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Carnegie Caulfield Sunday morning race photos

29th October 2006

Photos available on our related site - Velophoto.net


Are you looking for photos from the Sunday morning races at Glenvale Crescent on 29th October? They are available on WomensCycling.net's related site  www.Velophoto.net

Why Glenvale?

When possible, our photographer CJ Farquharson heads down to the races at Glenvale. As a member of the Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club, she enjoys the opportunity to take some pictures of the local action. The Sunday morning events take place on a square circuit with closed roads. Location is just off the corner of Springvale Rd and Wellington Rd in Melbourne's south east outer suburbs. See the Carnegie Caulfield CC website for more information via the link above.

The races on Sunday 29th October took place under cool skies. The five different grades share two time slots for their separate events - Grades B, D and E raced from 09:00am until given their respective "3 laps to go" notifications. A and C grade raced from 10:15 until they received their respective "3 to go" notifications. A treat for the spectators was Aussie men's road race champion, Russell van Hout's appearance in the A Grade race. He punctured with a couple of laps to go and was forced to walk back to the start / finish area to see the others finish.

There was a good smattering of women competing in each of the (mixed) grade's races. The women's winner in each grade is always eligible for overall honours, but is also awarded a separate prize. Outright grade wins are rare, though, the competition is stiff. The last time a woman won overall at Glenvale was in February 2006, when club member and Univega professional, Emma Rickards took B Grade in the rain. Prior to her win, Anna Wilson was a B grade winner more than 10 years ago.

Click here for coverage of Emma's B Grade win in March


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