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Sydney UCI World Cup 2006 / 2007

Day 2

500m TT   Click here for >>  photos   result


Sydney, 13:50hrs Anna Meares has just broken the World Record for 500m TT. The Australian beat her Athens 2004 World Record and lowered the new standard to 33.944seconds. 

Quotes from the New World Record Holder

Anna Meares looked completely shocked as she looked up at the scoreboard to see her time “I can’t really say what I am thinking, I didn’t think that was possible.” Trying to hold back the tears of joy, “that was really amazing, I looked up and I saw Tslinskaya’s time and I thought that was pretty good, then I saw mine was flashing.”

This is an amazing start to the year how does that feel? “its amazing” said Meares. 

If you have this much form now imagine what a few more months will do. “I am going to work on being better than that. That has just given me the biggest confidence boost, it was really hard last season with my back injury, hard for Marv [Martin Barras] too. This year we had a good block of solid training, no interruptions and that’s what we get for it so I am looking forward to a solid 6 months.”

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IMG_6915 IMG_6921 IMG_6938 IMG_6940 IMG_6970


Name Country Time km/hr
Anna Meares AUS 33.944 53.028 World Record
Simona Krupeckaite LTU 34.802 51.721
Yvonne Hijgenaar NED 34.901 51.574
Nataylia Tsylinskaya BLR 35.023 51.394
Shuang Guo CHN 35.213 51.117
Lyubov Shulika UKR 35.695 50.427
Dana Gloss GER 35.723 50.387
Tamila Abassova RUS 35.826 50.242
Virginie Cueff FRA 35.867 50.185
Mei Yu Hsiao TPE 35.895 50.146
Sveetlana Grinovskaya MOS 36.347 49.495
A You Jin KOR 36.896 48.785

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3km Pursuit    


The ride for gold and silver never looked like it would go any way but Mactiers (AUS). Right from the start she dominated the pace, with her usual fast start, Houvenhagel (SIS) lost 3.060 seconds before she started to make some progress into the deficit. At the bell she had reduced the gap to 1.613 seconds and but could not close the gap at the finish.

Time Speed
Katie Mactier AUS 03:38.742 49.373
Wendy Houvenhagel SIS 03:39.706 49.156

Post Race Comments

Katie Mactier said she was “pleased” with her ride. When asked if she was  under pressure tonight, knowing that a World Record had been broken on the track earlier in the day? “I don’t think that’s pressure, it’s motivation. I feel very lucky that I am team-mate with such a phenomenal athlete. If anything she is an inspiration to me. She told us she was going to do it. She is a classy act. Anna is a very special athlete the conditions here are not fast, the times speak for themselves so that makes her ride that much more special.” Asked if this was a good start to the season Mactier added “the times aren’t great I will be honest with you. I hate losing in this event, we have not had the most ideal preparation as we did going into the Commonwealth Games, Olympics or World Championships or World Cups so you have to be mindful of that. The times aren’t bad, I won it and qualified my spot at the World Championships in Mallorca. I am going to go home to Melbourne. I have the Oceania event next week and I am thrilled with the day, my boyfriend just won silver in the points [Greg Henderson (NZL)] just before my race so it was just what I needed to give me motivation.” 

Asked about the improved form of Houvenhagel in her first major of competition, Mactier commented “I am she did the same time as she did in the Commonwealth Games but when look to Beijing we will be talking low or sub [3 minutes] 30’s period. When people start doing those times I will start taking notice of them”

Wendy Houvenhagel spoke briefly to WCN before she attending the standard doping control. Asked how she felt about the ride she said “I feel quite disappointed that I was so close in the qualifying session but on the other hand quite pleased with my performance. I was within 1 second of her and with a little bit more work I would hope supersede her.” Do you feel like you have come a long way since the Commonwealth Games in March? Definitely yes, I finished my job as a dentist and have been a full time athlete since August, so only 5 months of concentrating on cycling training. I have been concentrating on the track now as my previous experience had been on the road and a little mountain biking.” She is coached by Dan Hunt, the Women’s Endurance coach, who is doing a good job to build Houvenhagel’s skills. After her experience of being caught by Mactier and then subsequently disqualified in the Commonwealth Games. How much did that play on your mind tonight? “There was no way I was going to let Katie catch me tonight. I learned a lot from March and I went our much faster tonight. I always start slow and pull it back at the end I just need to work on the first 1 km.”


In the ride off for the Bronze medal the New Zealand champion, Shanks was up against Sereikaite (Lituania). Sereikaite immediately stamped her mark as Shanks dropped behind .0939 within the first 5 laps. Shanks could not hold match the pace of Sereikaite and at the bell she was 1.195 behind. Sereikaite won bronze in a time of 03:40.887.

Time km/hr
Vilija Sereikaite LTU 03:40.887 48.893
Alison Shanks NZL 03:42.16 48.613

Pursuit Qualifying

In the pursuit qualifying, the favourite for the home crowd was Katie Mactier (AUS) who did not disappoint them. She qualified in first place ahead of Wendy Houvenhagel (SIS) in her first full year racing at international track events.  

Mactier went out strongly and there was almost a repeat of the catch at the Commonwealth Games where Mactier caught and passed Houvenhagel (SIS). This time however Houvenhagel, showed how much she has improved as she increased her speed in the later part of the race and was within 1 second of Mactier at the finish. The other noticeable improvement in the line up was from the Malaysian Hoay Sim. She last rode in Australian top flight competition at the Commonwealth Games. In the months since then she has continued to work under the direction of John Beasley (Mactier’s coach). In her race today she took 4 seconds off her personal best.

