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Peta Mullens

Pre-Junior World Championships Interview

Peta Mullens is a rider with the Victorian Institute of Sport. In August 2006, she will to be representing Australia at the Junior World Championships in Gent, Belgium. A track rider with ambition to switch to the road, Peta has ridden local road events such as the Jayco Bay Series as well as track events. Peta Mullens and clubmate and fellow Australian Junior team selectee, Tess Downing, held a fundraiser evening in June 2006 to assist with their financial arrangements for going to Beglium.

WomensCycling.net chatted to Peta and Tess during their evening to find out about their amibitions, their preparations and their thoughts just prior to jetting off to team training camps and the Junior World Championships themselves >>


WCN : How is your preparation going?

Tess :Things are pretty full on at the moment and get a little tired and fatigued but coping well with training hard and studying. Peta’s at University and I still have school so things are tough but we are managing it”. 

WCN : How are you balancing studying and training?

Peta:I had some time off when we finished the road qualification races, so I had some to catch up on some studying. I have just finished my exams and now I can start my heavy training for worlds and I don’t have to go back to Uni stuff until after the worlds. My Uni are working really well with me to make sure I am ok”.

Tess : “I am in year 12 and had exams two weeks ago so I have time to focus on training now as we are starting a new set of modules”.


WCN : How do you feel about the support for the fundraiser?

Tess and Peta : “It has been a great turn out, we are thankful for those people who have come out to support us. If cost quite a lot for us to get to the World Championships, so the support has been great. There are loads of people working really hard for us tonight to make this event a success”.


WCN : Peta, riding the road as well as track is a great opportunity how do you feel about this?

Peta : “The road is for experience so I have no real aspirations for how I will go. It is going to be a great experience and an opportunity to stay in Belgium a few more days”.


WCN : What are your plans after the World Championships?

Tess : "I want to complete year 12 have some time off the bike and come down to reality. It will then be time to wind up for the summer and then set some new goals for the open women’s category”.

Peta : “I have to finish some units at the end of this year and then go I plan to go full time next year depending on what happens with cycling opportunities. I would like to get onto the AIS programme and race overseas but if that doesn’t happen I am happy to go back to Uni to finish my studies. I want to make sure that my cycling career has a chance, I can come back to studying later when I am more mature”.



Tess Downing (L) and Peta Mullens (R) in June at their fundraiser evening


Peta in action during the exhibition event in Melbourne


After finishing second in the Jayco Dandenong Criterium in December 2005

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