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Tasmanian  Carnivals Name Yaxley as Ambassador

Louise Yaxley to be inaugral Carnivals Ambassador

Tasmanian Carnivals website

The Sports Carnivals Association of Tasmania is delighted to announce that Louise Yaxley has been appointed its Ambassador for the forthcoming Nationalgrid Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals.

Everyone is well aware of Louise’s unfortunate plight when she, along with other Australian women cyclists was involved in a training accident in Germany earlier in the year.  The accident which resulted in the death of Louise’s cycling team mate Amy Gillett and serious injury to other cyclists left a sad scar on the fortunes of women’s cycling.

The Association sees Louise as a person who is greatly admired for her cycling ability and one who is determined to recover from the tragic event of the accident in Germany.  Last Christmas Carnival series Louise put in some outstanding performances in the women’s events in which she gained the respect and support of the Tasmanian crowds.

We believe Louise is very worthy of being our inaugural Ambassador and as such she will be promoting the Carnivals and assisting with presentation and interviews.

Louise is very supportive of the Amy Gillett Foundation which has been established with the following aims:

-         To provide support for the rehabilitation of Amy’s injured team mates;

-         To fund and administer a scholarship program for young women cyclists.

-         To support and promote projects aimed at road safety awareness amongst cyclists and motorists.

Whilst details have not been worked out the Association will endeavour in some way to assist the Foundation.




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