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Sydney UCI World Cup 2006 / 2007

Day 3

Scratch and Keirin

Scratch Qualifying

In the first heat, the pace was steady for the first 5 of the 20 laps. Only the top 10 riders across the line could secure a place in the final, so there was much vying for position at the front of the race. The Chinese rider, Li, moved to the front a couple of times to move the pace along, closely followed by Tess Downing (Drapac Porsche), who came into this event with a bronze from the Junior Worlds in the scratch. With 12 laps to go Bronzini (ITA) moved to the front, causing a reaction in the bunch. The speed picked up and with 4 laps to go the Russian Prudinikova moved to the front. She was quickly followed by Gilmore (AUS) and Downing (DPC). At the bell Binnendijk (NED attacked. The bunch were fighting for position as they entered the final bend but the Russian Prudinikova managed to go round the outside to take the win, Gilmore (AUS) second and Cliff-Ryan (USA) third. Just scraping into10th place and securing a spot in the final was Downing (DPC).

The second heat was much more interesting. Koedooder (NED) repeated the tactics she used in the points race and attacked. Within 7 laps she had gained a lap which secured her place in the final. At 12 laps to go Becker (GER) attacked, she gained about 10 meters before the chasers decided to close the gap. D’Ettorre (ITA) bridged to Becker taking the rest of the group with her. As the approached the bend before the finish straight, the Korean, Son crashed. Under the rules she had a maximum of 5 laps to get back into the race. She re-entered by lap 6 and immediately moved to the front of the bunch. With 4 to go Alisa (MAS) decided to go, she could not hold the pace as Jeuland (FRA), Bates (AUS) and Becker (GER) closed the gap. 

At the bell Arustamova (RUS) moved round the top, taking the Korean, Olaberria Dorronsoro (DUR) and Becker (GER) with her. Three lines formed as they approached the line, Bates (AUS) suddenly found herself towards the back and had to fight it out to qualify for the final. The young Belgian Karen Verbeek, who had been on Bate’s wheel for much of the race just missed out in the final push. Koedooder (NED) was first after gaining the lap, Arustamova (RUS) second closely followed by Son (KOR). 


Result : Heat 1 Result : Heat 2
Position Name Country
1 Alena Prudnikova RUS
2 Rochelle Gilmore AUS
3 Theresa Cliff-Ryan USA
4 Catherine Cheatley NZL
5 Marllijn Binnendijk NED
6 Gina Grain CAN
7 Debora Galves Lopez CAT
8 Wan Yiu Wong HKG
9 Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MAS
10 Tess Downing AUS


Position Name Country
1 Vera Koedooder NED
2 Yulia Arustamova RUS
3 Hee Jung Son KOR
4 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro DUR
5 Charlotte Becker GER
6 Pascale Jeuland FRA
7 Kelly Benjamin USA
8 Lada Kozlikova CZE
9 Ju I Fang TPE
10 Kate Bates AUS


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Scratch Final

Racing over 40 laps, the riders started at a very sedate pace for the first 5 laps. Binnendijk (NED) moved down onto the sprinters lane to pick up the pace, quickly followed by Benjamin (USA), who brought the rest of the field with her. Immediately, the Russian Arustamova attacked, but the bunch were not going to let anyone get away at this stage, Binnendijk (NED) and Bates (AUS) closed the gap to Arustamova, creating a gap in the bunch. They caught Arustamova, Bates went straight through and counterattacked, gaining a 50m gap very quickly. Kozlikova (CZE) decided that someone needed to chase Bates and picked up the pace, the rest of the bunch, led by Gilmore (AUS), reacted and jumped on her wheel. Cheatley( NZL) decided she was not going to wait and jumped down to the sprinters line to take up the chase to the leaders. 

With 30 laps to go, the gaps had been closed down and the bunch were back together. Koedooder (NED) decided she would attack, as she had been doing throughout the competition, Becker (GER) was the only rider to go with her. Rochelle Gilmore (AUS) and Benjamin (USA) reacted and worked hard to close the gap to the leaders. This attack caused the bunch to string out.  Grain (CAN) decided she was not going to wait for the attack to gain a lap and picked up her pace off the front of the group to join the others. Chinese rider, Fang Ju, chased down Grain and brought Arustamova (RUS) with her. Tess Downing (DPC) attacked and worked hard to bridge the gap to the leaders. 