Vilija Sereikaite (LTU), in her qualifying ride, was up against Olaberria Dorronsoro (DUR). Sereikaite (LTU) passed Olaberria Dorronsoro (DUR) at the half way point, instead of pulling back Olaberria Dorronsoro sat in behind the Lituanian. As a result the commissaires disqualified her as she is required, once passed to drop about 5 metres behind the overtaking rider [The judgement for this is made by the commissaries based on whether the rider is gaining any benefit by riding in behind].



Name County Time Km/hr
Katie Mactier AUS 03.36.865 49.8
Wendy Houvenhagel SIS 03:37.842 49.577
Vilija Sereikaite LTU 03:40.659 48.944
Alison Shanks NZL 03:42.806 48.472
Elyzaveta Bocharyeva UKR 03:44.552 48.095
Min Hye Lee KOR 03:44.855 48.245
Lesya Kalitovska ISD 03:45.369 47.921
Lada Kozlikova CZE 03:46.505 47.681
Yulia Arustomova RUS 03:46.702 47.639
Vera Koedooder NED 03:49.034 47.154
Ho Hsun Huang TPE 03:51.102 46.732
Charlotte Becker GER 03:51.510 46.65
Pascale Jeuland FRA 03:53.333 46.285
Iona Wynter JAM 03:55.107 45.936
Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MAS 03:55.171 45.924
Tatiana Guderzo ITA 03:57.027 45.564
Debora Galvez Lopez CAT 04:04.111 44.242
Katarina Uhlarikova SVK 04:05.872 43.925
Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro DUR DSQ

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Team Sprint

Gold / Silver

The Meares sisters started a little slower than the first round in the medal ride but picked up. The German pair were .029sec up at 200m but it did not last as Kerrie Meares handed over to the new 500m TT World Record holder, Anna, the Germans had dropped to .213 behind. At the finish the Australians took the gold in a time of  34.504 seconds at a speed of 52.167km/hr.

Post Race Comments 

Gold medal winners the Meares sisters were pleased with their winning ride. Kerrie Meares was overjoyed at the win “ Wow! I am on the podium for these championships, it feels good. I didn’t know what lap time I did but it does help to have a World and Olympic champion on your tail. Hopefully I can become a World and Olympic champion too. We could become an unbeatable pair.” Do you believe that could happen if they keep this event in the programme? “It is a dream, we have long careers ahead of us.”  As the sisters received their World Cup jerseys Kerrie commented to Anna “This is the first time I have had one of these.” Anna  added that “This is a real coup for women’s sprinting. It has picked up the event and created more opportunities for us to race, it was previously quite limited. This is a great feeling to be racing as a team, we [Kerrie and I] compete against each other so often, the crowd was behind both of us competing as one.” 

The German pair were really pleased with their performance “it feels really good” said Gloss. Asked if they had been training for this they both said “ just a little, we are in the same club, we have had a couple of months to prepare but we are very excited about this race, I remember the team sprint 3 years ago and I am pleased with our first medal”



The French dominated the bronze medal ride against the Italians. After the first lap they were .032sec up and as Sanchez took over from Cueff, who at only 18 showed that she will be a force to be watched over the next few years, if she continues to progress. They finished just under 1 second ahead.


Team Sprint Qualifying 

The Women’s Team Sprint was introduced on the international stage for women in 2003 when the Russians held the world best time. In 2004 the honours passed to the Australians, Kerrie Meares was a member of that team then with Rosalee Hubbard and Rochelle Gilmore (a three person event then). It was removed from the calendar until this year where it has been reintroduced. In 2003 and 2004 the women competed over three laps. Now back into the World Cup series and World Championships for 2006/2007, two women will race over 2 laps. The teams will race over two laps with the fastest racing off for gold/Silver, and the 3rd and 4th teams will race for Bronze. Losers will receive points based on their qualifying time.

The line up for the first official running of this event was impressive. The Meares sisters Australia’s queens of sprinting, got to compete together in front of their home supporters. They were up against a strong Russian pairing of Abassova and Grishina, French champion Sanchez was paired with the relative new comer Cueff. Representing Italy was the Keirin silver medallist from 2005 and silver in the 500m in 2006, Frisoni and Cucinotta. Germany put a young pairing of Gerish and Gloss, they obviously want to build for the future. Last in the line up were the Koreans Jin and Lee, relatively unknown on the world stage but improving rapidly.

The first to ride were the Australians up against the Russians. Kerrie Meares led out for the first lap and set a blistering pace for her sister to take the second leg. The Russians were led out by Grishina ahead of the more experienced Abassova to finish.

The second pairings to go were the French and Italians. Cueff led the French champion out as Cucinotta led the Italian Frisoni out. At the half way point the French were up by .06 seconds and finished strongly to sit in second place at that time.

Last to go were the Germans up against the Koreans. The German team started fast, at the half way point they were in the lead but they could not hold it to the finish completing .142 seconds behind the Australians.


Gold / Silver

Time km/hr
Anna Meares AUS 34.504 52.167
Kerrie Meares AUS
Time km/hr
Jane Gerisch GER 35.041 51.368
Dana Gloss GER



Time km/hr
Virginie Cueff FRA 35.259 51.05
Clara Sanchez FRA
Time km/hr
Annalisa Cucinotta ITA 36.201 49.722
Elisa Frisoni ITA



Time km/hr
Anna Meares AUS 34.694 51.882
Kerrie Meares AUS
Jane Gerisch GER 34.789 51.74
Dana Gloss GER
Virginie Cueff FRA 35.337 50.938
Clara Sanchez FRA
Annalisa Cucinotta ITA 35.587 50.58
Elisa Frisoni ITA
Tamila Abassova RUS 36.032 49.955
Oksana Grishina RUS
A You Jin KOR 36.644 49.121
Min Hye Lee KOR


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