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Sydney UCI World Cup 2006 / 2007

Day 1

Sprint Rounds and Points Race

Sprint Rounds

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Simona  Krupeckaite (LTU) qualified in first place with a time of 11.449 seconds ahead of Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED) 11.45 seconds and Victoria Pendleton (SIS) 11.451 seconds. Anna Meares (AUS) qualified in 4th in a time of 11.465 seconds.

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1/8 Final

In race 1, Krupeckaite (LTU) took the lead role against Cueff (FRA) and was in complete control through out the race. Second to race were Kerrie Meares (AUS) and Yvonne Hijgenaar (NED), Kerrie took the lead but Hijgenaar came through on line. The third pair to ride off were Pendleton (ScienceInSport) the UCI registered team from Great Britain. She dominated her race against Grishina (RUS). The home crowd favourite Anna Meares, who is just returning to competition after taking some time off to get married, looked in good form against Gerisch (GER). Meares controlled the race and despite Gerish’s attempts to come underneath she did not have speed to catch Meares.

Next to ride was the 2006 Time Trial and Sprint champion Natalia Tsylinskaya (BLR), up against the young Gong (CHN). Gong lead out but Tsylinskaya took it on line. The strong Chinese rider Guo was next to ride against Grinovskaya (Moscow Dianamo). Guo controlled from front to take the win. The 2006 American sprint champion Reed, was paired up against the Junior World champion Shulika (UKR). Reed showed her dominance to win easily. Former World Champion Sanchez was last to ride off against Gloss (GER) Sanchez dominated right from the start. Gloss tried to close in on the line but could not make it.

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Krupeckaite (LTU) v Sanchez (FRA).

This was set to be a great battle. Krupeckaite took the first sprint. In the second race, Krupeckaite was watching as Sanchez tried to go under, Krupeckaite managed to take the win. Although, it was short-lived, the commissaries relegated her for going into the sprinters lane. Sanchez was awarded the win. With the results one-all going into the third race, Sanchez attacked at bell, she showed her dominance to take the win.

Hijgenaar (NED) v Reed (USA)

Hijgenaar took the first race and in the second race Hijgenaar watched as Reed led out and could not be caught. Reed led out in the third but Hijgenaar showed her strength to come round at 50m to go.

Pendleton (SIS) v Guo (CHN)

Pendelton led out in the first and second races to take both wins, Guo tried to pin Pendleton onto the boards but she managed to get underneath.

Anna Meares (AUS) v Tsylinskaya (BLR)

This was a battle of power, Olympic Champion against World Champion. Meares was strong in the first run as Tyslinskaya saved energy knowing that she was beaten. In the second race, Tsylinskaya led out, Meares dived underneath, but Tsylinstaya took it on the line. In the final ride off, Tyslinskaya leads out at bell, despite trying to come round Tyslinskaya won.

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5th to 8th

For 5th to 8th places, the UCI points are very important, so the racing is competitive. Guo (CHN) took the lead, followed by Reed, Meares and Krupeckaite. Krupeckaite tried to come round but could not hold the speed against Reed and Meares who held their line through to the finish to take 5th and 6th place ahead of Guo and Krupeckaite 

The commissaries decided that Reed should be relegated for entering sprinting lane, pushing Meares up to 5th.

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"B" Final Series

The "B" Finals are used in the Track World Cup events to decide places down to twelfth. The points which are awarded to the top twelve contribute to the totals for Track World Championships qualification.

"B" Series Quarterfinals

Race 1
Cueff (FRA)v Gloss rode off first, Gloss made easy work for her race. In second race, Kerrie Meares (AUS) raced right from the gun against the 2006 Junior World Champion Shulika (UKR) but she just couldn't hold off the young rider as Shulika came round on the line.

Race 2
Grishina (RUS) v Grinovskaya (MOS)
Grishina easily beat compatriot Grinovskaya

Race 3
Gerisch (GER) v Gong (CHN)
Gerisch tried to hold line but Gong came underneath to win. However she was then relegated for not moving into the sprinters line when the other rider was there.

"B" Series Semi-Finals

Race 1
Gloss(GER) v Gerisch (GER)
Gerisch led at bell and held it to the finish.