With 26 laps to go, the race was split. The leading group had just under a 50 m lead when Bates (AUS) accelerated to bring them back. Within one lap they were all back together again. The paced eased momentarily and this gave Bates the opportunity to attack. Hoay Sim (MAS) went with Bates, but could not quite catch her. Arustamova (RUS) saw that this was too dangerous a move and picked up the pace to try to close the gap to Bates.  She caught and passed Hoay Sim, bringing the bunch with her, the Malaysian was absorbed back into the bunch. Downing (DPC) moved to the front to try to help the Russian. Bates held her lead for 4 laps deciding to ease up as the chasers including the Russian Arustamova, Grain (CAN), Binnendijk (NED) and Kozlikova (CZE) came into the finish straight. The lead group worked together to keep the pace high for the next 6 laps. Back in the bunch, Downing attacked. She closed the gap to the leaders, taking Olaberria Dorronsoro (DUR) and Hoay Sim (MAS) with her. Cheatley (NZL) took up the charge from the chasers and managed to bring them all back together with 16 laps to go. 

The Dutch, Russians and Hoay Sim (MAS) were driving the pace at the front when Kozlikova (CZE) attacked, taking Prudnikova (RUS) with her. They quickly managed to get a 50m lead on the bunch. Wong (CHN) and Bates (AUS) decided that this break was not going to succeed and kicked to close the gap. The bunch, were all together again with 12 laps to go. 

Becker (GER) attacked, but Grain (CAN) and Galvez Lopez (CAT) brought her back bringing them together again. Almost immediately, Koedooder (NED) attacked again, Becker (GER) jumped on her wheel and the two gained 20m very quickly. Grain (CAN) tried to bridge the gap again. The bunch responded and regrouped to chase the two leaders. The gap to the leaders had increased to 100m, too far for anyone to bring them back in. Bates (AUS) was driving on the front to try to bring them back. 

With only 2km left in the race, this attack from Koedooder and Becker was a decisive move. Bates did not have the legs to drive any harder, just as Prudnikova (RUS) attacked and managed to gain some space. The team mate of the Dutch rider Koedooder, Binnendijk, moved to the front of the bunch and slowed the pace a little to allow Koedooder to stay away. This tactic seemed to work as the leaders managed to increase their lead to just over half a lap. It was Grain from Canada again who took up the chase as she moved round Binnendijk. Bates also seemed to get her second wind and moved to the front to drive the pace again but she could not close it. With 6 laps to go Koedooder and Becker were half a lap up, Prudnikova (RUS) between them and the bunch. 

At 3 laps to go, the leaders were 30m off the back of the bunch. Bates, again drove off the front determined that the bunch was not going to be caught by the leaders. At the bell, Koedooder led Becker through, followed by the Russian, this is how it finished. In the fight for the minor places Arustamova beat Gilmore to the line, followed by Cliff-Ryan (USA). 


Position Name Country
Gold Vera Koedooder NED
Silver Charlotte Becker GER
Bronze Alena Prudnikova RUS
4 Yulia Arustamova RUS
5 Rochelle Gilmore AUS
6 Theresa Cliff-Ryan USA
7 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro DUR
8 Pascale Jeuland FRA
9 Wan Yiu Wong HKG
10 Lada Kozlikova CZE
11 Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MAS
12 Gina Grain CAN
13 Tess Downing AUS
14 Debora Galves Lopez CAT
15 Hee Jung Son KOR
16 Catherine Cheatley NZL
17 Ju I Fang TPE
18 Marllijn Binnendijk NED
19 Kate Bates AUS
DNF Kelly Benjamin USA


Post Race Comments 

Vera Koedooder (NED) has had a great start to the season. She rode strongly in all of her events and at 1.83m tall,  she dominated the scratch race with her power. After her win she spoke briefly to WCN. “That was unbelievable, I was sick at the beginning of the week, but now I am better, I didn’t expect that I would ride so well and win.”

Asked what event she had come here to medal in, she said “The pursuit, the first km of that race was too slow for me. It was a year and a half since I rode my last pursuit in competition. Since then I had to have surgery on the artery in my left hip, so I was hoping to do better in the pursuit. The points and scratch race were a complete surprise for me. I have trained a lot with the guys in my home town this year that’s why I think I have the strength now. Things are going better and better for me right now.”

Tess Downing riding for the Drapac Porsche Team had a great ride to finish 12th in her first senior event. Asked how she felt, she said, “I was pushing a massive gear, I have never pushed anything like it before, I was getting great speed, but my conditioning is a bit of a struggle at the moment. This is great experience for me, I am very surprised with my strength and form at this event, particularly as I have just finished my exams and I had not had much time to prepare. I am looking forward to next year to do a few more of the world cups.”

