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World Track Championships

Day 3

Bordeaux, France -  15 - 17 April 2006   

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Sprint Final

In the ride for Gold, Tsylinskaya (BLR) dominated both heats. In the first run she toyed with Pendleton (GBR) and powered her way over the line in a time of 11.386. In the second ride Pendleton had geared up in the hope of holding Tslinskaya’s wheel but the 2005 World Champion was not powerful enough to catch the Belarus rider who took Gold in a time of 11.426.

The Bronze medal ride off was a much closer affair, Sanchez (FRA) and Guo (CHN) showed off their skills with track stands and tactical racing. Unfortunately for Sanchez the home crowd could not get her over the line as Guo took both heats to secure her first senior World Championship medal.


Name Country Time Time
Gold Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR 11.386 11.426
Silver Victoria Pendleton GBR
Bronze Shuang Guo CHN 11.851 11.643
Clara Sanchez FRA

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Sprint Semi-finals

In the Sprint semi-finals heats Tsylinskaya (BLR) did not looked troubled by the French rider Sanchez. Despite the immense noise of the crowd in support of the home rider, Tsylinskaya (BLR) held her composure and powered to the line in a time of 11.445, breaking 62.909 km/h.

In their second heat the two riders were almost at a stand still. Sanchez forced Tsylinskaya in front by holding a track stand, although it did not gain her any real benefit as Tsylinskaya again powered her way over the line in a time of 11.648, a little slower at 61.813km/h. Tsylinskaya is the only female rider in these championships to rider over 62 km/h a gold assured.

The second heat between the young Chinese rider, Guo, and reigning World Champion, Victoria Pendleton, was a much closer affair. The two riders played cat and mouse for the first lap. At the bell however, it was Guo who attacked early seeming to leave Pendleton. However the outgoing Champion showed her class and caught Guo on the line to take the victory.

Heat two was over in a matter of seconds. Pendleton wasted no time in defeating the Chinese rider to put herself in the Gold/Silver medal ride.


Name Country Time Time
Match 1 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR 11.445 11.648
Clara Sanchez FRA
Match 2 Victoria Pendleton GBR 12.027 11.882
Shuang Guo CHN


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Post Sprint Comments

Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR) was all smiles after winning her 8th World Championship Gold medal. “It feels very good, it was not that easy but I am strong.” The first time was easy but to win 8 times was hard. “I am so happy I can go home with two medals to my husband and daughter.” Asked if she intend to come back next year Natallia responded categorically “yes”

Victoria Pendleton (GBR) was gracious as out going Champion, when asked if there was an element of disappointment she said “I should be smiling I have a silver at the Worlds. Today was tough, if I want to beat Natallia I have to get stronger and step up another level. I did well to end up in the final having qualified in 6th.  When asked how difficult it was coming up against Natallia given she had been riding so well and had been the only woman in these championships to clock over 62km/h. “when she is on form no one can come close, I took half a second off her time for the two hundred so it shows how much form she has. I have come close to that speed before but it’s not something you can pick up over a year. Natallia trains on one of the most difficult tracks in the world in Moscow so it has to put you in a good position, she is so experienced and has ridden so many tracks in the world, she is so strong.” Talking about the transition from Australia back to Europe “its was tough coming back after the Commonwealth Games, going back to Manchester where it was cold and wet was really difficult. It took a week to pick myself up, a week of training then a week a tapering if we had another week it would have been better.”

After these Championships Victoria plans to do a series of Nationals back in the UK including the Tandem, Derny and back to her roots with some grass track racing. In the tandem she will be up against the men. She has a strong pilot Ella who rode the Para-Olympics, who thinks they can do well with her power in the back, so she is looking to be the first woman’s team on the podium.

Shuang Guo (CHN) was please with her performance and strong ride against the French Champion “I tried my best today so I am very happy.” Asked how difficult if was performing the two track stands in front of such a large crowd she added “I practice them a lot and so I did not find it difficult, although the crowd was making a lot of noise.”

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