Race 2
Shulika (UKR) v Grishina (RUS)
Grishina forced Shulika forward by doing a track stand, Shulika wins

9th and 10th ride off
Gerisch (GER) v Shulika (UKR)
Shulika led at bell, but could not hold her speed as Gerisch caught her on line

11th and 12th
Gloss (GER) v Grishina (RUS)
Grishina led out but Gloss managed to dive under on the final bend and was too strong for

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Sprint Semi-Final

Sanchez v Tsylinskaya

In the first of the semi-final Clara Sanchez led out against the World Champion. The pace was steady for the first lap. At the bell, Tsylinskaya went round Sanchez on the back straight to take the first win. Tsylinskaya repeated this move in the second heat to move into the final.

Hijgenaar v Pendleton
This race proved to be exciting. Hijgenaar led out against Pendleton in the first heat. At the bell Hijgenaar wound it up and looked like she would win comfortably. Then on the final bend, Pendleton went underneath as Hijgenaar moved out of the sprinters lane. That was a totally unexpected move but Pendleton reacted quickly and took the first round. The second heat was a repeat of the first, Pendleton showed her dominance and took the lead from the start and held on to win and go through to the final.

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The Bronze ride off was a perfect example of sprint racing. Hijgenaar won the first round in a very close run. In the second ride, Hijgenaar held the line strongly right to the last bend when Sanchez tried to come underneath but could not make it. She was forced to ride round the outside and rode strongly just pipping Hijgenaar on the line to force a decider. In the final race, Hijgenaar led out, Sanchez carefully tucked in to get the advantage of drafting and made her move on the final bend. She moved round Hijgenaar and took the win on the line to take Bronze.

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Gold / Silver

This was the battle of the World Champion Tsylinskaya and Commonwealth champion Pendleton. In the first run Tsylinskaya tried to force Pendleston to the front. Pendleton did not take the bait and forced Tsylinskaya to stay in front. Pendleton came round on the line to take the win.

In the second run, Pendleton led out, but she could not hold back the World Champion, Tsylinskaya went round at 200m and easily took the win.

In the final run Tyslinskaya led out in a repeat of the World Championship final. As they approached the last lap Pendleton's back wheel slipped and she fell. The race was restarted. In the restart Pendleton led out, she could not beat the power of Tsylinskays who again led out from 200m to take the win.

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Post Sprint Comments

Victoria Pendleton was laughing at herself for falling off during the last heat. “ it’s bad enough when someone takes you off but when you do it to yourself its laughable, I was just pushing it a bit too far. I rarely fall off doing that speed, normally you can adjust quickly but today I could not catch it back”

Are you pleased with your form so early in the season? “it is better than I expected to be going. I was really happy with my qualification time, the standard is very high, so I was very happy to be in third seed. To finish one up from that I am very happy I had a good ride.

Are you surprised by how high the standard is so early in the season? “ A little, it is usually not quite this fast but there are a lot of good riders coming through.”

Did you take much time off after the World Championships? “I took about a month which was pretty cool. I then got back into training. I have done quite a bit of road training which is new for me. I thought I would be a little behind my schedule but I actually think I am right on.

You are in a new team this year do you prefer to wear the GB colours or your new kit? “I miss wearing the national colours but the SIS colours are good."

What are your plans after this race? “We are heading over to Perth for some warm weather training,  then up to Moscow.

Clara Sanchez speaking through a translater said that she was “pleased with her ride.” 

 Given it is the start to the season are you pleased with your form “yes, my condition is not at a high level but I am happy with my form for the first race, because I know I am not at the top. I want to peak for the Worlds in mach

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Points Race    Click here to jump to >>  Qualifying 1   Qualifying 2   Final   Post race Comments

Qualifying Race 1 : Vera Koedooder steals a lap to secure place in final

In the first of the heats, there were a number of key riders who would expect to go though given their form on the road circuit this year. Gilmore (AUS), Bronzini (ITA) and Wynter (JAM) have all had active summer seasons on the road.

The first sprint at lap 30 saw the Dutch rider, Koedooder, move to the front to pick up the pace. At the bell she was closely followed by Wang (CHN), Bronzini (ITA) and Gilmore (AUS). Gilmore took the first 5 points to secure her place in the final. Koedooder immediately responded to the lull in the pace after the sprint and attacked, she was quickly followed by Becker (GER), American Benjamin, Kozlikova (CZE),Galvez Lopez (CAT) and Downing (Drapac Porsche Team). The group held a clear advantage for a few laps until the chasing group responded as the next sprint approached. At the bell, just before the second sprint, Becker (GER) led the group through closely marked by Cheatley (NZL), Benjamin (USA) and the Russian Prudinkova. It was the Russian who took full points on the line. Immediately the Dutch rider Koedooder attacked and this time no one responded. She had gained a lap with just 16 remaining, placing her on the top of the table in the heat.