Gina Grain (CAN) and mixed reactions to her three days of racing. She had tried really hard in the scratch race to get away but it had not seemed to work. “There were a few good moves, the one break that was established I really thought we were going to stay away. It didn’t and it took quite a lot out of me. I tried again to get away but it did not work. I just wanted to go into this race aggressively and race hard and not just sit and wait. Eventually I didn’t have enough matches to burn to get me through the race. When it came to the final sprint I was right on the tether, I didn’t have enough gas to move myself up.

What do you take away from this week end? “Well we have a lot of video coverage. I will analyse it to see what technical errors I was making and go home and regroup for the rest of the season. I plan to ride Moscow and LA I am not sure about Manchester yet. It depend on whether I have secured my place for the World Championships.”


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Keirin Qualifying

The line up for the first heat could have been a World Championship final given the credentials of the riders. As the derny pulled away, Frisoni (ITA) got the wheel followed by Jin (CHN) and the in form Krupeckaite (LTU). When the derny left the track with two laps to go, Sanchez (FRA) moved round into the lead. Frisoni managed to hold her wheel to the end forcing the remaining riders to race for a place in the final via the repechages.

Race 2, again, held world class talent with Anna Meares (AUS), Tsylinskaya (BLR) and Guo (CHN) in the line up. As they pulled away, Meares and Tsylinskaya battled for the wheel of the derny. Meares gave way only to have to fight for second wheel in front of Guo. The young Chinese rider eventually gave way to Meares. The derny pulled off and Meares got a little boxed-in as the Russian Grishina moved round the outside. She had the correct wheel, though, as Tsylinskaya opened it up at the bell giving Meares the room to follow. Tsylinskaya won, Meares was second. 

The final race included the American champion Jennie Reed, Kerrie Meares (AUS) and Abassova (RUS). The remaining riders were all relatively inexperienced at this level of competition. Meares took the wheel of the derny followed by Reed. At 2 laps to go, Reed moved round Meares, who was boxed by the Chinese rider, Gong. On the back straight in the last lap, the Chinese rider moved out which gave Kerrie Meares room. She took advantage of the space and got to the line in second place behind Reed.


Result : Heat 1  Result : Heat 2  Result : Heat 3 
Position Name Country
1 Clara Sanchez FRA
2 Elisa Frisoni ITA
A You Jin KOR
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
Sveetlana Grinovskaya MOS
Victoria Pendleton SIS
Position Name Country
1 Nataylia Tsylinskaya BLR
2 Anna Meares AUS
Shuang Guo CHN
Jane Gerisch GER
Annalisa Cucinotta ITA
Oksana Grishina RUS
Lyubov Shulika UKR
Position Name Country
1 Jennie Reed USA
2 Kerrie Meares AUS
Jinjie Gong CHN
Virginie Cueff FRA
Dana Gloss GER
Tamila Abassova RUS
Hee Jung Son KOR


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Keirin Repechage

In the first of the repechages, Guo of China looked very anxious as they rolled round. Her team-mate Gong was on the wheel of the derny. With 2 laps to go, the derny pulled off, Hijgenaar jumped to the front, closely followed by the two Chinese riders. At the bell, Guo (CHN), moved round and seemed determined to get herself a place in the next round. Hijgenaar (NED) took second on the line behind Guo. 

In the second round the young Cueff (FRA) took the wheel of the derny. She was watching carefully as they completed the laps to see who was going to come round. When the derny pulled off, Cueff managed to hold the lead for half a lap before Grishina (RUS) and Shulika (UKR) came round. This is the order they finished. 

In the final round Son (KOR) took the wheel of the derny, with Pendleton (SIS) choosing to sit at the back. Krupeckaite jumped into the lead as the derny pulled off, followed by Pendleton, who had moved up from the back. At the bell the German pair of Gloss and Gerish moved up and boxed Pendleton in on the inside. They kept their momentum through to the line taking a one, two for Germany.

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Position Name Country
1 Shuang Guo CHN
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
Jinjie Gong CHN
Annalisa Cucinotta ITA
A You Jin KOR
Position Name Country
1 Oksana Grishina RUS
2 Lyubov Shulika UKR
Virginie Cueff FRA
Sveetlana Grinovskaya MOS
Tamila Abassova RUS
Position Name Country
1 Dana Gloss GER
2 Jane Gerisch GER
Victoria Pendleton SIS
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
Hee Jung Son KOR

