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Sport Beans

Product Review

"Energising"  jelly beans from the Jelly Belly people



Jelly Belly Website

These little beans are superb! They taste great and they seem to work. They are quite sweet, but no more so than an isotonic drink, which you can use them instead of. Available in orange or lemon-lime flavour, the pack size is small enough to put a couple of bags into your pocket. Unlike a gel, you can eat a few at a time, by splitting the bag's contents into a couple of servings during your ride. 

A 28 gram (1 ounce) bag has 120mg of electrolytes according to the label. There are also added C and E vitamins. One pack is a recommended serving, about 14 beans. The flavours are, of course a matter of personal taste, but both are very palatable. 

Eat these about an hour into a ride, or in the closing kilometres of a race, wash down with a little water and you're good to go, or keep on going......

Nice to chew off the bike too and convenient to carry. 

In Australia, you can find them in the major supermarkets - look in the wholefoods / organic type sections. They're available in other countries too, including the UK . 

Sport Beans - yummy and they work too....


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