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Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals


Commonwealth Games competitors to participate in the track Carnival

Tasmanian Carnivals website

With Northern hemisphere Commonwealth countries sliding into winter at the moment, some of the cyclists either looking for, or having achieved selection for the 2006 Commonwealth Games (Melbourne, March 2006), are heading south to assist their preparations. Just as the Northern hemisphere is cooling down, the Southern hemisphere is warming up. 

The Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals are a series of track meetings which take place in this, the most southerly Australian state, beginning 17th December. The crowds are large and knowledgeable and the atmosphere is exciting. A different track venue for each event adds to the excitement; there are also criterium events for the cyclists where the host town does not have a velodrome. Running races and wood chopping events are also part of the programme at the carnivals.

Date Event Time


17th December
Rosebery Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping) 11.00am
26th December
Latrobe Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping) 10.00am 
28th December
Launceston Carnival (Cycling Woodchopping) 12.30pm
29th December
Devonport Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping) 5.00pm
30th December
Devonport Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping) 5.00pm
31st December Burnie Bay Criterium 6.00pm
1st January
Burnie Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping) 11.00am
8th January Hobart Carnival (Cycling, Athletics)  
 21st January  St Helens Carnival (Cycling, Athletics, Woodchopping)

So far, entries for the events from December 17th through until January 8th have been confirmed by members of the Scottish team -  Katrina Hair and Kate Cullen. Both are endurance event riders, Hair rides pursuit and points, whilst Cullen recently represented Great Britain at the Moscow round of the track World Cup and is currently British scratch race champion. Both are hoping for selection for the Games in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Canadian Jenny Trew is hoping to boost her chances of Commonwealth Games selection by competing in the Carnivals. Trew won multiple medals in the 2005 Canadian National Championships.

Australians confirmed for the Carnivals include local, Belinda Goss and also AIS espoires, Jessie Maclean and Tiffany Cromwell.

















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