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Keirin Round 2

Race 1

The first of the two second round events was marred by a crash involving Kerrie Meares (AUS) and Clara Sanchez (FRA), thankfully both riders got up, not seriously hurt. This race was set to be a great one given there was an Olympic Champion, former World Champion, Commonwealth Games Champions and Junior World Champions in the round. With the first three riders to go through to the final, positioning would be important. Anna Meares (AUS) got the wheel of the derny followed sister Kerrie, Guo (CHN), Sanchez (FRA), Gloss (GER) and Shulika (UKR). In the first few laps K Meares had a small gap between her own and A Meares wheel. As the derny pulled away, it was Guo (CHN) attacked first, moving round the outside past K Meares. A Meares responded, forcing the pace. At the bell the riders were very close. On the back straight K Meares had a small wobble and managed to control it for 50 meters before hitting the deck, taking Sanchez with her. It was discovered later that she had a puncture, struggling to control her bike until she eventually crashed at the entry to corner 3. 


Race 2

The second race was filled with a similar pedigree of riders as the first. Hijgenaar (NED led on the wheel of the derny. She was closely followed by Reed (USA), Frisoni (ITA), Gerisch (GER), Grishina (RUS) and finally the sprint world Tsylinskaya (BLR).


At the bell Frisoni (ITA) moved up but she could not get past Reed (USA) who rode strongly, third place went to Gerisch (GER).




Race 1
Position Name Country
1 Anna Meares AUS
2 Dana Gloss GER
3 Shuang Guo CHN
Lyubov Shulika UKR
DNF Clara Sanchez FRA
DNF Kerrie Meares AUS
Race 2
Position Name Country
1 Jennie Reed USA
2 Elisa Frisoni ITA
3 Jane Gerisch GER
Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
Oksana Grishina RUS
Nataylia Tsylinskaya BLR


Keirin Final

In the final keirin race of the competition, Anna Meares took the wheel of the derny as it pulled past. She was followed by Frisoni, Guo and Reed with Grishini and Gloss bringing up the rear. Everyone was nervous watching each other. With two to go Guo attacked closely followed by Meares. At the bell, Gloss attacked from the back gaining a small gap back to Guo who attacked again and boxed in Meares. On the final bend, Meares tried to move round the outside but must have left a gap that Reed thought was big enough for her. Reed moved through to secure second place on the line behind Guo. Gloss of Germany held on for third.   

Post Race Comments 

Shuang Guo was very please with her win “I am very happy” she said. Asked how she refocuses herself when she sees other riders go down [referring to the earlier accident involving K. Meares] “They touched me and I was a little scared, but I had to continue because I wanted a top three to qualify for the final.”

Asked how difficult it was to get round Anna’s [Meares] wheel she added “It was very had, she is very fast.”

Jennie Reed was pleased with her second spot “I went into the race wanting to try a few new things. I put myself into some uncomfortable situations to see how I would react. Luckily it came out alright, I had to make a hole for myself at the finish. Anna [Meares] was passing pretty wide I saw it and went for the gap and fought to the line. I had good legs. I came here with not too much preparation so I am pleased. I am going home with a medal so I am happy about that, it starts the season off well, hopefully by the World Championships I will be comfortable with different positions and ready to fight for a medal.”


7-12 place 

Kerrie Meares (AUS) was too sore to take part in the ride for 7th to 12th place but Sanchez (FRA) did managed to get herself back on her bike. The derny rolled past the riders and Gerisch (GER) took pole, followed by Sanchez, Hijgenaar and Tsylinskaya at the back. As the derny pulled off, Sanchez moved to the front followed by Gerisch (GER). At the bell Tsylinskaya showed why she is a champion and moved round to take the lead, Sanchez jumped on her wheel and the two could not be caught at the finish. Gerisch came in third.

Post Race Comments 

Kerrie Meares could not ride the 7th to 12th event and chatted briefly while picking the splinters out of her arm. When asked if she had known her tyre had blown she said “no, not until the mechanic told me. I was wondering why the bike was so hard to handle, but at the speed we are travelling it took 50m or so for me to not be able to hold it any longer. I felt like I was being pulled to the track. I caught Anna’s wheel and then hit Clara [Sanchez] taking her down with me.”  Kerrie’s arm and knee were swollen and she had abrasions on her back but when asked if she would be fit for the Oceania event next week she added “ I hope so.”



Position Name Country
Gold Shuang Guo CHN
Silver Jennie Reed USA
Bronze Dana Gloss GER
4 Oksana Grishina RUS
5 Anna Meares AUS
6 Elisa Frisoni ITA
7 Nataylia Tsylinskaya BLR
8 Clara Sanchez FRA
9 Jane Gerisch GER
10 Lyubov Shulika UKR
11 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
12 Kerrie Meares AUS

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