Giorgia Bronzini (ITA) was determined that she was going to win some points in the third sprint she moved herself into position on the back straight to secure 5 points and take her into the final.

With 7 laps to go Debora Galvez Lopes (Catalonia) attacked, but the group were not prepared to let her go. Iona Wynter (JAM) responded taking the rest of the chasers, despite Wynter's attempts to close down the attacks, Kozilikova (CZE) moved to the front and picked up the pace again. A number of riders appeared to be struggling to hold the pace.

With three to go Becker (GER) attacked but could not get clear enough to take her through to the bell lap. Gilmore (AUS) moved up with Benjamin (USA) and Kozilikova (CZE) as they approached the last bend Kozilikova moved round Gilmore to secure the final 5 points.

Result : Qualifying Race 1

Name Country Points
Vera Koedooder NED 21
Rochelle Gilmore AUS 10
Lada Kozlikova CZE 8
Alena Prudnikova RUS 6
Giorgia Bronzini ITA 5
Jianling Wang CHN 3
Catherine Cheatley NZL 3
Kelly Benjamin USA 3
Tess Downing AUS 3
Charlotte Becker GER 2
Iona Wynter JAM 0
Noor Azian Alias MAS 0
Katarina Uhlarikova SVK 0
Debora Galves Lopez CAT 0

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Qualifying Race 2 : Binnendijk and Bochkaryeva gain a lap, setting the standard for the final

Right from the start the second heat looked a different race. Kate Bates (AUS), Gina Grain (CAN) and Marllijn Binnendijk (NED) all looked strong as the pace increased. This did not last long however as the riders settled into the race. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro from the UCI registered track team, Duranguesado was extremely active at the front of the bunch. At the bell for the first sprint, Grain (CAN), Bates (AUS) and Jeuland (FRA) moved themselves into position behind Olaberria Dorronsoro in preparation. The bunch grouped together and the Chinese rider Yan Li secured 5 points on the line as she jumped over the top.

There was an in immediate counter attack from Bochkaryeva (UKR). She was followed by Binnendijk (NED) and the two managed to get away with 25 laps to go. Bates (AUS) tried to close the gap but no one else seemed to want to work. The two away, Binnendijk and Bochkaryeva secured a lap putting them into first and second place. Kate Bates picked up the pace at the bell for the second sprint, closely marked by Theresa Cliff-Ryan riding for the USA but originally from Canberra, Australia. As the bunch cornered the final bend there was a crash, with a number of riders hitting the deck. D'Ettorre (ITA) received a warning for moving down towards the inside of the track and forcing other competitors off the track. Bates secured 5 points on the line but the race had to neutralised and halted due to the fact that Ju I Fang (Taipei) who was involved in the crash needed treatment and the track needed to be repaired. D'Ettorre who caused the accident needed a replacement bike as her rear wheel had jammed.

The bunch had to roll around for 15 minutes while the officials verified that the track was fit. The race restarted with 18 laps to go, Grain (CAN) needed to try to secure some points in the next sprint as she had not earned any. At the bell, she attacked but could not maintain the speed through to the line as Olaberria Dorronsoro moved round to take 5 points, taking a number of riders on her wheel and forcing Grain into 5th on the line and out of the points.

Again there was an immediate counter attack from D'Ettorre but she could not get away. With three laps to go the riders were fighting for position, Grain and Cliff-Ryan moved through on the inside. Immediately Binnendijk attacked over the top securing 5 points in the final sprint.

