Program are seeking highly trained, motivated, extraordinary females with a passion to compete in Women’s Road Cycling Time Trialling.

This event is on the Olympic calendar for Beijing and the programme are seeking females who think they have what it takes to make it in this tough event and can quickly make the transition to Women’s Road Cycling Time Trialling.

Written applications are required by Friday 1 December 2007.

Applicants will need to provide contact details, physiological details including test data is possessed, performance details and results (in sports other than cycling if not a cyclist). Reasons for the application also need to be provided; why the applicant thinks they have what it takes to be an international athlete in this specialism. 

Applicants under consideration will be invited for testing at the AIS (Canberra) in mid-December and must be available to compete in the Australian National TT Championships in January 2007.

Complete application information is available from 

Tammie Ebert 
Senior Coordinator, Cycling 
National Talent Identification and Development Program 

Phone: (08) 8360 5805 

 IMG_25117.jpg (228935 bytes)        IMG_25282.jpg (208049 bytes)

       Oenone Wood starts her                              Australian National Champion, Kathy Watt

     World Championship ride in                             in action at the World Championships 

in Salzburg 2007                                                       in Salzburg 2007


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