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Thüringen Rundfarht


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Amy Gillett Memorial

Trophy won by Kate Nichols

Funds raised for Amy Gillett Foundation by local activities in Germany


Amy Gillett Memorial Trophy 

The first recipient of the Amy Gillett Memorial trophy was awarded at the end of the Thüringen Rundfarht on Sunday. The award will be an annual presentation and will be given for the rider showing exceptional character, a fighting spirit, fair play or teamwork. These are all qualities which could be attributed to the manner which Amy Gillett displayed.

Kate Nichols was one of the riders injured in the accident in which Amy was killed last year, whilst training for the prologue of the 2005 Thüringen Rundfarht. Kate has returned to international competition with, perhaps, her best ever form. In the Giro d'Italia, which finished just a week before the 2006 Thüringen Rundfarht began, she managed to sprint to fourth on a stage - her best ever international competition. Her return to Thüringen resulted in second place in the Young Rider competition, just 30 seconds down on winner, Marta Bastianelli (Team Safi). Kate has displayed a maturity beyond her years. She has bravely returned to Thüringen and in addition to the pressures of racing for the Australian National Team in this event, she has acted with nothing but dignity. 

A truly worthy recipient of the award.


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Fundraising for the Amy Gillett Foundation in Germany

Zeulanroda, the town in which the Thüringen Rundfarht bases itself, has provided yet more funds to the Amy Gillett Foundation. On Tuesday evening after the prologue, the first stage this year, a concert was hosted in the towns beautiful church. The Vogtland Philharmonie orchestra played to an appreciative audience in the late evening light. The entry fees were donated to the Fund. 

The hotel which hosts the race, the SeeHotel, which is also a race sponsor made a donation too. 

A shirt, signed by the dignitaries and guests to the race this year, will be auctioned on e-Bay. The proceeds will be donated to the Fund.

In attendance this week to receive the donations and to meet with the race organisers, visit the hospital which treated the injured riders and to visit the riders who were at the race in 2005 and affected by the accident, were Amy's parents. Mary and Dennis Safe were accompanied by Simon Gillett, Amy's husband. 

The Amy Gillett Foundation exists to assist the other riders in the team who were injured in the accident, It will also;

      Commission research into the commonalities between road accidents involving cyclists;

      Educate young cyclists with no driving experience about sharing the road, and

      Develop an education campaign targeting learner and probationary drivers.


The Foundation also offers scholarships to aspiring female cyclists. Jessie MacLean from Canberra was the first recipient of such an award in March 2006.


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