Result : Qualifying Race 2

Name Country Points
Marllijn Binnendijk NED 25
Elyzaveta Bochkaryeva UKR 20
Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro DUR 8
Kate Bates AUS 7
Yulia Arustamova RUS 6
Yan Li CHN 5
Pascale Jeuland FRA 5
Theresa Cliff-Ryan USA 4
Karen Verbeek BEL 2
Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MAS 2
Gina Grain CAN 0
Wan Yiu Wong HKG 0
Alessandra D'Ettorre ITA 0

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Points Race Final

The Points Race was exciting right from the start, Giorgia Bronzini (ITA) stamped her intentions on the race by taking the first sprint. Kate Bates (AUS) took second place with Rochelle Gilmore (AUS) third and Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) fourth. The race fluctuated as riders attacked off the front and the bunch closed them down. Dutch rider, Vera Koedooder, attempted to replicate her winning move from the earlier heat by gaining a lap, however the chasing bunch were determined she was not going to get away.

At the second sprint the bunch were scrambling for position, Ukrainian Bochkaryeva attacked at the bell and took the 5 points, Prudnikova (RUS) who had been chasing off the front took second, closely followed by her team mate Arustamova and the young Australian Tess Downing (Drapac Porsche).

There was no rest for the bunch Becker (GER) attacked forcing them to chase. The pace continued to be fast for the next 10 laps. Becker secured 5 points, closely followed by Bronzini (ITA), Bates and Binnendijk (NED).

The paced eased a little, giving the riders an opportunity to catch their breath. As the 4th sprint approached, Olaberria Dorronsoro (DUR) tried to get away but the bunch reacted, closing the gap. Bates moved to the front closely followed by Arustamova (RUS) and Gilmore. At the bell Arustamova (RUS) took the 5 points followed by Bates, Gilmore and Binnendijk (NED). The pace of the bunch increased and Catherine Cheatley (NZL) tried to get away but managed to gain just 50m before the chasers reacted to draw her back in.

Ever present at the front were Bates, Bronzini and Arustamova (RUS) and as they approached the bell before the fifth sprint, Kozlikova (CZE) moved to the front and stayed there to the line. Bates was on her wheel to secure another 3 points and the lead. As the race reached the 35 to go point Yan Li attacked with her team mate Jianling Wang. The pair secured a lead of almost a lap when the chasers including Bates realised that the lead was at risk and reacted. The Chinese pair secured the next sprint winner and second place points. Wang tired and was pulled back into the bunch. Li managed to hold out to the next sprint and take the 5 points. As they approached 13 laps to go and the last sprint (at 10 laps to go), Vera Koedooder attacked again. It took a few seconds for the bunch to react. It was Bates who suddenly realised that her lead was at risk and chased to bring her back in. At the bell, Bates was sitting towards the back of the bunch. Catherine Cheatley (NZL) attacked again, this time taking Rochelle Gilmore, Arustamova, Bochkaryeta and Bronzini with her. Rochelle Gilmore, in a move which helped Kate Bates, was able to keep the pace of this attack, as it could have cost Bates the win. Had Bronzini won the final bunch sprint, she would have taken the title. Since Gilmore took it, she as second in the final sprint to Cheatley and third for Bronzini meant second overall.

Bochkaryeta was later disqualified for entering the sprinter's lane when the opponent was already there.

Result : Points Race Final

Sprint Number 
Name Country 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Kate Bates AUS 3 2 3 3 1 1 13
Giorgia Bronzini ITA 5 3 2 2 12
Yan Li CHN 5 5 10
Yulia Arustamova RUS 2 5 2 9
Rochelle Gilmore AUS 2 2 3 7
Catherine Cheatley NZL 1 5 6
Elyzaveta Bochkaryeva UKR 5 1 6
Lada Kozlikova CZE 5 5
Charlotte Becker GER 5 5
Alena Prudnikova RUS 3 1 4
Jianling Wang CHN 3 3
Tess Downing AUS 1 1
Marllijn Binnendijk NED 1 1
Theresa Cliff-Ryan USA 1 1
Vera Koedooder NED 0
Kelly Benjamin USA 0
Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro DUR 0
Pascale Jeuland FRA 0
Karen Verbeek BEL 0
Uracca Leow Hoay Sim MAS 0

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Post Points Race Comments

Kate Bates seemed extremely pleased with her home country win. How did you feel today? “It was a tough race. There were a lot of girls pretty evenly matched so it came down to a lot more about tactics. Normally World Cups and World Championship are won with 20-30 points, I won with just 13 tonight. It not a lot, everyone managed to get points, so they certainly made me work for it. I am pretty excited I really didn’t think I would win."  

