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World Track Championships

Day 4

Bordeaux, France -  15 - 17 April 2006   

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Scratch Race 

Maria Luisa Calle Williams from Columbia secured her first World championship Gold medal with a superb ride in the Scratch race. It has to be said however that it was the decisive attack from Gina Grain of Canada that created the winning move of the race. That move resulted in Grain gaining her first ever Championship silver medal. This was only Grainís 8th International race since breaking onto the World stage last year. Olga Slyusareva again showed her dominance by taking third medal of the championships. 

The race was dominated by a few riders who made a number of attempts to get away from the bunch. Kate Bates (AUS), Adrie Visser (NED) and the Russian Olga Slyusareva all pushed the pace at the front of the race. Lap 36 saw the British rider Harris attack but this was quickly closed down by Schnider (SUI), Slyusareva and Joanne Kiesanowski (NZL). Adrie Visser attacked and managed to get half a lap, however Bates and Slyusareva were quick to respond and close it down. With 27 laps to go Calle Williams moved to the front, again the riders responded with the Jamaican Wynter quickly closing down any attack. 

The decisive move came with 17 laps to go. Canadian Grain attacked and left the bunch standing. She quickly gained half a lap and rode for two more laps keeping a half a lap gap on the bunch. Calle Williams was the only rider to react and joined Grain for the next 9 laps. The two riders worked well together and caught bunch with 5 laps to go. Calle Williams positioned herself well towards the front of the bunch while Grain showed her inexperience by catching her wind at the back. Unfortunately she realised too late and was unable to contest the finish as Slyusareva secured third place on the line followed by Calle Williams.


Place Name Country Time km/h
Gold Marie Luisa Calle Williams COL 13.01 45.72
Silver Gina Grain CAN
Bronze Olga Slyusareva RUS
4 Rebecca Quinn USA
5 Elke Gebhardt GER
6 Annalisa Cucinotta ITA
7 Lada Kozlikova CZE
8 Adrie Visser NED
9 Joanne Kiesanowski NZL
10 Kate Bates AUS
11 Gema Torrecilla Pascual ESP
12 Pascale Schnider SUI
13 Maria Tzoumanika GRE
14 Karen Verbeek BEL
15 Katarzyna Jagusiak POL
16 Nikki Harris GBR
17 Jona Wynter JAM
18 Elodie Henriette FRA
19 Yoanka Gonzalez Perez CUB
20 Lyudmyla Vypyraylo UKR


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As they lined up behind the Derny, Reed (USA) took the wheel followed by Sanchez (FRA), Muche (GER), Mu and Guo (CHN) and the Columbian Garcia Orrego. As the Derny pulled away with two laps to go Sanchez, attacked closely followed by Reed, Muche and Mu. At the bell Sanchez was holding the inside line, Reed had pushed up and the Columbian was on her inside as they rounded the first bend. Reed switched down on the Columbian who lost control and crashed. In the final bend it looked like Sanchez was about to take her 3rd title but the young German Muche crept underneath her to take her first World Title.

Position Name Country Time
Gold Christin Muche GER 11.733
Silver Clara Sanchez FRA
Bronze Shuang Guo CHN
4 Jennie Reed USA
DNF Diana Marie Garcia Orrego COL

7-12 Place

Natallia Tsylinskaya showed her dominance to secure 7th place. She led from the start despite the French rider Nivert trying to come round. Her efforts were however wasted as she was passed with ease by the Italian Frisoni and Abassova (RUS), Kerrie Meares (AUS) and  Simona Krupeckaite (LTU).

Position Name Country Time
7 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR 11.711
8 Elisa Frisoni ITA
9 Tamila Abassova RUS
10 Kerrie Meares AUS
11 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
12 Celine Nivert FRA



The semi-finals saw Tsylinskaya (BLR) was pushed out to fourth by the young Chinese rider Guo and missed the opportunity of getting a third medal in these championships. Sanchez (FRA) though secured her chance of a third title easily beating her group.

Position Name Country Time
1 Clara Sanchez FRA 11.733
2 Christin Muche GER
3 Di Mu CHN
4 Celine Nivert FRA
5 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
6 Elisa Frisoni ITA
Position Name Country Time
1 Shuang Guo CHN 12.247
2 Jennie Reed USA
3 Diana Marie Garcia Orrego COL
4 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR
5 Tamila Abassova RUS
6 Kerrie Meares AUS


Round 1

With the top two riders from each of the first heats going through to the semi-finals and the remaining riders left to fight it out in the repechage in round two, the keirin turned out to be a tough challenge.

Heat 1 saw the current World Champion Sanchez (FRA) up against the in form Tsylinskaya (BLR), the strong young Cuban Guerra Rodrigues and the Australian Anna Meares. As they lined up, Nivert (FRA) had the derny wheel followed by Sanchez (FRA), Meares (AUS), Welte (GER), Tsylinskaya (BLR) and Guerra Rodrigues (CUB). As the Derny pulled away, the Cuban attacked taking Meares (AUS) with her. However the World Champion was having none of that and surged to the front with a lap and a half to go, Tsylinskaya (BLR) on her wheel in a time of 11.41. The rest of the field could only watch as the front two riders powered home and in to the semi-final.

Heat 2 included the young sprinter from China Shuang Guo, Italian Frisoni and Abassova (RUS). The second heat has much closer. As the Derny pulled away Gloess (GER) attached taking the Columbian Garcia Orrego with her. At the bell however Guo (CHN) and Frisoni (ITA) powered their way to the front to secure their places in the semi-final in a time of 11.679.

Heat 3 lined up with a group of power houses. Yvonne Hijgenaar who has struggled with her form so far in these championships took the Derny wheel followed by Muche (GER), Mu (CHN), Reed (USA), Pendleton (GBR) and Kerrie Meares (AUS). At the bell Reed (USA) was closely marked by Muche (GER) and Pendleton (GBR), they crossed the finish line in the same order in 12.071.

Position Name Country Time
1 Clara Sanchez FRA 11.31
2 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR
3 Anna Meares AUS
4 Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB
5 Celine Nivert FRA
6 Miriam Welte GER
Position Name Country Time
1 Shuang Guo CHN 11.679
2 Elisa Frisoni ITA
3 Diana Marie Garcia Orrego COL
4 Simona Krupeckaite LTU
5 Dana Gloess GER
6 Tamila Abassova RUS
Position Name Country Time
1 Jennie Reed USA 12.071
2 Christin Muche GER
3 Victoria Pendleton GBR
4 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
5 Kerrie Meares AUS
Relegated Di Mu CHN

Round 1 Repechage

Ryan Bailey held up Kerrie Meares as she prepared for the race against her sister and 2005 World Sprint Champion Pendleton (GBR). An unfortunate turn of events saw Victoria Pendleton (GBR) muscled out of the race by Anna Meares (AUS). Meares switched Pendleton in the last lap and in doing so, caught the wheel of Pendleton with her leg. Pendleton almost crashed and it was through sheer skill that she managed to stay upright this resulted in relegation for Anna Meares. Lisandra Garcia Orrego was also relegated for not holding her line in the final 200m sprint. In the second heat Celine Nivert sprinted round the out side to beat the Chinese rider Mu.

Position Name Country Time
1 Simona Krupeckaite LTU 12.659
2 Kerrie Meares AUS
3 Tamila Abassova RUS
4 Victoria Pendleton GBR
Relegated Anna Meares AUS
Relegated Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez CUB
Position Name Country Time
1 Celine Nivert FRA 12.289
2 Di Mu CHN
3 Diana Marie Garcia Orrego COL
4 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
5 Miriam Welte GER
6 Dana Gloess GER


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