How do you judge the form so early in the season? “Rochelle and I knew how each of us were going but that was it. I think by the time World Championships roll around, you have seen how people have been performing so it’s a little easier to know who to watch. Basically at this stage you have no I idea, I have just come out of a road season, but that adds to my excitement. I definitely did not come here thinking I am going to win this."

 How important was the last sprint by Rochelle [Gilmore] to secure your win, was this a planned tactic? “Absolutely it was very important and I am very grateful to her for effort. It is an awesome opportunity to race with a team mate and help each other out.” 

At what point in the later stages of the race did you realised you did not have the legs to pull back any more attacks? “I think if you were watching, you could see with 5 laps to go, I thought I could actually win it. Then when the two attacked, I thought it’s not my job, then I looked up at the scoreboard and went ‘oh wow,  it is my job. I thought I’d rather lose this race trying than sit back and let them take a lap and regret it”

 You mentioned about coming out of the road season is it difficult to regain form after the break?

‘This one has been difficult, I certainly came in with a lot of reservations about my track legs but you come off a road season and you are so much stronger in you base. That goes a long way to help in this kind of event, particularly when it is only a half hour event." 

This result qualifies Bates for a spot at the Worlds and she goes into the next event as the World Cup leader. Bates moves to the very successful T-Mobile road team for next year. Asked if there was going to be any difficulty juggling the road requirements and the track? “No I don’t think so, Petra Rossner is coaching me now, Kristy Scrymgeour managing the team  and Anna Wilson as the Director. Those are three people who I have known them since I was little, I trust them to guide me. Its very exciting. Even though Petra has only been with me for a month there is a huge difference in my attitude, she knows how to manage me between track and road. This is an awesome opportunity to work amongst the top women in the world in this sport. I think I can learn so much from them all. When I started riding I looked up to the group that are now managing me and riding with me and thought that’s who I want to be, now I am treated as an equal amongst them” 


Giorgia Bronzini congratulated Bates as they left the track. Asked how difficult was it going into the last sprint knowing that a win or second could put you on the top of the podium? “the last sprint was very hard, but I think the whole race was tough. In the last part team Australia were very strong”

 Did you feel that it was two against one? “ yes, if we had two riders then it would have been easier”.

Has it been difficult for you making the long trip and recovering from the road season? “The races are similar so that was not difficult, but I took some time off after the Worlds and I will take some more time off in December. I will then resume my preparation in January.”

Will you be staying in Australia to compete in the early road events? “No, I plan to go back to Italy and I will do the next World Cups on the track in Moscow. I will them take a small break before I begin the road season in March.”


Rochelle Gilmore had mixed emotions about her performance, while she would have liked to get a medal she knew her final sprint secured the win for Australia and Kate. “ I am glad I had the legs in the end to get that last sprint otherwise it would have been a waste of time. I could not win so it was important. I had a good preparation for the race but did not have the legs for the sprints.”  Except the last one! “yes I am glad I managed to get myself into the right place to take that last spint, I hung in there to the finish”

Rochelle is heading out to Italy on Monday to complete arrangements with her new team. She has made a move from SAFI to join Nobili Rubinetterie.


Kelly Benjamin, in her first World cup how has your experience been so far? “I thought getting over the jet lag would be bad, but we stayed up and drank lots of coffee. Performance and energy wise I feel good.”

Some background on this new ‘trackie’: “I live in  Kansas, which is right in the middle, I race for Cheer Wine Pro team during the road season, we turned UCI this year so we will be racing in Europe and in Australia at Geelong We want to become the number one team in the USA domestic arena.  For this I have been down in Texas training, I don’t have a track within 8 hours of home, so getting track time is difficult for me.” 

How difficult has it been switching from road to track for you? “it has been quite tough, it has nothing to do with power or speed or sprinting because on the road I am a sprinter. It has been more about positioning, getting use to the close proximity they ride and the track, its been a big learning curve. Things you think it would be straight forward to look up at the results board, glancing to your coach or knowing who to watch in the sprint. It takes a lot of time to get proficient and I am very new to this. I didn’t perform spectacularly but I feel I was in there and doing well. So for my first one it went pretty well. The problem for me is there are only four World Cups so gaining that valuable experience is difficult. If you could raced every weekend and get good that would be great. The level of track racing in the USA is not quite there yet like it is in other countries, particularly being able to compete easily in this type of racing. I have to worry about the road season too. So I struggle a little”



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